November 22 2020

Elf Lore – the Fate of the True Elves, featuring the New Britannia Theater Troupe


(Insert music track # 44 – “Medieval Introduction” by Tristan Lohengrin)



Disclaimer: Any character’s resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.  This audio play is a work of fiction and does not reflect real world events. Any opinions expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Avatars Radio or Portalarium.

Due to mature subject matter, parental discretion is advised.

Hope you enjoy the show!


(Insert “Spacecraft Hatch Opening” sound effect) 


MAX (male robotic voice)

Welcome, Serafina…



Max, requesting access to historical records on the true elves in order to prepare for my mission…



Accessing “The History of New Britannia, Vol. 1” by the noted historian, Theodric, as requested…




(Insert music track # 1 – “Epic Adventure” by James Stratton-Crawley. Loop as needed until end of scene.)




A long time ago, in a parallel universe…King Arodon and his daughter Lanthirthel are facing their doom…


(Insert “Starship Rumble 1” sound effect by MiceHead)

(Insert “Rocket Thrusters” sound effect)


The time ship, Tanken-Ka, piloted by its artificial intelligence, Max, races toward a dying planet. It enters orbit and deploys its stellar converter which begins draining energy from the nearby star to provide power for the experimental rift amplifier attached to the ship’s nose.

Meanwhile, down on the dying planet below, a small tribe of slim, highly attractive, fair skinned elves stands huddled together on the edge of a cliff as waves of destruction caused by the Armageddon spell cast by the Avatar destroys the land around them.  The island of Skara Brae is visible a short distance away.


(Insert “Earthquake” sound effect)



Father, the earthquakes have caused a large chasm to form!  There is no way across to the dock on the other side!



King Arodon nods as he speaks into a glowing orb in his right hand.



We are cut off from Skara Brae, Halkon!  Go on without us!  At least, we will die knowing that the other elven tribes and the humans will survive this planet’s destruction…


A glowing mystical dome suddenly surrounds Skara Brae. 


(Insert “Energy Shield” sound effect – by Eevan – first 20-30 seconds only)


It slowly rises from the ocean and then soars off into space.


(Insert “Sci-fi Rocket Launch 01” sound effect – by sandyrb)


 The waves of destruction are visible in the distance, rapidly closing in on the elves’ position!



Hold me, father!



I love you, my darling Lanthirthel!   At least, we will face death together…



Just then, a bright beam of light pierces the clouds and strikes the long dormant lunar rift behind them. 


(Insert “Energy Blast” sound effect by Kinoton)


The lunar rift begins to glow aether blue as it powers up.


(Insert “Portal Continuous Rumble” sound effect by zimbot)


And then, Nystal TimeLord steps through.



Hello, old friend!


KING ARODON (surprised)




Hurry! Salvation lies this way in another universe!


KING ARODON (yelling)

Everyone through the lunar rift!



The elves dash into the lunar rift.  Nystal Timelord, eyes filled with sadness, takes one last glimpse of the dying world before he passes through.


(Insert “Portal Continuous Rumble” sound effect by zimbot)


Mere moments later, the rift and the entire cliff are wiped out of existence by the wave of destruction…


(Insert “Earthquake” sound effect)



(Insert music track # 2 – “Epic Entrance” by Amber Raine)


The New Britannia Theatre Troupe


Elf Lore: The Fate of the True Elves


Producer: Asclepius

Writers: Gabriel Nightshadow with Amber Raine, Fionwyn Wyldemane, and Celith Wraine

Script Editor: Fionwyn Wyldemane

Director of Public Relations: Amber Raine

Music Composers: James Stratton-Crawley and Amber Raine

Sound Effects Supervisors: Asclepius and Gabriel Nightshadow

Technical Consultant: Stile Teckel




Indi Martin as Princess Lanthirthel and Anya

Lord Baldrith as Himself and Max

Asclepius as Robert (Count Aberon), Nystal Timelord, and Lorin Dar

Amber Raine as Herself, High Priestess Ariel Joy, and Meghan (Lady Vastra)

Woftam as General Damian Trumbull

Grumpy Old Gamer as Colonel Storn Melchior

Brian Manown as King Arodon

Addy as Maxie, Constance, and Secret Service Agent Bacon

Fionwyn Wyldemane as Krizog, Secret Service Agent Love, and Elf Child # 3

Jarikith Rivinson as Himself

Celith Wraine as Johnny “Ripper” Warlock and Elf Child # 2

Sol Stormlin as Obsidian Mage and Elf Child # 1

 Jakdaw Foxlauden as Obsidian Archer, Obsidian Swordsman, and Town Crier

Drew as Lord Shadowreign



Majoria as Serafina

Gabriel Nightshadow as Himself and the Big Green Dragon


Alleine Dragonfyre as the Oracle




(Insert music track # 3 – “Emerald Forest” by Amber Raine)






Five years later…



We retreated here to the Great Forest where we built a thriving community. But now the time has come for us to leave this place…



But why, father?  



Your godfather, Nystal Timelord, visited me last night and told me that in three days a Great Cataclysm is coming that will lay waste to the land for several generations. He bade me to lead my people up into the mountains to a place of refuge which he has prepared for us!



However, not all the elves were so willing to blindly follow the path laid out for them by the enigmatic being known as Nystal Timelord…  Arodon and Lanthirthel are joined by High Priestess Ariel Joy…


(Insert music track # 4 – “Dissent” by James Stratton-Crawley)



In her left hand, Ariel Joy holds a black leather-bound tome, engraved with only a spoon hosting an eight-pointed star in its bowl, on the cover. In her right hand, she wields the infamous Chaos Spoon, a 15” spoon which was forged from the strongest metals known to dwarven kind – mithril and shadow – by the great Dwarven blacksmith Watts. The stem of the spoon is adorned with runic letters which spell out “In chaos, there is fertility.”

The Chaos Spoon was imbued with powerful necromantic and chaos magic by the Dread Grandmaster of Necromantic Arcane Arts, Kane.  Many of her fellow elves fear the High Priestess because the spoon is said to have the power to invade and shatter minds, leaving the target confused, or sometimes in the case of weaker beings, dead. Even without its enchantments, the Chaos Spoon is a formidable weapon, as the unfortunate Dark Elf

, Swap, learned when he called for a retreat during a battle. The High Priestess did not tolerate weakness in the face of the enemy. Swap paid the ultimate price for his failure by having the Chaos Spoon plunged into his forehead!



I regret to inform you, King Arodon, those of us who follow the path of Chaos will not be journeying with the rest of you to this place of refuge which has been prepared by Nystal Timelord.


KING ARODON (surprised)

Why so, High Priestess?  Surely those who do not seek refuge will perish in the Great Cataclysm to come!



The Lord of Chaos whispered to me last night in my dreams and told me that our destiny lies…elsewhere. He gave me directions to another safe, but isolated place which has sufficient resources to sustain our small group in the dark days to come.


Sadly, my Lord told me that I will not live long enough to see the day when the land has recovered from the devastation and we will be able to emerge from our place of hiding and build new churches to spread the gospel of Chaos throughout Novia. My Lord was kind enough to show me a vision of those who are to follow in my footsteps over the next 400 years…


 My daughter, Stormie, will reach her thirteenth birthday during our period of exile, and I will pass the book onto her. She will become the next High Priestess of Chaos and continue the work I have started…


She will be followed by her daughter Elle Tarien, and then her descendants Amberlyn, Mycah Nicole, and Amber Raine. I was pleased to see that Mycah Nicole is destined to marry one of your descendants, King Arodon, and on that joyous day our people will finally be reunited!  



Well, I am very pleased to hear that!  I wish you all good journey!



King Arodon performs the DARKSTARR SALUTE.

High Priestess Ariel Joy responds by performing the DARKSTARR SALUTE as well.



Namarrie mellonamin, good journeys to you as well! May the shadows of night keep and protect you and may the star of Chaos always guide you!



High Priestess Ariel Joy retreats into the shadows.



Another group of elves which followed the path of Order also decided to strike out on their own that day.  The trials and tribulations faced by both groups during this dark period is a tale for another day, but both groups did survive the Great Cataclysm, as evidenced by their prominent present-day leaders, the High Priestess of Chaos, Amber Raine, and the leader of the Phoenix Republic, Kazyn Phoenixfyre.



How we will find this place of refuge, father?



With this!



King Arodon pulls out a pink orb from his belt pouch. The orb begins to glow faintly. He points the orb in the direction of the mountain north of the village and it begins to glow slightly brighter…



The orb will continue to grow brighter as we approach the Great Vault…

Now return home and pack your most essential belongings and provisions! Bring only what you can easily carry.  The path up the mountain is both narrow and rocky… We depart at sunrise! 



(Insert music track # 5 – “The Return” by James Stratton-Crawley)




The orb led the elves to a secret chamber which had been carved deep into Bear Cub Mountain. Cryogenic suspension chambers had been set up utilizing technology which Nystal Timelord had acquired in the distant future.  The plan was for King Arodon and his people to sleep for 100 years and awaken in a world which had recovered from the effects of the Great Cataclysm.  However, unknown to anyone including Nystal (who was journeying through time and space with his friend Gabriel Nightshadow), the system suffered a malfunction.

As a result, the elves slept much longer than they were supposed to, awakening in a hostile world ruled by the evil Obsidians…


200 years ago…

Obsidian General Trumbull, is in his base camp set up on the banks of a nearby river, conferring with his second-in-command, Colonel Melchior. His two most trusted soldiers, Bacon and Love, are standing to one side.



Ah, Colonel Melchior! Have you procured the book which I requested?



