August 5 2017

Echoes From the Caverns 08-04-17

Hello Avatars! Lord Baldrith was attacked by a power outage this week, so I’m here alone again! Here is the news of the week – I hope you are enjoying R44.
If you want to find specific items in the podcast, the times are listed next to the headings.

  • The Latest Game Progress
  • Etceter Polish (cont.) 7:30
  • New Norgard Garments (cont.) 20:00
  • Making of South Paladis Scenes: Middle Downs and South Broken Road 22:25
  • News Announcements
  • Travian Games Partnership 27:50
  • Portalarium is Hiring: Sound Designer 39:00
  • R44 Postmortem Mini-Telethon Aug 7! 41:30
  • Free Trial Test #5: Aug 9 – 30th 46:25
  • DragonCon Schedule: More Panels Announced! 47:25
  • PAX Dev Schedule Update: Starr’s Crowdfunding Panel 50:10
  • Shroud In the News: Ideate TV, VentureBeat 51:15
  • Weekend Flash Sale: Elven, Clockwork, and More! 57:25
  • SeedInvest: Minimum Exceeded! Last Chance to Invest! 54:30
  • Community Updates
  • Upcoming Events Calendar 58:25
  • ‘Welcome to New Britannia’ Community Trailer Contest 1:00:00
  • Livestream: Celebrating Release 44 1:02:05
  • Events: RPOTA’s August Writing Contest and Mad Hatter’s LAN Party 1:03:05
  • Resources: Players Helping Players 1:06:10
  • Recommended Project to Support: Out of the Woods 1:06:45

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