June 28 2014

Not A Princess But A Drow-Written by Ariela-Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Hello Everyone…A great poem by Ariela here!  I’m narrating from a female point of view 🙂

Here is the text:

Not a Princess, but a Drow By Ariella

I am not a writer and really never put pen to paper. Please forgive any and all errors within my story.

~Runs hands through her hair, slightly brushing the tip of her pointed ear, contemplating on where to begin her tail. Oh uh, I mean tale~

Growing up in the middle of two sisters and a younger brother, you learn very quickly how to look after yourself. In my family, it was hard to be noticed and even harder to be heard. Mother, well, she just loved and devoted herself to her little Princess and Prince. While my father, tried to work himself to death and never having time or patients for children. Neither, never having time for anything or anyone else. Yes, I did not forget, I have an older sister, well lets just say we never got along and leave it at that. Soon I found myself leaving home, attaching myself to a man who I though was the sun, the moon and the stars. Little did I know and how wrong I was. At first, he was kind and even loving, so much so I dedicated my life to him. Blinded by the attention and my love for him, I would moved across the world for him. Having isolated me from what little family or friends I had, and isolating me from anyone speaking the same language, he slowly began to change into the monster I would come to hate, wholeheartedly. First it was not noticeable, just little sayings “Don’t laugh so much”; “don’t ware your hair that way”; “why is he talking to you”; No, you can’t get a job, “No, do not do that”, “why do you have to have green eyes, I just hate green eyes”, just “No” for no reason at all. Never a complement, always a cut down. Little more time passes, getting more aggressive. Becoming a possession, not a person, just a thing he could control and keep down. Then finally the physical aspect and breaking whatever soul I had left. That is when I found David Eddings, (No, not Tolkien, you may have thought but no he was not my fist fantasy author to read. Actually, I did not read Tolkien until many many moons later). Eddings was it. I will always have a special place for him in my heart. (Yes, I have a heart!!) Over time, books became a portal, an escape from the misery, which became my life. Then one day, I came across a drow, who changed my life forever. I adventured with him in his world. He taught me to be strong, to have confidence in myself. Slowly he gave me my soul back, but it was a drow soul. I had so much hatred in me. I trusted no one. He taught me how to defend myself, to watch out for other. It became a matter of life and death. I began to fight back. It was going to me or the monster. . I told myself “No one, most of all no monster, will ever keep me down ever again”. After years of hate and distrust, I knew something had to change. I did not like what I was becoming, I wanted to walk in the light, I wanted to be on the surface. I wanted a breath fresh air. Then one day he wanted to leave the underdark, If he can leave the underdark then why can’t I. He helped me find that day I walked out of that dreaded underworld I was in and I was NEVER to go back!! Laugh as you may, to think a character in a book could change someone’s life. Books are very powerful devices! ~Takes deep breaths. ~ Shudders at the memories of the underdark. Life goes on, I never notice how my life became so empty. Until, until that day I found a computer game called Ultima Online, that game would open a whole new world for me, for Ariella. Still not trusting to let anyone close to me. I watched other, saw how they interacted with each other. Slowly, I was learning to be on the surface, I ventured out and met others, cautiously but letting them near me, just a little at a time. Which was not easy for me to do, even when you are on computer game. But over the years of playing, I notice, I began to change, began to heal, becoming part of a community, becoming part of a family I so much needed. I laughed and I cried with others. The wall I had around my heart began to crumble. To eventually trust and love again. How wonderful it is to be alive and to be on the surface.