May 10 2014

Once Upon A Time Lord (Part 2 of 3) Written by Gabriel Nightshadow and Time Lord-Narrated by Lord Baldrith, Amber Raine as Chariya

Hello folks!  Lord Baldrith here with the Second part of Once Upon A Time Lord.  Written by Gabriel Nightshadow and Time Lord.  Narrated and produced by Lord Baldrith.  Amber Raine is the voice of Chariya.  Hope you Enjoy!

Here is the text of the story:

Thurmann Cove, Lake Travis

April 18, 1981, 1:00 PM

It was a warm, sunny, spring day in Austin, Texas and Time Lord had decided to take his girlfriend, Chariya, to Lake Travis for a romantic picnic lunch. He found it hard to believe that after six months, this lovely, young woman was still with him and had rejected the advances of other men on numerous occasions.

The both of them were sitting on a red-checkered tablecloth which had been spread out on the ground under a shady tree. Since this a very special occasion, Time Lord had gone to great lengths to prepare this lunch from scratch, which had consisted of Thai salad with peanut sauce, followed by charbroiled Thai sesame beef and Kang Phet chicken with brown rice, and finally, mango layer cake for dessert. An oriental music CD played in the background.

Time Lord popped the cork on a full-bodied red wine and made a toast to his beloved Chariya. Once they finished consuming the wine, Time Lord turned to her and spoke from his heart…

“Let me read to you dear Chariya, from some elements of Time, for you are much sweeter than any could find.

I’ll read it from an old book while we sit here drinking wine, forever in your beauty I’m most for to dine.

I’ll read to you about freedom and how my wings do soar, as my heart sings to you loveliness, the you I adore.

The tale has many endings with a deeper finality at its core, you for you my dear listener, I do in love’s implore.

It’s a tale from my homeland of how corruptions can tear, and rip from freedom’s soul it’s every breath of air.

Yet all is well now, that I am far away from such care, sitting here with my one, that’s beauty’s most fair.

In the life of Time’s True Freedom, there once in my homeland was Primal Unity, where Lord’s first began to have names.

The Lord of the south sea was Abrupt, The Lord of the north sea was Sudden. From Time to Time, Abrupt and Sudden got together in the territory of Primal Unity, and Primal Unity treated them well.

Abrupt and Sudden planned to repay all of Primal Unity’s kindness.

They said, “People all have openings, through which they see, hear, eat and breathe, yet Primal Unity has none. Let us make openings for Primal Unity in return”.

So every day they gouged out a hole in Primal Unity, and after seven days, Primal Unity died, along with her unborn child, “Unknown Freedom”.

Soon I’ll be travelling to a distant and very different Time in space, where Primal Unity is struggling, in Time’s fate.

I want you to come with me Chariya far and beyond Time’s gate, and aide me in what I must do, before it’s too late.

I’ll be travelling there in a spacecraft that can win any race, yet now you search your heart keeping track of its pace.

Fore it is that you, within your heart, that I wish so to embrace, and think not the worst of whichever be the case.

Yours is the dearest heart I wish for all Time, no matter what the cost because to me your heart’s beats are mine.

Just give to me some wink of what you wish for in a sign, while we bathe in this picnic of our hearts so entwined.

It’s truly my inner soul I wish for you to carry, some part of our love to be deeply known we can soon forever ferry.

I know from our sweet days together so merry, that to you, I’m the only one that you ever have wish for to marry.

Now touch softly my soul with what any reply has to say, for I never wish to forget this most perfect glorious day,

The day we took from life what’s so heartfelt and gay, and made our way forward with our hearts giving way.

So I’ll ask but once, for our hearts to become we, and then tread on together to wherever, Time takes us to see.

Both into and out of the deepest, most vast void of sea, the question that only hearts answer, is will you marry me?”

Time Lord pulled out a dazzling diamond heart engagement ring and presented it to Chariya.