Yes, but with great difficulty. The hooded stranger’s tip proved to be accurate and we were able to track down Parsniferous Dar’s descendant, Zorbus Dar, to his hidden underground lair. The mage refused to sell us the book and we were forced to engage him in mortal combat. We were fortunate that his son, Pogun Dar, a powerful mage in his own right, was not there because Zorbus Dar proved to be quite a handful. We lost a dozen good men, including four of our best battle mages! I hope this was worth their lives…



Colonel Melchior hands General Trumbull an ancient, black leather-bound book with gilded pages.  There is glowing red runic writing on the cover which translates to “Book of the Illuminati”. The General suddenly has a wild-eyed look as he caresses the book.



Yes…my precious, we are reunited at last! Now that I am the last surviving member of the Illuminati, no one will ever take you away from me ever again!



The General suddenly notices Colonel Melchior staring at him oddly and quickly composes himself.



Colonel, I regret the loss of life, but this book may prove to be the key to our victory over the Obsidian Cabalists!



Dark magic is not something to be trifled with, sir.  Are you sure you will be able to control it?



Rest assured, Colonel Melchior, controlling the eldritch energies which will be unleashed will not prove to be a problem…



Colonel Melchior notices that the strange, black serpent tattoo on the General’s inner, right wrist suddenly glows faintly for a moment and hisses!


(Insert “Angry Snake Hiss” sound effect by csaszi)



One last thing, sir.  Your beautiful daughter, Iyara, should be arriving at the camp sometime early tomorrow morning.



That is wonderful news, Colonel! I have not seen her in a month. I’ve missed her SO much…



Colonel Melchior cringes imperceptibly when the General licks his lips in anticipation of seeing his lovely daughter again.  A most unusual reaction indeed…   



Tend to that other problem which we discussed earlier. I will be in my tent perusing this tome and do not wish to be disturbed!




Yes, sir!


(Footsteps fading right)

(Footsteps fading left)



Time to clean house, Bacon and Love…starting with that nosy reporter assigned to our unit!  He has been publishing unflattering reports of the General’s most recent military exploits in the Britannian Gazette and we suspect that he was sent by the Cabalist Nefario to spy on us. Once he has an unfortunate “accident”, his junior reporter, Mr. Lyser, a loyal Homeguard member, will take over his position. He who controls the media can sway public opinion in his favor…



Yes sir!




(Insert music track # 6 – “Witch Wood” by James Stratton-Crawley.)




General Trumbull is in his tent reading the Book of the Illuminati and listening with delight to the nearby battle between the Obsidian elves and true elves.


KRIZOG (shouting)



(Insert “Swords Clashing”, “Arrows Flying”, “Large Fireball”, “Thrown Shuriken”, “Thunder Sound FX” and “ghostbreath” sound effects.)


(Footsteps entering)



Krizog rushes into the General’s tent with two other Obsidian Elves.  They are joined by Col. Melchior and two soldiers.  Krizog gives his report while the others listen…



We encountered a caravan of Outlanders in the nearby forest “claiming” to be elves, General.  We managed to slaughter most of them except for the highest-ranking officers we now hold prisoner.  A handful managed to escape though.  Should I send out search parties to hunt them down?



No…that will not be necessary, Krizog. Colonel Melchior will attend to that…

You have done well, Krizog!  I will inform your Obsidian masters of how all you and your brethren died gloriously in battle with these “false” elves…


 KRIZOG (confused)

Krizog is confused… We suffered very few casualties, General.  Our foes’ powerful magic was no match for our vastly superior numbers and deadly combat skills…


(Insert music track # 7 – “Oracle of Blades” by James Stratton-Crawley)



Do your duty, men!


(Sword slash x 4)

(Play dead sound x 2)


KRIZOG (surprised)

Why have you betrayed us?!  We all serve the same master!



Both Krizog and General Trumbull draw their swords at the same time!


(Sword drawing sound)



No, we do not, Krizog! One of the main goals of the Homeguard is to preserve our racial purity. You foul abominations disgust me!



General Trumbull suddenly throws some sort of white powder in Krizog’s face, temporarily blinding her and making it difficult to breathe!


KRIZOG (furious and gasping for breath)




Krizog swings her sword wildly, but General Trumbull easily dodges the attacks!


KRIZOG (furious)

You fight without honor!



I don’t give a damn about honor!   Winning is all that matters!  DIE!




KRIZOG (mocking)

Ha! Tis but a scratch!  


(Play dead sound)



Colonel Mechior, have your men take the prisoners and bind them to the trees!  Then clean up this mess!



By your command, Great Leader!



General Trumbull steps outside his tent, a twisted look of disgust on his face when he sees one of the elves prostrate before him.  It is King Arodon.



Please spare my people, General! They were only defending themselves from your men’s surprise attack! I offer my life in exchange…


(Insert “Slap” sound effect.)



The General backslaps King Arodon’s face with his left hand, his ornate gold ring leaving a deep imprint of the “all seeing eye” on King Arodon’s bruised and bloody cheek.



We don’t want your kind in our world!  We’re closing our borders to ALL Outlanders! You shall indeed be the first of your people to die!


KING ARODON (defiant)

One day, you will pay for this horrible crime you have committed against my people!



I think not!


(Insert “Decapitation Head Fall Off” sound effect.)


(Insert “Fall” sound effect.)



As his headless body falls to the ground, Princess Lanthirthel jumps out from behind a huge boulder and draws her staff!






Eh? A survivor!   Kill her!


(Running footsteps fading right)



King Arodon’s men, who futilely struggle against their bonds, gasp in horror when General Trumbull holds the bloody, severed head aloft for all to see!  The General’s men salute him by extending their right arms from their necks into the air with straightened hands and shouting “Hail, General Trumbull!”  The General uses the severed head to gesture toward the elves lashed to the trees…



Now, let us cleanse this area of the rest of this Outlander scum! Archers, ready your bows!  Aim…fire!


(Insert “Arrows Flying” sound effect.)



General Trumbull’s archers fire at dead King Arodon’s bound officers. When all the elves are confirmed dead, Colonel Melchior nods to his men.



What should we do about these bodies, sir?



Let the river run red with the blood of their rotting corpses as a warning to other Outlanders and those who oppose us!  Let this place be known as “Blood River”!

Now is the time for us to rise up against the Obsidian Cabalists!  We have the numbers. They will not be able to stop us!  With the help of the Homeguard, I will take my rightful place on the throne and make us strong again!



Of that I have no doubt, Great Leader!



As the General rants, he has a wild look in his eyes and his face has become flushed. In the midday sun, he appears to be bright orange!  His adoring men…cheer.


(Insert “US Soldier War Chant” sound effect by qubodup)




(Insert music track # 8 – “The Time Machine” by James Stratton-Crawley)





Princess Lanthirthel runs as fast as she can away from the loud cheering for the human who murdered her father. There is an Obsidian swordsman and a mage in hot pursuit, with a second group comprised of Obsidian archers and mages trailing some distance behind them.  Arrows and fireballs whiz past her, but she displays an uncanny ability to zigzag through the forest to avoid them.


(Insert “Arrows Flying” and “Large Fireball” sound effects.)


Soon, she finds herself cornered in a small clearing by the swordsman and the mage. There is bloodlust in their eyes as they stare at her.



I may die today, but I’m not going down without a fight!



Princess Lanthrithel draws her staff.





(Insert sound of swords clashing)





Fueled by anger and adrenalin, Princess Lanthirthel quickly lands two body blows and then finishes her foe off by crushing his skull in with an overhead strike from her staff!


(Loop “Weapon Blow“ sound effect – 2X, immediately followed by “Smashing” sound effect)


(Insert “Fall“ sound effect)



I’ll make you pay for hurting my little brother, witch!



Suddenly, Nystal Timelord appears on the scene. Rapidly entering combat mode, he casts a lightning bolt at the Obsidian mage.


(Insert sound of lightning)

(Insert play dead sound)


NYSTAL TIMELORD (commanding)

Come with me if you want to live, child!


(Insert “Teleport” sound effect.)



(Insert music track # 9 – “Everlasting Life” by James Stratton-Crawley. Loop as needed until end of scene.)


(Insert ‘Teleport” sound effect)

(Insert “River Noise” sound effect)




Nystal Timelord and Princess Lanthirthel materialize on the banks of the river several miles south of their last position.



Where were you in our time of need, godfather?                      



I had to travel to the distant past to attend to an urgent matter.

After completing that task, I asked the time tunnel to send me back to this time so I could prevent THIS tragedy, but I arrived too late to help the others. I am SO sorry, my darling Lanthirthel…



But godfather, can’t you just go back in time and try again?


NYSTAL TIMELORD (shaking head)

I’m afraid not, my dear. According to my wrist chronoanalyzer, it appears that the “Massacre of the Elves at Blood River” has become a fixed point in time. Any attempt to prevent it from occurring will now have disastrous consequences!



Did any of my people survive the attack by these so-called Obsidian Elves?



Hmm…the historical record indicates that about three dozen members of your tribe, mostly women and children, managed to escape the massacre…


                                                      PRINCESS LANTHIRTHEL                              

What will become of them…and me?          



They will do what they must in order to survive. Some will retreat into lives of seclusion, while others will mate with humans and other races that dwell in New Britannia. My good friend, Gabriel, and I will try and locate as many of them as we can and lead them to Wizards Rest, a place of safe refuge.

As for you, my dear goddaughter, I will entrust your care to my former apprentice, who will begin teaching you the mystic arts.  I think you will like him, for he is a good, kind-hearted fellow!



