October 31 2019

Interview with the Dragon Goddess 3 – by Draxenath

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with the next instalment of this wonderful story by Draxenath. It is entitled “Interview with the Dragon Goddess”.
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Part 3: The Conflict

– So, are humans basically the result of divine punishment over two Dragon Gods? – I was overwhelmed. – What happened next?

The Goddess changed to a more comfortable posture, as a bean cushion formed from the ground under her. – The Creator thought Amaxis’ punishment would placate the other Gods, but things turned out quite different than expected, as usual. They started picking on Amaxis now that he was weak. Poor Humenalia suffered so much from watching all that abuse and feeling powerless. That went on for a few days, then Amaxis paid them back. He was smarter and more cunning than all of them, and now the tables had turned again, Amaxis had devised tools, instruments, armor, weapons, and machines to close the gap.

– Open conflict was unleashed among them. The Creator waited, in hopes they would get tired of fighting, but that never happened. Instead, they turned against each other, trying to decide who was the one to reign supreme over the others. So The Creator felt forced to make a very tough decision: To kill the Gods participating in the conflict. It was very painful for him, as he loved them all, and one of them was his favorite. – She unsheathed the broadsword and contemplated it as she continued speaking. – He created a Godslaying Sword, a foul weapon that causes a God’s body to wither and rot, eventually leading to death. When it was ready, he hesitated to use it himself, so he relayed the task to Samsara, the Overgoddess of Life and Death.

– An Overgoddess? Is there a hierarchy of sorts? And is that the Godslaying Sword you speak of? – I asked with excitement. Draxenath nodded. – Samsara is the deity right below The Creator in the hierarchy, and under her are all other Gods. Viridiana is Goddess of Plants, Fungar is God of Fungi, I am Goddess of Dragons, Amaxis and Humenalia are Gods of Hominids, Gigaeth and Potenki are Gods of Giants, Mammi and Agrios are Gods of Beasts, Marina and Ipomos are Gods of Sea Life, Hexaphia and Filopos are Gods of Insects. This is the Godslaying Sword indeed, Samsara wielded it and was determined to kill the feuding Gods. But they defended themselves, banding together against her. The battle raged on until Samsara was convinced she wasn’t making any progress.

The broadsword’s aura was contained back inside the scabbard as it was sheathed again. She looked sad. – It was heart-breaking for me, knowing The Creator took that path to end the conflict, but it was terrifying when Samsara gave up fighting and relinquished the Godslaying Sword. She left it for anyone to take and use. She intended for everyone to fight for the sword and kill each other. Even if we didn’t get along very well, I couldn’t just let that happen. Being the strongest of the Gods, I took it for myself. I was not part of the conflict, but now I was there, wielding the sword in order to prevent the massacre.

She remained silent and absent-minded for a while. – After some time, they stopped fighting me for the sword and went back to their fight among them. I appealed to The Creator on what he did, and he decided not to interfere anymore, and leave us to solve our problems by ourselves. The fighting continued for eons, not only among the Gods but also among mortals, “That which is above is the same as that which is below”, it is said. One by one the Gods fell to Amaxis’ power and were imprisoned, at the same time humans conquered and enslaved their corresponding followers.

– When only me and Amaxis were left, I heard them more with every passing day… prayers begging for me to lead them in the fight for freedom…prayers from both Gods and mortals alike… I had been a passive observer for so long, it was time to fight as there was no one else strong enough to do it.

Part 4: The Betrayal

– The humans were treating all other creatures like objects of their property: they would trade them, modify them to their needs, control their population, and use them to do their work and satisfy their needs and whims. We were meant to inspire and lead everyone by our example, but the example set by Amaxis was not what we were meant to give. So many prayers asking for my help in stopping the abuse, such high hopes being placed on me. No one else was able to help them, and it was my duty to make the world prosper and be a better place. I could not turn them down, it felt wrong.

That left me speechless, I felt guilty. There is so much cruelty, and slavery is considered normal in our society and system of beliefs. We believe it is fine for living beings other than humans to be born in captivity and used for a defined purpose without caring about their feelings or giving them any choice.

– I looked for mortals willing to become my vessels, my Avatars, and acted through them from the shadows for years. I worked hard to make humans feel empathy for creatures other than themselves. That is how I met a very peculiar man. – Her eyes brightened. Whoever that man was, he evocated positive feelings in a way I hadn’t seen during all the interview. – He was very special, unlike anyone I ever met. He was not only wise, smart and strong, but also compassionate and willing to help me in my cause. I gave him one child with my real body, and three with one of my Avatars, who became his wife. All four of them lie in coffins now.

– I can’t imagine the pain of a mother losing her children, I am sorry for your loss. – I said, trying to express empathy for her. She remained silent, forcing a smile while her eyes got wet. She broke the silence. – I sent our firstborn to liberate the slaves while I worked on doing the same for the other Gods. Many of the mortals were freed and formed a nation of their own, with my child as ruler. But then, there was a betrayal. What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under your knives, mortal. Who will wipe this blood off all of you?

Her eyes, full of anger, were directed at me. – I gave the mortals what I loved the most, as well as what they asked for, and that is the way they paid me. Mortals don’t want to be free, they murdered the one who gave them freedom. Nobody wants my help, nobody really needs me. That is the reason I exiled myself. I heard their hypocritical prayers for days afterward, until I got tired and blocked them from my mind, then tried to kill myself with the Godslaying sword… and failed… They have probably forgotten about me after all this time.

– I have heard many of them pray to someone they call Champion of Freedom. – I responded. Upon hearing that title, her expression softened. – They keep asking forgiveness and want that deity to come back. – She burst into laughter. – You must be joking! That was one of my titles, why would they continue praying to me? I have not answered in over a thousand years, and they didn’t appreciate my help back then, why would they want me to return? I would really love to hear that!
Her eyes drifted away as if she were thinking, or maybe listening to something I was unable to hear. She stopped laughing, her mood changing completely, she looked heart-touched, tears escaping her eyes again. She continued listening for a while, then wiped her tears with a handkerchief and broke the silence. – Assuming they really wanted me to come back, what would make them worth helping? They keep asking for things they could do by themselves, I don’t see why would they need me, all they need is to be confident in what they do, and they shall accomplish it themselves.

– Us mortals may have the power to accomplish great things, – I replied to her. – but sometimes it’s hard to believe in ourselves, we need to know someone believes in us and is there to support us as well. Maybe that is all the help you need to give.

Draxenath remained silent and ponderous as if listening again. After several minutes, she looked back at me. – If you don’t mind, I would like to ask you about the current status quo of the world and the most recent events. – She looked rejuvenated and motivated like she had just gotten out of a long depression. Now I was being interviewed by her.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode!


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