August 12 2016

The Void’s Edge – by Zader – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a wonderful story from Zader. It is entitled
The Void’s Edge

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As he slipped out of the inn room, Minxx and Luna were still intertwined and fast asleep. Making his way out onto the docks, the cool morning breeze was welcome on his face, as was the comforting smell of salt in the air. The sound of gulls and a light breeze were broken by the creak of aged wood. “Ah, the old familiar sound”, Zared mused as he stepped aboard.

Maylin was a Large Dragon Ship; she had seen her fair share of time at sea but was a worthy vessel none the less. Zared had made this trip a hundred times, but fortune favors the prepared…so her hold was fully stocked for the 3 day journey from Moonglow. “Tillerman, we have a schedule to keep!” Zared barked, momentarily dwelling on the importance of his upcoming meeting. Sails were set and Maylin made her way West.

A lifetime of exploration and adventure on the high seas accustomed Zared to the role of Ship’s Captain, but it wasn’t always glamorous. Today was like many uneventful days at sea; calm and quiet with the sound of the occasionally dispatched Water Elemental. Two sea serpents provided much needed entertainment. As night closed in around him, Zared masterfully checked his sextant. “We’re still on track”, he whispered to himself as the lights of Nujel’m appeared in the distance.

As dawn broke, Nujel’m transitioned from a speck on the horizon, into nothingness. As if on cue, Zared noticed a twinkling light in the water ahead; as the moments went on, the strobing light increased in size and intensity. Curiosity drove him further forward until the light explosively expanded into a giant dark orb with the sound of a thousand moongates opening in unison. The massive void, as dark as night, now stood directly in their path. Realizing the danger, Zared shouts “Hard to Port!” and braces himself against the mast as the ship lurches in response to the tillerman’s violent course change. In a heartbeat, Maylin is skimming along the surface of the void, her crew fighting to steer as they slip into the edge. Darkness. Then light as they slip back out of the void and away. In a matter of seconds, the void dissipates as if it were never there.

As Zared regains his composure, it becomes apparent that powerful magics are at work. Looking around in awe, he blinks multiple times to be sure what he’s seeing.

Once antiquated woven wool sails were now silken black and iridescently billowing as if stuck between this world and another. The creaky oaken woodwork now resembled a marriage of the darkest Yew and Bloodwood. Old metalwork now gleamed with shadow instead of light, putting to shame the highest quality Shadow Iron. As Zared made his way to the stern of the ship, his eyes were met with a ghastly horror. Where his tillerman once stood, a wraith had taken his place. It was clear; Maylin was no more. This new ship was born in the Void’s Edge, and as such, she would be forever known.

Zared thought to himself, “We still have a schedule to keep” and with a glance over his shoulder and an evil grin, Zared commanded, “Tortured Helmswraith, set a course for Britain!”

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