Princess Lanthirthel can’t help but notice that her godfather is grinning and has a twinkle in his eye despite the slaughter of her people.  It gives her hope…



Lord Baldrith will be most surprised to learn that he will have to leave the governance of Wizards Rest to Asclepius for a while…




MAXIE (sexy, slightly robotic voice)

Despite the support of much of the military, General Trumbull’s rebellion was crushed by the Obsidian Cabalists and most of his followers were either slain in battle or executed.


(Insert “Guillotine test 02” by Glaneur de sons)


The General was found guilty of treason and ordered castrated


(Insert “Knife Chop” sound effect by deleted_user_877451)


and put on public display in the city square for a week before being drawn and quartered in the arena.


(Insert “Crowd Boos and Heckles” sound effect.)


The Obsidian Cabalists also ordered that the traitor’s name and his military exploits be struck from all known historical records.

However, a small group of Trumbull’s most loyal officers who had evaded capture, led by Col. Melchior, staged a daring rescue on the day of his execution.


(Insert “Medieval Combat Loop” sound effect by Yap Audio Production)


Using a spell he had memorized from the Book of the Illuminati, General Trumbull and his followers were able to open a portal to a parallel world known as Earth. 

Upon his arrival in the year 2012, General Trumbull encountered his counterpart, who was a powerful industrialist. The General murdered him and took his place, utilizing his vast wealth to finance his political ambitions.

In the original timeline, General Trumbull’s counterpart made a series of bad business decisions which forced Trumbull Industries into bankruptcy. After a night of drinking countless bottles of Trumbull Vodka, THAT Damian Trumbull blew his brains out with a .44 caliber, titanium gold Desert Eagle Mark XIX on the evening of November 8, 2016.  By taking his counterpart’s place and winning the Presidential election instead on that day, General Trumbull altered the timeline.  The ensuing time quake’s effects were detected by Nystal Timelord in New Britannia on Mount Krendor due to his temporal awareness. However, before he dealt with Trumbull, Nystal had another important matter to attend to…  






New Britannia

Seven years later…


(Insert “Eerie Forest” sound effect by Greg Swinford – first 20-30 seconds only)


Inside a small wooden cottage in a moonlit clearing in the woods north of Libris…



Well, I must be teleporting back to the cave on Mount Krendor!  The snowstorm should be over by now and poor Theodric has probably woken up and wondered where I wandered off to!



Please don’t wait so long to visit me next time, godfather!



Don’t worry, dear!  I shall return in about a month!



Nystal Timelord vanishes in a flash of light!


(Insert “Teleport” sound effect.)


(Insert music track # 10 – “By My Side (Vocal Version)” by George Micansky and Ken Hayes)



Lord Baldrith, can we talk?



Certainly, dear! What did you want to talk about?



…about my feelings for you!


BALDRITH (confused)




I am in love with you, Lord Baldrith!  I have been for quite some time…



A stunned Lord Baldrith pushes up his bifocals and smiles uneasily.



Um…no, dear, what you are experiencing is not love!  You are merely infatuated with me because you have not had any contact with males your own age. I am an old man, out of shape, and not very good looking! 



That’s not true!  You are such a good, kind-hearted, and handsome man!  Don’t you find me attractive?


BALDRITH (nervous)

Of course, you are stunningly beautiful, Lanthirthel, but…


Lanthirthel suddenly pulls Lord Baldrith into a tight embrace!



Lord Baldrith finds himself getting physically aroused as she gives him a VERY passionate kiss!


After a few awkward moments, Lord Baldrith manages to free himself from Lanthirthel’s embrace.


LANTHIRTHEL (insistent)

I don’t care about your age!  I know in my heart that we were meant to be together!



You don’t know how difficult it has been to hide my feelings for you all these years, Lanthirthel, out of fear that you would reject me!  I love you too…  


But…this is SO wrong! Not only am I your master, but I’m old enough to be your father!   Your godfather, Nystal, would kill me if we were to become…intimate!


(Insert music track # 38 – “Velvet Sax (Solo)” by Bogart VGM)



Lord Baldrith notices the lovestruck look in Lanthirthel’s eyes. Lanthirthel suddenly disrobes!  Lord Baldrith cannot help but become even more physically aroused as he stares lustfully at her curvaceous figure.



LORD BALDRITH (stammering)

No…I must resist the temptation…



The time for talk is over!  Come with me…



Lanthirthel puts her finger to Baldrith’s lips to shush him and then takes him by the hand and leads him to the ornate Baron’s bed…


(soft footsteps exiting left)


(Loop “Squeaky Bed Action” sound effect by Breviceps – 3X)



(Insert music track # 11 – “Two Hearts” by Amber Raine)




Four hours later…

An energized Lord Baldrith is standing there with a goofy smile on his face as he gazes down at the beautiful, young female elf lying in his bed.



You were amazing last night…



Your godfather is going to kill me when he finds out what we’ve done!



I don’t think so, my love! I think godfather wanted us to end up together…


LORD BALDRITH (skeptical)

I highly doubt it…



Lanthirthel gets up from the bed and hugs Lord Baldrith. They kiss.



Long have I repressed my feelings for you, Lanthirthel.  Now I never want us to be apart!  When Nystal returns in a month, I will ask him for permission to marry you!



Lord Baldrith and Lanthirthel put on their mage robes.


LANTHIRTHEL (squealing in delight)

Nothing would please me more than to spend the rest of my life with you! I promise to be a good wife and mother to our many children…



Umm…many children?  Darling, I think I may be a bit too old to keep up with so many little ones running about. Besides, who is to say that I am still capable of siring children?



Last night was that time of the month. Maybe we will be lucky and have twins!



Lanthirthel smiles as she pats her tummy.






 Lord Baldrith faints.


(Insert “Fall“ sound effect.)




(Insert music track # 12 – “Undying Love” by Stefan Grossman)





The present…

Inside Lord Baldrith’s home in Wizards Rest…



…and that, my dear, Anya, is the story about how I met and fell in love with your mother and the night you were conceived! 

As it turns out, your mother was correct. When I asked Nystal Timelord for Lanthirthel’s hand in marriage one month later, he admitted that he had arranged for me to train her in the hope that we would fall in love with each other.

The five years I was married to your mother were the happiest in my life. Oh, how I miss her so!



Anya glances over at the framed family portrait hanging on the far wall which depicts a beaming Lanthirthel sitting on an ornate cushioned chair, looking down at a laughing baby Anya cradled in her arms. Baby Anya seems entranced by the dancing bear cub shadow figure which a jovial Lord Baldrith has conjured above her head.



Your mother was a very talented artist!  So much so that Nystal showed some of her work to Lord British’s Royal Artist in Residence, Stephen. He was so impressed by the quality of her work that he took her under his wing for a short time before he was transformed into the black wolf, Mori Tura, by the evil Duke Garen and fled into the woods.  I still find it amazing that your mother did that watercolor painting completely from memory when you were three months old.

Ah…here is another painting your mother did when you were six months old!



Lord Baldrith points to another framed watercolor painting which depicts Lanthirthel hiking through a lush forest in the summertime, closely followed by Lord Baldrith, who has baby Anya strapped to his front chest.  The baby stares in awe at the colorful butterfly flying alongside her.



Because of our deep love of nature, your mother and I often took long walks in the forest and along the seashore…


ANYA (sighing)

 I wish I had more memories of mother. I was only two years old when she died. I remember her being a beautiful, kind, and caring person who always urged me to pursue my dreams!

I really wish you had not sent me away to study magic with Uncle Asclepius in Rifts End for all these years…



It was for your own protection, dear…



I understand, father, but I really missed you…



Well, now that your studies are complete, we can make up for the lost time! I had Gertrude prepare a room for you on the third floor…



I am really looking forward to that, father!


ANYA (sighing)

 I wish they had come up with a cure for that rare disease that killed mother much sooner…


LORD BALDRITH (hesitant)

Umm…yes…her death was so sudden!  But thanks to the research done by Doctor Shroud, no one need ever die from that illness again…


ANYA (sad)

It would have been nice to have a twin brother or sister while I was growing up… like mother wanted.  It was so lonely being an only child…


(Insert music track # 13 – “Illusions” by James Stratton-Crawley)


LORD BALDRITH (hesitant)

Mother and I wanted to spare you the pain as a child, but now that you are an adult, I feel that you have a right to know. You DID have a twin brother who died in childbirth.


ANYA (shocked)

What?! I had a twin brother?! 



Yes. I returned home from harvesting some very rare herbs for my potions in the nearby forest to find your mother had given birth prematurely!  I found you cradled in your mother’s arms. Both of you were sound asleep. The midwife, Nevala, showed me the body of your stillborn brother. Mother and I named him “Valen” and buried him in the backyard in front of the giant oak tree.  He was “the One Who Was”…


(Lord Baldrith CRIES.)


ANYA (grateful)

Thank you for telling me, father…


(Insert music track # 14 – “Gabriel Nightshadow’s Theme” by James Stratton-Crawley)


TOWN CRIER (Heard from a distance)

Ah, Gabriel, welcome back to Wizards Rest! 


ANYA (excited)

Father, Uncle Gabriel has returned! I wonder if he was finally successful in locating the tall albino man, Count Aberon, based on that tip we received from one of Stile Teckel’s spies…



Why don’t you go ask him, dear?



Aren’t you coming, father?



I will join you in a bit, dear!  I need to check on the progress of an experiment I am conducting in my basement laboratory.



Ok, father…



My darling, Lanthirthel, I feel so bad constantly lying to our daughter, Anya, about the tragic circumstances of your death, but it is for her own good…


(Footsteps exiting left.)



(Insert music track # 15 – “Beneath Riftgard” by James Stratton-Crawley)






Twenty years ago…


(Loop “Large Fireball” sound effect – 3X)


In Count Aberon’s mountainside castle, an angry Lord Baldrith races past the charred remains of a dozen guards whom he has just incinerated and down the narrow staircase which leads to the Count’s secret dungeon.  He finds the archway blocked by a mystical force field.


 (Insert “Magic Shield” sound effect)


Inside, Lord Baldrith can see a Wheel of Pain, plus various whips, chains, paddles, red candles on a nearby table.  On a mattress on the floor in front of the Wheel of Pain, he spots a barely conscious, battered form…


LORD BALDRITH (relieved)

Lanthirthel, at last I’ve found you!



Lanthirthel struggles to her feet.

Lord Baldrith can see that she is covered in cuts, bruises, and red welts.  Her red dress has been torn to shreds and her black lace underwear is fully exposed. She is wearing a glowing, red leather collar around her neck.


LANTHIRTHEL (weakly, but happy)

Oh, my beloved, I knew you would eventually find me…




I am so ashamed that you must see me like this…



What did that animal do to you?!  Argh…I can’t seem to penetrate this mystical force field with my spells!


COUNT ABERON (mocking)

Heh…heh…I so enjoyed having my way with your woman these past five days since my lovely sister, Lady Vastra, abducted her from your home in Wizards Rest and brought her to me!  Now Lanthirthel knows what is like to be with a REAL man, not some washed up, old fool like you!



Count Aberon attaches a silver chain to Lanthrithel’s collar and yanks her forward until she is only a few feet from the force field.


Count Aberon licks her right cheek.



Mmm…so tasty!


(Lanthirthel begins crying.)



Aberon, your beast!  I am going to kill you!



Lord Baldrith shakes his fist at Count Aberon.


COUNT ABERON (taunting)

I think not, Lord Baldrith, because you cannot bring down that mystical barrier despite how powerful you’ve become!  I enjoy seeing you suffer like this… Now it’s time for you to say goodbye to your wife!






I love you, my darling…


(Insert “Neck Breaking” sound effect)



Count Aberon suddenly snaps Lanthirthel’s neck with a quick twist and lets her lifeless body fall to the ground!


(Insert ‘Falling” sound effect)


Upon impact, her white gold wedding ring slips from her finger, rolls across the floor, and comes to a stop at the force field by Lord Baldrith’s feet.


LORD BALDRITH (screaming loudly)



COUNT ABERON (taunting)

When your lovely daughter, Anya, comes of age, I will make her mine too!



Count Aberon licks his lips in anticipation.                                              


COUNT ABERON (taunting)

I sense great anger within you, Lord Baldrith!  Come, take your revenge! Show me how powerful you have become!



Count Aberon steps back towards the center of the room and utters an incantation. The mystical barrier suddenly vanishes and a furious Lord Baldrith immediately casts a powerful lightning bolt at Count Aberon, followed in quick succession by a large fireball, and then a searing ray!


(Insert “Electric Shock Zap”, “Large Fireball”, and “Ray Gun” sound effects)



  Unfortunately, none of the magic spells seem to have any effect on Count Aberon…


COUNT ABERON (laughing)

Is that the best that you’ve got, Lord Baldrith?  I am most disappointed!  You have gained a reputation for being one of the most powerful mages in all the land!  It seems that my new master’s chief mage, Kriz, was successful in boosting my magic avoidance and resistance to unheard of levels!  You will never be able to defeat me! Until next we meet…


LORD BALDRITH (screaming loudly)



(Insert “Teleport” sound effect)



Lord Baldrith falls to his knees.  As he cradles Lanthirthel’s dead body, Lord Baldrith begins crying.



My beloved Lanthirthel, I have failed you!  




(Insert music track # 16 – “The Necromancer’s Bargain” by James Stratton-Crawley)




The present…


After Anya leaves, Lord Baldrith descends down a hatch into his five-story stone basement. Upon entering his lab on the fifth floor, Lord Baldrith goes over to the bookcase and pulls on a certain book entitled “The Avatar Chronicles, Volume I: Return of the Avatar”, causing the bookcase to swing open, revealing a secret room behind it.

Lord Baldrith enters the darkly lit room, which is filled with ancient Obsidian texts and artifacts. In a corner of the room is a shrine which houses a large, ornate vase containing the ashes of his late wife, Lanthirthel. Lord Baldrith kneels before the shrine.


Suddenly, the white gold wedding ring dangling from the silver chain around Lord Baldrith’s neck begins to glow faintly and a ghostly image of Lanthirthel appears before him!


LANTHIRTHEL (pleading)

Do not do this, my love!  As powerful as you have become, you still will not be able to control the mystical energies you are about to unleash! They will consume you and you will be lost to the dark side…


LORD BALDRITH (determined)

My darling, Lanthirthel, I know that you do not approve of what I am about to do, but this is the only way I will have enough power to stop that foul beast, Aberon, from coming for our beautiful daughter, Anya! 



This ancient Obsidian tome which my old friend, Theodric, recently unearthed at Desolis contains the spell which I have been searching for the last twenty years! Through Obsidian magic was Aberon created, and through it so shall he be destroyed!


(Insert “10-11-15_Depths of Hell” sound effect by Argitoth)



Lord Baldrith begins chanting the spell. Dark tendrils of energy rise up from the book and enter his ears, nose, and mouth. Lord Baldrith’s eyes turn black as he screams!


LORD BALDRITH (screaming)




Eh, what is this vision that appears before me? I recognize that crypt!






Lord Baldrith shakes his fist and teleports away.


(Insert “Teleport” sound effect)


Lanthirthel’s ghost shakes her head in despair and vanishes.



(Insert music track # 17 – “High Elves of the Arian Temple” by Amber Raine)



Nystal Timelord and his good friend, Gabriel Nightshadow, did manage to locate most of the Elven survivors and helped them successfully integrate into society. Many of them, as well as their descendants, would go on to become prominent members of society like the High Priestess of Chaos, Amber Raine, and Governor Kazyn Phoenixfyre of Port Phoenix. 


(Insert “Nature Ambiance” sound effect – Recorded by Nille)



The Isle of Chaos, Rifts End

The Present…

It is a warm, sunny spring day and a group of elf children are staring in awe as the half-elf, Jarikith Rivinson, demonstrates his archery prowess…


(Insert “Arrows Flying” sound effect – Recorded by Mike Koenig)



…and that concludes today’s archery demonstration!


(Insert sound of applause)



Thank you…thank you, dear children!



Wow…Jar, that was amazing!  I can’t believe you managed to shoot that orange located between Governor Obsidian Tempest’s legs just below his groin MULTIPLE times while blindfolded, without harming him at all…



Missed it by that much…


            ELF CHILD # 1 (worried)

Umm…Jar…are you sure that Obs is alright?  He hasn’t regained consciousness yet…



Aww…he’ll be fine!   Just passed out from the shock…



How did you get him to agree to do this in the first place?



Well…he lost a bet to me as to whether or not one of our fellow male guild members would be willing to wear a dress for a stage play…



…and that’s why he’s known as…the LEGENDARY BOWMANCER!


ELF CHILD #1, #2, AND #3 (in unison)


Hi Amber!



Come along, children.  Time to take a short walk to the Garden of Chaos for today’s sermon!



Amber, what is the topic of today’s sermon?



Perseverance… Despite the many obstacles our race has encountered – the destruction of our homeward and persecution on this world by both the Obsidian elves and evil humans like General Trumbull, we have persevered and thrived!



Amber, do most humans hate us because we are different?  Is Rifts End – a place where elves and humans live in harmony – an anomaly or the norm?



I would say it is slowly becoming more of the norm. Mind you, there are far greater numbers of Obsidian elves than our kind running around these days, but we have avoided them for the most part to prevent further bloodshed…As far as humans go, most have learned to accept us…but a small minority still fear and hate us. The anti-Outlander Homeguard movement which General Trumbull founded long ago still lives on – in the form of the Atavists of Purity. They are led by a charismatic young man named Marius, who happens to be a direct descendant of the General, and have the financial backing of the wealthy nobles, Lady Vastra and Duke Garen.



That is very discouraging to hear…



Nonsense!   Most humans are very nice…like our resident playwright, Gabriel!


(Insert music track # 41 – “Teddy Bear” by ecfike)



Yes, he is a very nice man! Yesterday, he was giving me some constructive feedback on the story I plan on submitting to Sean Silverfoot for his next Campfire Stories event. Unfortunately, he fell asleep halfway through his critique after eating a slice of both the garlic cheese bread and the cheesy bacon and onion quiche I made for him…




You should not have fed Bear Cub so much food!  It will cause him to fall into a post meal food coma…



I will remember that for next time, Amber…



Bah…when I grow up, I don’t want to be a wimpy playwright! I want to become a mighty warrior like Jar!



I am very pleased to hear that! Would you like to become my apprentice?


ELF CHILD # 2 (squealing in delight)

Oh yes!  



Excellent!  We will begin your personal lessons tomorrow morning…






When I grow up, I want to become a great healer and serve as an ambassador between elves and humans!



That is very admirable!  Gabriel can train you in the healing arts while I can instruct you in the art of diplomacy!


ELF CHILD # 1 (excited)

Ooh…I would love that very much!


(Insert sound of Jarikith moaning as Obsidian Tempest)



Ah…it seems our good governor is finally regaining consciousness!  All of you proceed to the Garden of Chaos first. I will join you shortly after I tend to Obs. As Lieutenant Governor of Rifts End, my work is never done…


(Jarikith Rivinson SIGHS)



Very well!   Come along now, children!  I see that Dinsoo and Asclepius are already at the front gate to the Garden…



See Obs, just like I told you…nothing to worry about!  Not even a scratch on you! Hey, don’t blame me for the fact that you wet your pants!




(Insert music track # 18 – “Earthly Dominion” by James Stratton-Crawley)




Earth, Washington D.C.

The White House

The not too distant future…


President Trumbull is standing in the Oval Office drinking a can of Trumbull High Energy Cola, looking out the window at the crowd of 2,500 Resistance protestors carrying signs and chanting outside the front gates of the White House.


(Insert “Angry Mob Loop” by Benjamin Harvey Design)


500 members of the Homeland Unity Guard (HUG), composed of the most loyal members of High Priest Paine’s Church of the Orange God (COG) and Supreme Knight Commander Shackelford’s White Knights of Racial Purity (WKRP) (two of the three major groups which comprise the Homeguard) stand ready in their black clockwork armor.

As the crowd suddenly surges forward, the HUG rushes forward to engage them, smashing their bodies with their heavy black steel shields and cracking their skulls with their Trumbull High Impact batons.


(Loop “Shield Bash Impact” sound effect by Hybrid_V – 5x)


The brutality of the HUG enrages the unarmed Resistance protestors and they begin to fight back with their bare fists. They begin to overwhelm the HUG with their sheer numbers.   

(Insert “Freaky Scene” sound effect)

(Insert “Crowd Panic” sound effect by belthazarus)

(Loop “Electric Shock Zap” sound effect – 5X)


Suddenly, dozens of black Watcher drones swoop in from above and fire balls of concentrated electricity at the protestors.  As the protestors fall to the ground and start convulsing violently, the HUG rush in to take them into custody. President Trumbull grins evilly as he turns to watches his favorite news anchor on the nearby large screen television.



Fools! Don’t they realize by now that…

Resistance is Futile!


(Insert “News Intro” sound effect)



“This is Sam Hennessey from Coyote News reporting to you live from the Trumbull Southern Defense Wall on the fifth anniversary of its dedication. While the President, who was just re-elected to a third term in office following the repeal of the 22nd Amendment, is unable to attend due to a pressing national security matter, he has sent White House Press Secretary Harmony Hands to speak on his behalf.

There is a large crowd of people gathered here to celebrate this happy occasion!


(Insert “Large Crowd Applause” sound effect by Bansemer)


Right now, they are listening to a concert performance by the popular Southern rock group, White Anthem.  Ah…here’s the man in charge of protecting our southern border, Commandant Walter Geiss. A moment of your time, sir?”


“It would be my pleasure, Sam!”


“So, Commandant, how effective has the wall been in preventing illegal border crossings?”


“Well, Sam, I am proud to say that this thirty-foot high, transparent steel wall has been quite successful in that regard!  As you know, transparent steel was invented by the co-inventors of transparent aluminum, Dr. Nichols at Plexicorp, a Trumbull Industries company, and Professor Scott from the University of Edinburgh.

The wall itself is just the last of the three lines of defense here. The first line of defense is the new Trumbull Industries Mark V Hunter Drones, which patrol the desert beyond the wall.  The second line of defense are my highly trained snipers from the Freedom, Patriot, and Vanguard Militias!  Oh…I should point out that the drones are manufactured right here in the U.S., providing thousands of displaced factory workers with much needed jobs!”


The camera pans upward to show many grim-faced, black uniformed snipers perched atop the walkway on the wall, while dozens of menacing looking, black wing-shaped drones equipped with dual machine guns flanking a massive central flame thrower fly around the area. 


(Insert “Spooky Drone” sound effect)


The television audience catches a fleeting glimpse of hundreds of burnt and bullet ridden bodies scattered across the desert beyond the wall, but the camera quickly pans away as the reporter quickly motions to the cameraman.


“Sam, I am pleased to report that, as of this week, we were finally able to reduce illegal border crossings to ZERO, fulfilling the promise President Trumbull made to the American people when he was first elected to office!”


“Commandant, on behalf of the American people, I would like to thank you and your men for all of your hard work in keeping America safe!  Now, back to Lindsay in the studio…”


President Trumbull has a wicked smile on his face as Communications Director, Mr. Melchior, enters the room.



Great Leader, Vice President Paine and the rest of the Illuminati have already gathered in the conference room down the hall and are awaiting your arrival. 



Thank you, Storn. I must admit that it is taking me far longer to gain control of this world than I anticipated without the vast mystical powers I once had at my disposal.  Fortunately, the American people are very gullible and easily swayed by the anti-Resistance propaganda put out by you and your media team on Coyote News and online social networks such as Fazbuk.

How goes the search for the headquarters of the Resistance?


(Insert music track # 19 – “Nen” by James Stratton-Crawley)



A hologram in the form of President Trumbull’s stunningly beautiful, late daughter, Iyara, suddenly appears before him. She is dressed in sexy, pink satin lingerie. She gives Trumbull a come hither look. President Trumbull becomes visibly aroused but is suddenly aware of the smirk on Mr. Melchior’s face. Trumbull shakes his head disapprovingly and the Oracle instantly changes her outfit to proper business attire.  



Father, I have finally traced the rebel scum’s main headquarters to a secret fallout shelter under Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland in Anaheim, California. General Horst is currently assembling a strike force composed of loyal Homeguard members and he will launch his surprise attack on the facility at 9PM, Pacific Standard Time.  My Watcher surveillance drones in the area confirm the identities of the four leaders of the Resistance – Senator Anna Caballero, Associate Supreme Court Justice Rebekkah Goldberg,  Army Major General Richard Chang, and billionaire tech investor, Jordan Kitumbo, and place them on site, no doubt plotting a new strategy after their failed attempt to liberate the dissidents and illegal immigrants from the maximum security Arkaio internment facility in Arizona.



Wait…did you say that one of the leaders of the Resistance is Senator Anna Caballero? Hmm…it seems I have severely underestimated that fine-looking piece of tail!  I thought she would not pose a threat to me once I eliminated her mentor, Senator Barry Silverman.  I should have asked Viktor to have his agent poison her as well with Polonium 210 before the vote on the health care bill…

Please continue, my dear…



General Boudreaux will be launching an attack on their secondary base under Yankee Stadium in New York City at the same time.  At Attorney General Jethro Shackelford‘s direction, FBI Director Frank Craven’s nationwide task force has identified all remaining government employees who are suspected of being Resistance members or sympathizers and will be rounding them up tonight as well in a serious of prime time raids! After the Great Purge, the Resistance will finally be crushed once and for all!



You have done well, my precious Oracle…



I aim to please, father. Shall I prepare the VR chamber to run the Swindle University program today in extreme mode in one hour? 



Oh yes, my dear…I should be done with my meeting by then!



Your wish is my command, Big Daddy…

I’ve been a VERY bad girl and need to be punished by my professor…



The Oracle winks at President Trumbull and then disappears in a shimmer of pink light!



This is excellent news, Mr. Melchiort!  We will dub the purge, “Operation: Freedom Shield”. Since the Supreme Court, under the new Chief Justice, Bart Kassidy, recently ruled that the four internment facilities located throughout the U.S. are perfectly legal under the new “Freedom and Security Balance (FSB) Act”, we will be justified in taking action against these “domestic terrorists”!  The fall of the Resistance will be the headline story on the 11 o’clock news! The ratings will be HUGE!



President Trumbull rubs his hands with glee.



Remind General Horst and General Boudreaux that there are to be NO survivors! Instruct them to plant evidence linking the Resistance to THAT Middle Eastern terrorist group. 



Yes, sir!  One last thing before your meeting. What would you like us to do about that meddlesome reporter, Lori Lockhart, who is about to publish that expose in the New York Examiner on the business loans you covertly received from Russian President Viktor Puchinsky’s two younger brothers, Ivan and Sergei, in exchange for certain favors? Should she have an unfortunate “accident” like that other reporter, Cord Hawkins, who had compromising pictures of you and your Press Secretary, Miss Hands, at the Trumbull Plaza Hotel?



No, Miss Lockhart is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and was a good friend of the late reporter. They both worked together previously at the Truth News Network. Besides, this upcoming expose has already been highly promoted by her newspaper and other news media. Her sudden death would raise too many questions and I don’t want her ex-father-in-law, the former special counsel, prying into my activities again!

I think it would be much better to discredit her. Have our Homeguard members in the CIA manufacture some intelligence linking her and her Arab boyfriend, Army Ranger Major Raj Abdul, to that same Middle Eastern terrorist group and have them send it anonymously to our friends at and Coyote News.  Also, tell my personal lawyer, Martin Cabasso, to arrange a sizable wire transfer to her personal bank account from one of my shell companies in the Middle East to help sell that story. Oh…also tell him to also increase Sam Hennessey’s monthly payout by 20% to reward him for the fine job he has been doing lately pushing our propaganda to the masses. After General Horst and General Boudreaux wipe out the Resistance, Miss Lockhart will be branded a traitor and lose all credibility. That should make our little problem go away…


By your command, Great Leader!


(Insert footsteps fading left)



That meddlesome Nystal TimeLord may have foiled my plans to conquer New Britannia, but there is no one to stop me here on this planet Earth! Look how easily I manipulated these humans into electing me president of this world’s most powerful nation by tapping into their fear and hatred! Now that my Homeguard has successfully infiltrated all levels of the government and the private sector, it is time to implement the next phase of my master plan for world domination…


(President Trumbull LAUGHS maniacally)


(Insert music track # 20 – “Usurper” by James Statton-Crawley)



I wouldn’t count on that!  As we speak, Resistance units are launching simultaneous attacks on the Southern Defense Wall, the Arkaio Internment Facility in Arizona, and the Oracle Command Center located beneath your heavily guarded estate in Palm Beach, Florida…



Eh? Who said that?



Suddenly, as a Silent Movement spell wears off, a figure wearing black short assassin’s armor and a black mask materializes next to President Trumbull. Wordlessly, she slashes him with an elven dagger.



Ack…I recognize that distinctive odor! It’s dark unicorn poison!


SERAFINA (whispering)

The name’s Seras Timelord!  My father, Nystal, sends his regards!



Curse you and the rest of the Timelord clan!



President Trumbull shakes his fist at Serafina.

The veins on President Trumbull’s skin quickly turn dark black.



Can’t breathe…


(Insert” Gagging” sound effect)


(Insert “PB Payback v2” sound effect by carmsie)



President Trumbull suddenly vomits blood!


(Insert “Puke Vomit Ralph“ sound effect)



The Oracle reappears, now in a state of panic!


(Insert “Helicopter Against Missile” sound effect)


(Insert “All Teams Ready2” sound effect by Nidal8585)


(Insert “Bunker Buster Missile” sound effect)


THE ORACLE (panicking)

Daddy, help me!   Resistance forces have overrun the Command Center!


(Insert “Mandatory Evacuation” sound effect)


(Insert “GO GO GO” sound effect by Nidal8585)


(Insert “Gun Battle” sound effect)





(Insert “Shadowrun” sound effect by radian)


THE ORACLE (wailing)

I don’t want to go…



The Oracle emits a piercing scream as she fades into oblivion!


  1. MELCHIOR (worried)

Mr. President, are you alright in there?  We heard yelling and screaming…

Hey…the door is locked from the inside!


SERAFINA (whispering)

Your time is at an end, Trumbull…Justice is served!



Frak you!


(Insert ”Fall“ sound effect)


(Insert “Wet Fart Squish“ sound effect)



Stand aside, Mr. Melchior! I’ve got this!

Agent Love, cover me!



You’ve got it, partner!



Agent Love draws her gun while the very short, but highly muscular, Agent Bacon charges at the door and knocks it off its hinges!  


(Insert “Wooden Door Smash Open” sound effect – by Eneasz)


Apparently, eating bacon (instead of spinach) on a regular basis makes you SUPER strong…


  1. MELCHIOR (alarmed)

Ugh…what is that foul stench?!  Oh my god!  The President has been murdered!  Agents Bacon and Love, kill that masked assassin!



I think not!


(Insert “Invisibility Spell” sound effect by Lucas Duff)


(Loop “40 Cal Gun Shot x3“ sound effect – 2X)



Where did the assassin go?!  He suddenly vanished into thin air!


(Insert “Tick Tock” sound effect)



Hmm… Where is that ticking sound coming from?



What is this clutched in the President’s right hand? A grim looking, plush elf doll dressed in black?

Oh frak…it’s a…


(Insert “Explosion Ultra Bass” sound effect)


(Insert fall sound x 2)


(Insert “Fire Forest Inferno” sound effect by Dynamicell – first 20 – 30 seconds only)



A sole survivor stands amidst the flaming ruins of the White House…


(Insert “Evil is a master of disguise” sound effect by carmsie)



Mr Melchior sighs ruefully as he surveys the carnage, reflecting on the wasted years he spent grooming Trumbull, and how he would now have to search for another puppet to further his agenda. A look of grim determination takes over as he is emboldened by his belief that although Nystal Timelord may have won this battle, as long as Falsehood, Hatred and Cowardice exist on ANY world, then SHADOWREIGN will endure! He laughs maniacally as he leaves the ruined building………..



(Insert music track # 21 – “Beyond the Clouds (Theme for Modern Broadcast)” by Matthew Pablo)



…and so it came to pass that President Trumbull’s long “Reign of Terror” finally came to an end. Associate Justice Rebekkah Goldberg became Chief Justice of the Supreme Court following the suicide of former Chief Justice, Bart Kassidy, when the FBI attempted to arrest him for treason. With everyone in the Presidential line of succession either deceased or awaiting trial for the charge of treason, Senator Anna Caballero won the popular vote by an overwhelming margin in the emergency election which was held  (as the Electoral College had been abolished during Trumbull’s second term of office…) and was sworn in as the new President.  Jordan Kitumbo was sworn in as Vice-President. Major General Richard Chang was appointed Secretary of Defense, and Major Raj Abdul became Secretary of State. President Caballero’s Democratic Socialist Party would crush the late President Trumbull’s Nationalist Party in that election, winning back majority control of both the Senate and House of Representatives. This allowed them to pursue their progressive agenda, which ushered in a new golden age of peace and prosperity for both the poor and middle classes. 


(Insert “Sunny Day” sound effect)


A twelve-foot tall statue of the late Senator Barry Silverman was erected in the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to honor the original founder of the Resistance. 


Former TNN reporter Lori Lockhart was able to secure financing to rebuild the headquarters of the new Truth News Network, which had been blown up by one of High Priest’s Paine’s disciples posing as the conservative superhero, True Patriot, during Awesome Mega Con on Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, Georgia several years prior. The surviving employees of their discredited and now defunct competitor, Coyote News, found themselves out of work and blacklisted by the news industry for their role in spreading Trumbull’s propaganda during the war.


…and what of our intrepid time traveler, Serafina?  Although she did not realize it at the time, her time stabilizer was damaged by Secret Service Agents Bacon and Love’s gunfire and when she attempted to return to New Britannia…






(Insert “Backwards Souls” sound effect)


(Insert “Time Travel Clip” sound effect)


(Insert music track # 22 – “Liyan” by Elerya)


(Insert “Coyote Call” sound effect)


SERAFINA (confused)

This isn’t the Time Tunnel located beneath Wizards Rest. What am I doing in the middle of the Wrymsands? Oh frak…my time stabilizer has been badly damaged! Hmm…it appears I am stuck 100 years in New Britannia’s past.



Her wrist chronometer beeps as the holographic planets line up and begin to flash bright red.  A lush, green valley suddenly shimmers into existence directly in front of the Serafina!  


(Insert “Nature Ambiance” sound effect)



Wow…so the story father told me when I was a child is true! The Lost Valley of the Dragon Lords really does exist! 



Serafina looks through her illuminated binoculars at the looming mountain in the distance.


(Insert music track # 23 – “Fantasy Armies” by Alexandr Zhelanov)



There it is…on the side on the mountain facing me! The ruins of Castle Gennar…headquarters of the nine Dragon Lords who helped Lord British maintain peace throughout the land in the days of Old Britannia and even after his mysterious disappearance until that fateful day 100 years ago when nearly all of them were slain in that surprise attack by the Obsidian army!   



Hmm…according to legend, the “Eye of Darkness” is supposed to lie within the crypt of the first Dragon Lord, Grandmaster Christoper Nightshadow, deep beneath the castle. It is one of the five ancient artifacts scattered throughout New Britannia which, when combined, form the ultimate weapon which will allow my godfather, Gabriel Nightshadow, to destroy the evil, immortal god known as Shadowreign once and for all!  But first, I will need to get through the many monsters, puzzles and death traps which line the labyrinth leading to the crypt…

There…timer set. I have eight hours to complete this task and exit the valley or I will be trapped here until the next planetary alignment occurs in 50 years, according to the writings of Bowen Bloodgood.

There…I’ve activated my time distress beacon. Hopefully, by then father and the others will find a way to retrieve me!

Eh?  I thought I heard something…


(Insert “Flapping Wings 3” sound effect)



To Serafina’s surprise, a big green dragon lands in front of here and peers at her inquisitively!


(Insert “Dragon Land” sound effect by Cyberkineticfilms)



What have we here?  A most voluptuous sight!

Hey, why are you giving me that dirty look?  Dragons have needs too…


(Insert “Stomach Growling” sound effect)


But I am still SO hungry!  That last group of avatars was not very filling at all! Guess I will have to satisfy my carnal desires some other time…



The big, green dragon begins drooling…



Mmm…I will savor every bite of your tender, roasted flesh!


(Insert “European Dragon Roaring and Breath Fire” sound effect)



Serafina emerges from the inferno unscathed, protected by a chi energy field. The crow tattoo on her left arm glows brightly!


BIG GREEN DRAGON (surprised)

What?! This can’t be… 


SERAFINA (taunting)

Is that the best you’ve got?   My turn…



Serafina’s fists begin to glow brightly!


(Insert music track # 24 – “Fire Within” by Jens Kiilstofte)


(Insert “Spin Kick” sound effect.)


(Insert “Kung Fu Punch” sound effect.)


(Insert “Sweep Kick” sound effect.)


(Insert “Boxing Punches” sound effect.)


(Insert “Roundhouse Kick” sound effect.)


(Insert “Left Hook” sound effect.)


(Insert “Right Cross” sound effect.)


BIG GREEN DRAGON (breathing heavily)

I will not be defeated by…a mere woman!


SERAFINA (furious)

Mere woman?!  Eat my fist, male chauvinist!



Serafina finishes the stunned dragon off with a devastating uppercut!


(Insert “Uppercut” sound effect)


(Insert “Dragon Roaring” sound effect)



Uhh…Maybe I should go vegan like my cousin, Frank, after all…


(Insert “Fall” sound effect)



At that moment, doubtless alerted by the sound of battle, an Obsidian swordsman, archer and mage appear.


(Insert music track # 25 – Holding Out for a Hero (Instrumental Version) by Dean Pitchford and Jim Steinman)



By the gods! She just killed that big green dragon single-handedly! I’ve never seen martial arts like that in New Britannia before! Our pugilism pales in comparison…


SERAFINA (cryptic)

That’s because I’m not from around here…


An impressive feat, to be sure, but she must be here in search of the artifact as well.





By your command!


(Loop “Arrows Flying” sound effect – 3X)



Serafina easily dodges the first poison-tipped arrow. The second one bounces harmlessly off her rock-hard bicep, much to the archer’s astonishment!  Serafina uses her lightning quick reflexes to grab the third arrow in mid-air and hurls it back at the archer. It penetrates his right eye and brain, killing him instantly!





(Insert “Fall” sound effect)



No way! I’m out of here!


(Insert fleeing footsteps sound)



Coward!  I will deal with him later…



OBSIDIAN MAGE (sneering)

We’ll see about that! Who are you, anyway?



My friends call me Seras…Seras Timelord, but my foes know me by another name… Serafina!


OBSIDIAN MAGE (frightened)

Not Serafina…the “Living Weapon”?!



Serafina uses silent movement and then appears behind the Obsidian mage!






Serafina snaps the Obsidian mage’s neck before she has time to react!


(Insert “Neck Breaking” sound effect.)


(Insert “Fall” sound effect)


SERAFINA (surprised)

Well, that went a lot easier than I thought it would…


(Serafina LAUGHS)



Serafina begins whistling merrily as she turns and leaves.

She doesn’t realize that she is not alone, as the tall, albino man known as Count Aberon materializes shortly thereafter as his silent movement spell wears off!



How nice of Serafina to eliminate some of the competition for me! Now all that remains are that husband and wife team of Oracle assassins, Taymar and Seela. Once Serafina leads me to the “Eye of Darkness”, I shall wrest it from her utilizing the greatly enhanced powers I recently received from Atos’ evil twin brother, the technomage, Kriz, so I can deliver the Eye to my master, Shadowreign. Then I shall feast on Serafina’s vibrant life force!


(Laughs maniacally)


(Insert “Invisibility Spell” sound effect by Lucas Duff)



(Insert music track # 26 – “The Riftwalker” by James Stratton-Crawley)



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(Insert music track # 27 – “Kailef’s on the Wind” by James Stratton-Crawley)




Deep beneath the ruins of Castle Gennar, in the crypt of Christopher Nightshadow, the first Dragon Lord…


Serafina is sent flying backward by the ferocious, white-furred man beast’s powerful blow and smashes into the stone wall hard!


(Insert “Hitting Wall“ sound effect recorded by SpookyModem)


SERAFINA (gasping for breath)

Uh…I can’t feel my legs! I think my spine is broken!



The man beast lets out a mighty roar and begins walking towards Serafina…


COUNT ABERON (growling)

Foolish child!  Despite all your years of martial arts training, you are no match for my power!  Lord Shadowreign’s technomage, Kriz, has transformed me into an unstoppable killing machine!  No one can penetrate my enhanced defenses! Now the time has come for me to feast on your life force…



The man beast straddles her prone form.  An exhausted Serafina doesn’t have the strength left to deliver a punch.


SERAFINA (shouting)

Get your filthy paws off me!



Umm…I find your feistiness to be rather…arousing!



Serafina digs her fingernails into the man beast’s face!


COUNT ABERON (growling)

Argh!  You will pay for doing that!



 The enraged man beast suddenly grabs both of her arms and snaps them in half like twigs!


(Insert “Bone Crushing“ sound effect recorded by Mike Koenig)


(Serafina SCREAMS out in pain!)



The man beast transforms into the tall, albino man, Count Aberon!  His eyes suddenly turn blood red.


COUNT ABERON (seductively)

Look into my eyes…


SERAFINA (hissing)

Get out of my mind! You can’t mesmerize me like the rest of your victims!


COUNT ABERON (frustrated)

I have never encountered a woman with such willpower!  But I will NOT be denied!



A frustrated Count Aberon pries open Serafina’s mouth with his bare hands. His eyes then turn jet black as a beam of darkness emanates from his mouth and enters hers. 


(Insert “Ghost Breath“ sound effect recorded by qubodup)


SERAFINA (screaming)




In a matter of minutes, Count Aberon drains all of Serafina’s lifeforce, leaving behind a withered husk.  The deep scratches on his face quickly fade away as they heal. Count Aberon licks his lips.


COUNT ABERON (pleased)

Umm…she was SO delicious!


(Insert music track # 28 – “Dragon Battle” by James Stratton-Crawley )



Oh no…Serafina! 




(Insert “Electric Shock Zap“ sound effect)



Count Aberon is struck in the back by a ball of crackling, black energy which knocks him to the ground!  Sparks fly as many of the implants within his body suddenly short circuit!


COUNT ABERON (surprised)

Argh!  I have never felt such pain! How is this possible?!


Count Aberon rises to his feet and turns around to see a furious Lord Baldrith standing in the archway.  He immediately notices that Lord Baldrith’s eyes have turned jet black.


LORD BALDRITH (shouting)

Through Obsidian magic you were created, and through it will you be destroyed! I have stripped you of your defenses, foul beast! Now…BURN!


(Insert “Fireplace“ sound effect recorded by ezwa)



Lord Baldrith casts Ring of Fire around Count Aberon!


COUNT ABERON (in pain)




Count Aberon transforms back into his man beast form.


LORD BALDRITH (snarling)

I have already taken care of your evil sister, Lady Vastra!



Lord Baldrith opens his satchel and rolls Lady Vastra’s severed head across the floor! It comes to a stop a few feet away from the Ring of Fire. Count Aberon can see the pained expression on her face.


COUNT ABERON (screaming)



LORD BALDRITH (taunting)

Your sister was defiant to the end! I broke her legs, yet she still tried to drag herself away.  I slit her throat with my Blood Dagger and watched as she bled out on the floor.

You failed to protect her like you promised to all those years ago…



Lord Baldrith’s words trigger a memory in the man beast’s brain….




(Insert music track # 29 – “The Voidshard Falls” by James Stratton-Crawley )



The Grunvald Shardfall

200 years ago…

      It is late afternoon as Robert and Meghan Dar walk down a long and winding path to the shardfall.



It is such a warm and sunny day, big brother!  I wonder why father wanted us to meet him in this dreary place…



I am not sure, little sister… Father barely speaks to me at all these days. All he does is brag about big brother Nestor’s accomplishments!  His first zombie!  His first skeleton warrior!   A new record time for draining the life force from a prisoner using Death Ray!  He doesn’t appreciate my writing like you and mother do…


(Insert music track # 39 – “Blithe” by Stefan Grossman)


ROBERT (very slow and romantic)

No jewel that glitters,

Or argent flame,

Can e’er compare,

With your fair name.

Enticed I am now,

Held in your sway,

My secret longings,

Grow day-by-day.


No throne that dazzles,

Or crown agleam,

No mountain vista,

Or sparkling stream,

No star of heaven,

No moonlit shore,

No nothing e’er will

I love more.




Ah…you are such a gifted writer, big brother! Your love poetry really touches me right here…



A lovestruck Meghan points to her heaving bosom.  Robert smiles as he takes her right hand and gently kisses it. Meghan lets out a soft moan as she feels goosebumps along her arm. 

As they reach the center of the shardfall where their father awaits them, Robert can’t help but notice that the ground is covered by green leaves, an odd sight for this time of the year. Suddenly, Robert and Meghan find themselves trapped in an invisible force field. The green leaves suddenly vanish, revealing a mystic circle surrounded by glowing red crystals on the ground!  


ROBERT (surprised)

Father, what is the meaning of this?



LORIN DAR (cackling with glee)

     You and your sister are about to serve the Obsidian Empire as weapons of war!  With an army of man beasts at our command, we will finally be able to crush the growing Resistance movement and I will have proven myself worthy to lead the Council instead of my arch-rival, Nefario!



      Lorin Dar’s eyes turn pitch black as he pulls out some reagents and utters an incantation. 


(Insert “Evil Incantation” sound effect by Incarnadine)


      Robert and Meghan scream out in pain as they begin changing…

      Their father pulls out a small glowing orb from his other pouch and begins speaking.


LORIN DAR (cold and clinical)

     This is my first experiment with transformation magic on human subjects. The two test subjects, a teenage male and female, are rapidly expanding in size. Increased mass is accompanied by growth of body fur which matches the subjects’ hair color. The two subjects’ fingernails have transformed into razor sharp claws about six inches in length and their teeth have increased in size and sharpness as well. Subjects display enhanced strength and dexterity as they attempt to escape the mystical force field surrounding them. 


 ROBERT AND MEGHAN (screaming)

   Father! Please stop this! The pain is excruciating! We are your children!


LORIN DAR (snarling)

You two have been such a disappointment! A weak and pathetic albino boy who wastes his days writing love poetry and a vain and scheming girl who uses her beauty to get men to shower her with expensive trinkets! 

No…your older brother, Nestor, is my only child now! He will carry on my bloodline and bring glory to the Obsidian Empire through the necromantic arts!



                  Lorin Dar’s curvaceous wife, Constance, comes walking down the path with a picnic basket full of freshly baked bacon and cheese filled pastries for her husband and children.  She is humming a merry tune…


CONSTANCE (humming)

Bacon in the morning!  Bacon in the evening!  Hot, sizzling, bacon makes everything better!