“Of course, I’ll marry you Martin!”, said Chariya, slipping the ring on her finger.

“Wait, before you accept my marriage proposal, there is much I need to tell you about myself….”, said Time Lord.

Time Lord took a deep breath and then told Chariya everything about himself. He told her he was over 5,000 years old and was one of three founders of an advanced society which had mastered the forces of science and magic. Having devoted his life to the study of science, he had overseen the construction of the great floating space city of Ghidara, with which his people had fled the destruction of their home world. As the inventor of time travel technology, he had created the quantum temporal drive which allowed their city to travel through time and space. Time Lord did not agree with the ruling council’s decision to change their policy of helping lesser species develop to one of enslaving lesser species, and resigned his position in protest. He went into self-exile aboard his personal time ship which he named Tanken-ka (Japanese word for “explorer”). He told her that he had been with many women in his lifetime but none that he wanted to share his life with. He also told her that if she didn’t agree to go away with him today, she was destined to die in a tragic chemical explosion in the University’s biochemistry lab later that evening! He could not prevent the explosion from occurring because it was a fixed point in time.

When Time Lord finished talking, he awaited for Chariya’s response. He was afraid that he had scared her off by revealing the truth about himself.

Her response surprised him.

“You know, I sensed there was something different about you the first time we collided with each other in front of the library.”, said Chariya, “I just have one question for you, Time Lord…”

“What is your true name?”, asked Chariya.

Time Lord leaned over and whispered it in her ear.

“That’s a rather long and difficult name to pronounce.”, replied Chariya, “Do you have a shorter version, a nickname perhaps?”

“I am known to my people by the name

Nystal.” , replied Time Lord.

“Nystal it is, then.”, said Chariya, “I will marry you and join you on your travels through time and space! But if we must depart today, when will I have time to pack and have a wedding ceremony?

“That’s all taken care of, my dear!”, replied Time Lord, pulling out a small device. He pressed a few buttons and then put the device back into his pocket.

“What did you just do?”, asked Chariya.

“I just teleported all of your belongings aboard my time ship.”, replied Time Lord, ” As far as the wedding ceremony goes, help me pack everything up into the car. There’s someplace we have to go.”

“OK…”, said a curious Chariya.

Twenty minutes later, they found themselves in a rather familiar field. All of their SCA friends were assembled for their medieval wedding! Her dad and mom were there too, dressed in attire befitting a Duke and Duchess.

“But, we’re not dressed in appropriate attire!”, exclaimed Chariya.

“Not a problem!”, said Time Lord, as Chariya was taken away by her female friends to a nearby tent where her wedding gown lay waiting for her.

After another twenty minutes, Chariya emerged. As her father walked her down the aisle, she heard her good friend, Maeve, singing a song, “By My Side”. It was not a medieval wedding song, but Time Lord had chosen it because it expressed his feelings perfectly.

Chariya was surprised to see Shamino (Richard Garriott) standing next to Time Lord and serving as his best man.

After they exchanged their vows and kissed, a flock of doves was released. They all flew off to the east, but one suddenly peeled off and headed west. Unbeknownst to all those below, its eyes briefly glowed.

Several hours later, as the wedding festivities were coming to an end, Time Lord and Chariya were approached by young Richard Garriott.

“Professor, I was so sorry to hear about your ailing father!”, said Richard, “To have to suddenly quit your position mid-semester and return home to Cardiff, Wales to tend to him must be difficult.”

“I appreciate your concern, Richard, but family always comes first.”, replied Time Lord, “My dear mother passed away five years ago, and I have no idea where my no good younger brother has disappeared to. He’s always getting himself into trouble and only pops up when he needs money!”

“And what of you, Chariya?”, asked Richard, “What about your studies?”

“I’ve already submitted both of my Master’s thesis.”, replied Chariya, “If need be, I can always return to wrap things up. I’m used to long international flights!”

“And what are your plans for the future, Richard?”, asked Time Lord.

