September 18 2014

Mark’s Tales of the Unremarkable, No 1 – by Vyrin – Narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a great little story from Vyrin, entitled

Mark’s Tales of the Unremarkable, No 1.

This is a prequel to a number of tales which we will be featuring in future episodes. Background music is “Step by Step, by Smartsound.

Mark’s Tales of the Unremarkable, Number 1

Hello reader, my name is Mark. The first unremarkable tale I will tell is me. You see, I just woke up in the Vale one day. No light, no disorientation, no unexplainable phenomena. I went to bed one day back in my apartment, and woke up in the Vale, wherever this is. My first thoughts here were pretty straightforward. I figured I had to find something to eat and a place to live and that’s what I did. I stumbled onto an abandoned cottage outside Owl’s Head with four walls and a solid roof. I’m still hoping the owners are gone, not dead really, just not coming back.

Since I was a court reporter, I figured I could offer my services as a scribe. Lord Enmar and a few other nobles give me work now and then. I don’t need much so it’s a steady job. To fill my time I travel around and talk to all the other unremarkable people of the Vale. For some reason I feel I have more in common with them than my outlander brethren. I’m not the type to stare off into the distance with my chin upraised and a furrowed brow. Nor do I feel like crafting stories fraught with breathless enthusiasm for adventure. There are mundane things here too and this world is more than a playground for those of us from elsewhere.

All I know is that if you’re still reading, you must not have much to do with your time. That makes you pretty unremarkable too.

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