September 17 2014

Shattered – written and narrated by Amber Raine

Hello everyone; here is another exquisite poem written and narrated by Amber Raine; it is entitled


Background music “Lover’s Touch” by Smartsound.

Here is the text:

Shattered, my emotions in pieces on the floor
Broken, my heart begging for you to adore
Fractured, my smile ceases to be
Splintered, my memories of us wishing to be created and set free
Aching, my arms wishing to embrace you ever so tight
Starless, my dreams empty without you each night
Take these scattered puzzle pieces of what is left of me
From your hands to the table combine them if it is meant to be
Fear to speak my love for you leave it to be left unknown
Piece them together if you wish building the image which is shown
Turned and placed this piece indeed does fit into there
Each secret I have locked away becoming clearer, do you dare?
Continue filling the gaps the picture matching the display
My heart once again becoming complete with each piece that is played
Last piece now rests trembling and volatile within your shaking hand
Do you dare finish the puzzle or place it aside, your choice depicts where we stand.

Album with EQ - B&A - Stile T as SM

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