February 2 2015

The Mug of Balldric – by Themo Lock – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a wonderful story by Themo Lock, entitled

The Mug of Balldric

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The Mug Of Balldric

I was offering aid in Braemar to those who were new to the land,
Answering questions and dispensing gear to all that were at hand,
When a man whose name escapes me, for now let us call him Bruce,
Approached and asked my name and occupation, and if he could be of use.

He clearly did not realise that i was not a merchant or NPC,
And although i tried to inform him thus, he demanded a quest from me,
Struck by a spark of mischief with no intention to aggrieve,
I thought to myself “If it’s a quest you want, a quest you shall receive”.

“Dark times have come upon us!” I said with dramatic flare,
“The community has been robbed of an artefact most rare”,
“It must be returned to me post haste for order to be restored”,
“No man can be left unquestioned, no corner left unexplored!”

Bruce seemed quite excited and ran in circles on the spot,
Though this quest possessed no ending he would give it his best shot,
“It is called the mug of Balldric!” I yelled over the chatter of the mob,
“Great!” he yelled while running off… Bruce was on the job.

Briefly my attention turned to a guild-mate with a question,
When I looked up to spot him in the crowd, he was lost in the congestion,
“Oh dear” I gasped in panic “what have I gone and done?”
I had sent him on a wild goose chase in a moment of harmless fun.

I decided to send him a message and put end to this amusing game,
But I paused with the sudden realization that I had forgot his name,
I ran in his last known direction, my face a pallid mask,
I had to find this newcomer and relieve his endless task.

I searched the lands high and low from Braemar to Kingsport,
Fearing I would now be grouped with those that harass for sport,
I asked after a man that quested for the fabled Balldric mug,
People shrugged and stared at me as if I were on some kind of drug.

Somewhere out there Bruce still quests and searches to this day,
Determined to complete his task unsuspecting of foul play,
I now drown my guilt in ale with no words for my defence,
But alas I cannot say for certain it will be the last quest I dispense.

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