May 25 2014

The New Britannia Theater Troupe is recruiting for people to Echo in the Caverns!

Echoes from the Caverns as you know is a podcast service I started and run jointly with Lord Baldrith. It started out with some news, then we tossed on a dash of poetry, followed by a pinch of fan-fiction, and even a sprinkle of song! Lord Baldrith has been growing in skills and polish and things are expanding!

Lord Baldrith is awesome and each new piece he produces shows how awesome!

The New Britannia Theater Troupe has been formed with the help of The Time Lord doing a lot of recruiting with a little help from Amber Raine via Radio. It is a group of people helping out doing voice acting for a larger piece we have in production written by Gabriel Nightshadow. This Theater Troupe can be just a single appearance on a fiction piece or you can participate in more voices in the future! I will be adding a “cast” list on the Echoes from the Caverns website which will have all cast included in it. Please note cast members will be added after a piece they participated in is published (in short, it has to be published before its official that your cast!).

No commitments required other then when your working on a piece, to finish that piece. In the future you can do more or not, up to you. Once a cast member though you will stay on the cast list (I.E. once your in the Actors Guild, your in the actors Guild)! Who knows.. Maybe this cast will grow into doing actual plays in game in the future?

We are looking for a few more male roles at this time so sign up if your interested!

There are several people involved at this point and I do not want to miss anyone on haphazard shout-outs at the moment, but thanks to all! As to those who have helped produce pieces in the past please be patient until I get the cast listing up. On the to-do list but may be a little while. Neck deep in a couple of projects right now.

The forum thread to read details and how to sign up:

"Casting Call", "The New Britannia Theater Group"! | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

If your not familiar with it here’s the podcast site that the recordings publish from (and go out to Itunes or your podcast program of choice). Go listen to some of Lord Baldrith’s recent work!

Echoes from the Cavern.


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