March 10 2016

The Third Era – by Elgarion De’Kahli – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with another great story from Elgarion De’Kahli. It is the next instalment is this thrilling saga, and is entitled

The Third Era
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The Age of the Obsidian War Begins…
On Wodnesdai, the 25th of Augus, the Month of Promises, the Temperate Season of Summer, at the Coming of Midday
A New Era Began — “The Third Era: The Obsidian War, 150-250 P.C.”
The Master of the Obsidian Cabal gathered his armies and marched upon the world. As the would-be kings and warlords warred amongst themselves, they were caught initially unawares by the Obsidian advance. City after city fell to the Empire. The Cabals dabblings of dark magic twisted humans into perverted forms, shadows of their former selves, bent only to one purpose, conquest. By the time the peoples of the world comprehended the danger, it was too late; the Obsidian Empire had taken a foothold throughout New Britannia, and one could not travel far without falling into the shadow of an Obsidian Tower.

War drums resonated with fear, each beat pounding terror into hearts of city dwellers. Monstrous trolls slammed apart once-believed impenetrable walls, fueled by a hatred imbued into their souls by the dark sorcery. The brutal Satyrs charged through the most stalwart of defenses, ravaging all unfortunate enough to be within their warpath. The Elves, cunning and sly, dashed through the breaches, cutting through their enemies with a magically attuned efficiency or lofted steely arrows with deadly accuracy. The war machine was fuelled by these twisted beings, and if any would fall, their numbers would grow doubly so when the Obsidian Cabal took to reshaping their new captives.

The majority of accountings taken to parchment by a scholar’s quill and ink, retrospective or prophetic, lead to this conclusion. Indeed, the horrors bestowed by the Obsidian Empire were a great tragedy upon the world of New Britannia. The dark sorcery and relentless warmongering dominated the lands with ferocity and under a most depraved and vicious rule. But there was Order. One indisputable fact is apparent. For all the evils committed by the Empire, The Obsidians were the driving force which led to the salvation of New Britannia. The Warlords had been bent upon greed and conquest; ultimately they were humbled and assimilated if not utterly destroyed. Those cities that resisted, set aside their petty differences and joined forces to defend each other against the onslaught of the Obsidian regime.

The Obsidian War waged for decades. Many thousands perished by the blade of the sword, but it was the blade of a particular sword which opened new possibilities and brought hope to where there was none. The Prophecy of the Obsidian Eye tells of this blade… “the blade which shall render order in their midst.” From the moment Captain Aren Bennis of the Westreach Army took hold of its hilt, the Blade of the Avatar would once again forge the destinies of those within its reach just as it ensured the fate and redemption of the once loyal Obsidian officer. The Blade gazed into the souls of man and revealed a truth which lies within. Truth… a Virtue of yesteryear. Courage. Love. Would the world of New Britannia once again be graced by the Virtues? Was this an omen that their return was at hand? The Blade of the Avatar was found; even the Titans were stirred from their solitude as ancient words from the Prophecy of the Obsidian Eye became a reality of this era. Sariah the Blind once intoned, “Only in the obsidian darkness can we comprehend the bright truth…” The Blade was held high within the darkest of times, and truth it did bring. Although the Obsidian war waged for decades, and many thousands did perish by the blade of sword, it was the Blade of the Avatar which brought redemption.

As the Third Age neared its end, a powerful presence spread influence upon the world. The Oracle’s touch is oft as welcomed as it is scorned or feared. Is she of magic? Is she of machine, and if so, who was her builder? The Watchers are her eyes, and her eyes are everywhere. Her voice is heard throughout all the Confirmatories of the land. There is seldom a place free of her reach. Go to her, adventurer… seek The Oracle. She speaks to all, and if questions trouble you, answers she may provide.

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