September 19 2014

An away mission – some updates at the Echoes

So it is with sad tidings I must report that we will be without Lord Balrdith for a while. He has some life type crap that is going to keep him away for awhile. We wish him lick in his time of difficulties and will await for him patiently!

Meanwhile his First officer Asclepius is going to hold the captain seat for us. Myself as the science officer will fill in the role of first officer a bit more often and help Asclepius do some of the news casts. Tonight Sir Frank is going to be taking that role. Meanwhile we still have the rest of the team all yelling “If im wearing a red shirt I am NOT going with you guys!”. Ok, sorry if you did not get the joke.

So bear with us while Lord Baldrith is away. Things should be running as normal for the most part. We have a couple of dates that may be a bit of a challenge to figure out yet, but the show will continue!!

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