May 1 2018

Song of the Forest Reaper – by Andartianna

The Idle tree stood alone
A mighty tower of cold brown stone.
From this solitude I have strayed
to cast my great unending gaze.
I’ve come un-hidden to ensure
a needle, some bark, flung from this fir.
I loathe the killers of the plants
who slash and burn with wicked chants.
A misanthrope I may be
a dreamer of when plants are free.
In spell weaving I shall make
a morbid plan for all plant’s sakes.
A repellent of some such
a tutelage ooze warm to the touch.
A curse to those who dare to strike.
They shall pay the ultimate price.
And in the end I shall flee
fluttering in my insanity.

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