July 3 2014

Echoes from the Caverns is now on Tumblr

For those of you who are Tumblr fans, Echoes from the Caverns is now on Tumblr! With Echoes being a podcast site I felt it’s best to connect to it sites that focus in sound files quite a bit. Obviously that’s why there is a a Feed, an Itunes connection and such. However I felt it was important not to miss Soundcloud and Tubmlr! Hope that is helpful to many.


July 3 2014

Echoes from the Caverns now on Soundcloud!

Echoes from the Caverns is now on sound cloud also! However the Sound cloud syndication will ONLY include news recaps. Since a lot of the material that Lord Baldrith publishes involves work with other people and/or contributed by other people, at this time I am only having the weekly news recaps go onto SoundCloud. Weekly News caps are done as original content by Lord Baldrith.

This is of course in addition to the podcasting in place with Feeds and on Itunes.

Stay tuned – I may be making a couple of other optional ways for you to get content from Echoes of the Caverns! At this time the Soundcloud site has the most recent newscast and I will add future ones each week.

Echoes from the Caverns’s stream on SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds.