November 19 2015

The Four Eras Volume III – by enderandrew – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with the next chapter in this wonderful story from the pen of enderandrew. It is entitled
“The Four Eras”, by Joorus the Scribe
Background music is by Smartsound.

Volume III

It seemed that no one could create anything lasting or with any reach, except for the newly formed Obsidian Empire. Their power and reach grew at an almost impossible rate. Exactly how they pulled it off is a bit of a mystery. If anyone truly knew all the details, they might replicate it today.

As a scribe (I’m reticent to call myself a historian when I largely record the findings of so many others that worked before me), I feel a duty to report all that I can uncover. But when it comes to the Obsidians, I at least give pause. The thought has crossed my mind more than a few times that in providing any knowledge of the Obsidians, I might encourage or enable someone else who wants to follow in their footsteps.

Despite those concerns, I do promote knowledge over ignorance when at all possible and I’ve yet to see that anyone is truly poised to re-enact their previous conquest.

What we do know is that a mighty military Empire was controlled by a fairly small Cabal of sorcerers. Their magical mastery was enough to instil terror and/or loyalty enough that they did not need bureaucracy or appeasement to rule.

As they overtook each city, they would add to their ranks in varied ways. Some people saw them as the inevitable rulers of all of Novia and simply accepted their rule quicker than most rather than fighting to the death. Others resisted, were captured and then changed into slaves, stripped of both their free will and humanity.

The Obsidians developed terrifying rituals by which they could harness the power of shards to morph Humans into Fomorians. From their magic we have Fauns, Satyrs, Elves and Kobolds.

We know the Titans opposed the Obsidians, but just as we do not know how the Obsidian Empire nearly covered all of Novia, we don’t understand what undermined them. The Empire crumbled and failed to complete their continental conquest. It was not mere attrition that stopped their advances. Their Empire withered quickly and the Cabal itself vanished almost as quickly as it has appeared.

More than a few believe the Cabal merely retreated into the shadows, that they are biding their time for their eventual return. If they slinked back because of the Titans and the emergence of the Oracle, then perhaps we have nothing to fear so long as they persist.

Maybe there is nothing to fear at all. They could have self-cannibalized with betrayal and power struggles since they didn’t have a larger structure of bureaucracy. I wish I could find evidence that was the case to assuage our fears.

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