“Well, I’ve been working on this computer game set in a fantasy world, but which also has elements of science fiction.”, replied Richard.

“Science fiction, you say?”, said Time Lord, “What sort of science fiction?”

“Time travel!”, answered Richard, “The protagonist must eventually make his way up into space and find a time machine so he can travel back in time to defeat the main villain before he becomes immortal! Do you believe in time travel, Professor?”

“Of course, I do!”, said a grinning Time Lord, “Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity suggests that an object traveling close to the speed of light would physically alter time by dilating it. Any relativistic traveler would find his time running slowly than any one at rest on earth. The effect of which when he landed, would be himself too distant in the future. The people his age when he left would have aged a couple of decades his senior. So, you see, Richard, time travel is theoretically possible. It is just a matter of someone building a spacecraft that can travel close to the speed of light.”

“Do you think that will happen in our lifetime?”, asked Richard.

“Maybe not in our lifetime, Richard, but I’m confident it’s just… a matter of time!”, said a grinning Time Lord.

Chariya did a facepalm when she heard that last remark.

“I think you’re on to something, Richard.”, said Time Lord, “I suspect fantasy computer games will be very popular in the future. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor!”

Time Lord shook Richard’s hand.

“I do hope that we will meet again someday, Professor!”, said Richard.

“I’m sure we will!”, answered a smiling Time Lord.

Richard took his leave.

As Time Lord and Chariya walked to their car, somebody called out to them, “I don’t suppose it’s too late to congratulate the bride and groom!”

Time Lord recognized the voice instantly as he and Chariya turned around.

“Mingo, you made it after all!”, said Time Lord excitedly, “Chariya, let me introduce you to my cousin, Mingo!”

“A pleasure to meet you, Mingo!”, said Chariya, as she shook his hand, “I was hoping someone from Nystal’s family would show up!”

“Sorry I missed the ceremony and reception.”, replied Mingo, “But you know how busy I am…”

“Indeed I do, cousin…”, said Time Lord.

“You really are a lovely woman, Chariya.”, said Mingo, as he took a good luck at Time Lord’s new bride, “Quite frankly, I never thought that my playboy cousin would ever settle down!”

“Mingo…”, an embarrassed Time Lord said.

“I brought a little wedding gift for the both of you!”, Mingo said, handing Chariya a small white box.

“That is so kind of you!”, replied Chariya, as she opened the box and pulled out a glowing blue cube, “It’s beautiful! What is it?”

“It’s a Radozan mind cube!”, exclaimed Time Lord, as he took the cube from Chariya and examined it, “These things are extremely rare. I believe there are only three left in existence. Where did you happen to find it?”

“I found that in an abandoned temple on Sherzan 7.”, replied Mingo.

He leaned over and whispered in Time Lord’s ear, “Carry it with you, always!”

“OK…”, replied a rather puzzled Time Lord, as he placed the cube in his belt pouch, “Thank you very much, Mingo!”

“You’re welcome, Nystal.”, said Mingo, “I must be going now…”

“So soon?”, said Chariya, “You just got here…”

“Unfortunately, the forces of Chaos are always hard at work trying to disrupt the natural order of things.”, said Mingo, “I…

Mingo suddenly vanished into thin air!

“Where did he go?”, asked Chariya.

“I’m not sure, but don’t worry, he does that a lot!,”, said Time Lord, “Now let’s get ready to start our new life together!”

Time Lord drove Chariya to a nearby empty field. He pushed a button on his handheld device and his time ship’s camouflage field deactivated. Time Lord and Chariya boarded the sleek, silver time ship and strapped themselves into the pilot and co-pilot seats. After Time Lord activated the ship’s systems, he and Chariya held hands.

“Are you ready to travel to the stars?”, asked Time Lord.

“Yes, my darling.”, said Chariya as she smiled at him.

The time ship slowly rose from the ground and then soared off into space.


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