August 14 2014

Shardfall – by Languard – Narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, Asclepius here, with a wonderful poem by Languard. This is a rather complex poetic form, called a sestina, and the piece is entitled Shardfall.  Background music “Romance Sonata” by Smartsound.


In the past hung two moons,
Silvery light drifting with grace so cool.
The lake shining with gentle glare,
with all the night taking a moment to be still.
Smoothly swaying with no chaos,
a gentle and loving lunar dance.

But what could be changing the dance?
When you should be there, why are you here moon?
Should we fear this new chaos,
Let our lunar passion cool?
The night may be still,
but the water has an ominous glare.

What is this fearsome glare?
What is happening now is no lunar dance,
A moment when all is still…
Then where there was two, now but one moon!
Heat and raging streaks of fire replace night’s cool.
Absolute. Unrelenting. Chaos.

Cries echo to uncaring chaos,
the lake holding red death’s glare.
To mourn a friend now cool,
seeking shelter in a morbid dance,
what more do you wish for us moon?
When will you again be still?

But if you will not relent, we will not be still.
Virtue will shine in the chaos.
Glow shards, a new moon
casting and flickering across the lake’s glare.
With strength and stride we dance,
and wait for the night to cool.

With time passed, the fires are cool.
Once again the night is still.
With new heart and name, Deadalus does his dance.
Virtue changed but virtue still, re-forged by chaos.
Gentle lake holding this glittering glare
of our new sharded moon.

Virtue shines best in the fires of chaos,
but take care you don’t lose sight in the glare.
The world spins on with its new moon.


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