Constance is shocked by what she sees. She drops her basket and runs towards her husband.


CONSTANCE (screaming)

  Robert!  Meghan! 


            ROBERT AND MEGHAN (pleading)

Mother, help us!


CONSTANCE (furious)

Lorin, how could you experiment on your very own children!  Stop this madness at once!



Constance slaps her husband across the face!


(Insert “Slap” sound effect recorded by SoundMaster13)


Lorin Dar glares at his wife.


LORIN DAR (furious)

How dare you strike me, ungrateful witch!  It’s your fault these two turned out to be such a disappointment!



Lorin Dar casts a powerful Gust spell in her direction.


(Insert  “Wind“ sound effect recorded by Mark DiAngelo)


Robert and Meghan watch in horror as their mother is flung backward and smashes the back of her skull against a nearby floating stone shard.


(Insert “Smashing” sound effect recorded by Yuri Santana)


She slumps to the ground…dead.


(Insert music track # 30 – “Xerah Kills the God King” by James Stratton-Crawley)


ROBERT AND MEGHAN (screaming in horror)




      Robert’s white claws are suddenly surrounded by an eerie black glow. He begins slashing at the mystic barrier until it shatters!


ROBERT (growling)

You killed mother! Die…inhuman monster!



      Robert lunges at his father, but Lorin Dar casts another Gust spell which knocks Robert back!


(Insert “Wind“ sound effect recorded by Mark DiAngelo)


LORIN DAR (angry)

Feel my power!


(Loop “Thunder  SoundFX” sound effect recorded by Grant Evans – 3X)



      The lightning bolts cause Robert to cry out in pain and fall to his knees. The smell of burnt flesh permeates the air.


MEGHAN (shouting)

 Big brother!



     Meghan leaps forward and tackles her father. Lorin Dar struggles to free himself, but Meghan’s increased body mass keeps him pinned to the ground. 


LORIN DAR (yelling)

Damn you! Get off me! 


MEGHAN (growling)

This is for all the nights you snuck into my room after mother and Robert fell asleep to satisfy your twisted, carnal desires!



Rather than extending her claws, Meghan chooses to pummel her father’s face!


(Insert “Boxing Punches“ sound effect recorded by Mike Koenig )



Within a matter of moments, Lorin Dar’s face is a bruised and bloody mess.


LORIN DAR (groaning in pain, but still defiant)

If you mother hadn’t allowed herself to become so fat and ugly, I wouldn’t have had to turn to you to fulfill my sexual needs!  Your mother may have been an excellent cook, but she was terrible at everything else!


MEGHAN (furious)

How dare you speak about mother like that! You and your fellow Obsidian Cabalists are heartless!


LORIN DAR (dismissive)

Bah!  We learned long ago that emotions such as love make you weak! Nothing must stand in the way of our pursuit of arcane knowledge!


MEGHAN (furious)




Prying her father’s mouth open with her claws, Meghan opens her own. A black beam of energy springs forth and begins draining her father’s life force and transferring it into her. Her eyes glow bright red as the process occurs.  


(Insert “Ghost Breath” sound effect recorded by qubodup)



    A few minutes later, Lorin Dar breathes his last and dies. Meghan turns from the withered husk to her brother, who appears to have rapidly recovered from his injuries.

    Robert suddenly shapeshifts back into his original form. Meghan follows suit.    


ROBERT (apologetic)

I am…so sorry, Meghan… Why didn’t you tell me?



Father threatened to castrate you like he did his former apprentice, Resistance leader Amin Zul, and disown the both of us if I told anyone of his crime!  I could never let him harm you…


(Insert music track # 31- “Found” by James Stratton-Crawley)


ROBERT (jealous)

But I’ve seen the way you have been looking at the town’s hunky new blacksmith, Jarin Moroba lately…


MEGHAN (reassuring)

No need to be jealous, big brother!  Others may come and go, but you will always be the love of my life, my sweet “Westley”…



Meghan lovingly strokes Robert’s right cheek.



I will always protect you from now on, my precious “Buttercup”…



Robert brushes Meghan’s disheveled hair away from her face. The two tenderly embrace and share a long, passionate kiss! They both become very aroused – like two animals in heat – and begin giving each other love bites on the neck!


MEGHAN (breathing heavily)

I want you SO bad… Make love to me!


ROBERT (breathing heavily)

I want you too…but we must fight these urges!   Now is not the right time…


MEGHAN (insistent)

Yes, it is!



Meghan suddenly grabs Robert’s head with both her hands and shoves her tongue deep into his mouth. The two begin French kissing and then proceed to rip each other clothes off!  Meghan has a devilish look in her eyes as she whispers in Robert’s ear.


MEGHAN (whispering and humming)

I think we’re alone now…

There doesn’t seem to be anyone around…


(Insert music track # 43 – “Romantic Intro” by Setuniman)



Robert grins as they tumble to the ground…

Meghan straddles Robert’s prone form.


ROBERT (pleading)

Please be gentle!  You know it’s my first time…


MEGHAN (laughing)

Very little chance of that, my dear “Westley”! You must learn how to please your precious “Buttercup”…



As you wish…



Robert and Meghan are unaware they are being observed as everything fades to black…



(Insert music track # 36 – “Love Theme” by Peter Eastman)



Early the next morning, an exhausted Robert cradles the sleeping Meghan in his newly muscular arms. He is amazed that he managed to last all night long, thanks to his enhanced endurance!   He brushes the hair away from Meghan’s face.


                                                                        ROBERT (very romantic)

In the quiet of the dawn,

As the meadowlarks trill,

I gaze at your form

And feel my soul fill.


We lie in our bower.

Your warmth on my skin,

I watch as you sleep

And hear music begin.


How gentle the sound,

As dreaming you sigh,

How lovely the notes,

As each breath passes by.


Rest in my arms love,

To hold you is sweet,

And when you awaken,

The new day we’ll greet.



Robert loving strokes Meghan’s hair and then kisses her on the forehead.  She sighs in her sleep.

Several hours later…



It’s a good thing that father kept extra sets of clothes in that chest in his tent!  We really could not afford to be seen in public in only our underwear…



Indeed!  What are we to do now, big brother?  Both mother and father are dead and the Obsidian Order is sure to hunt us down…



      We will have to start over again somewhere else. We will have to learn to stay in the shadows and hunt our prey at night for sustenance. During the day, we will have to blend into society.



       How long will we be able to retain our human forms?



    I’m not sure yet, but I suspect no more than eight hours per day. Now we must choose new names for ourselves. Do you have a preference, my dear?



       Yes. I have selected the name Vastra, after the beautiful, man-eating spider woman from myth.  What would you like to be called?



       I have chosen the name Aberon. He was a famous poet from the time before the Great Cataclysm. 



Meghan gives Robert an affectionate hug and a quick peck on the cheek.



       Cheer up, big brother!  One day we will both be rich and powerful and find a way to cure ourselves of father’s curse.



I hope you are right.

 Now let us depart from this wretched place quickly before someone discovers us!



Yes, my love!


ROBERT (sighing)

It’s going to be a long walk back…




(Insert music track # 32 – “The Neverending Story” by Shooter Jennings featuring Brandi Carlile)


If only we had a luck dragon to carry us away!



Umm…will those two do instead?



Meghan points to something behind Robert. Robert turns around.


(Insert “Horse Neigh” sound effect)


ROBERT (surprised)

Crikey!  What are two white unicorns doing in the middle of a shardfall?


MEGHAN (cheerful)

It must be a sign!



Meghan walks over to the two unicorns and bows to them.



Hello there!


ROBERT (worried)

Be careful, Meghan!  Despite their friendly demeanor, unicorns can be quite deadly…



Would the two of you mind giving us a ride?



To Robert’s amazement, both unicorns nod in agreement! Meghan turns to Robert and gives him the thumbs up sign.

After they mount the unicorns, Meghan suddenly looks at Robert with pleading eyes.



Can we make a quick stop at the house to pick up our black kitty cat, Mr. Muggles?



As you wish…



Robert and Meghan ride off into the midday sun as a pair of voyeuristic earth elementals on a nearby hill wave goodbye to them!


(Insert “Galloping Horse” sound effect)



(Insert music track # 33 – “Betrayal” by Amber Raine)


LORD BALDRITH (taunting)

Before she died, Vastra begged me to spare your inbred teenage son, who was conceived on the day you two were transformed.  You were wise to hide his existence from me.  I will track him down and put an end to your accursed bloodline once and for all!


COUNT ABERON (yelling)




A furious Count Aberon roars and then leaps high into the air at Lord Baldrith with outstretched, glowing claws!



I don’t think so…


(Insert  “Wind“ sound effect recorded by Mark DiAngelo)



Lord Baldrith casts GUST, which sends Count Aberon flying backward into the Ring of Fire!  Despite the excruciating pain, Count Aberon slowly rises to his feet. The intense flames have burned away the flesh from the left side of his face and body, revealing several of the metal implants grafted onto his reinforced skeleton!


LORD BALDRITH (surprised)

So THAT was how you were able to withstand my attacks after you killed my beloved Lanthirthel twenty years ago! Lord Shadowreign’s technomage, Kriz, transformed you into the perfect fusion of magic and technology – a cyborg built with Kobold parts and powered by Obsidian magic!  I underestimated him. His skill is on par with that of his “good” twin brother, Atos.




But none of that won’t help you now!



Lord Baldrith casts Root! Count Aberon attempts to break free by leaping upward, to no avail…


(Insert “Earth Element Magic“ sound effect recorded by qubodup)


COUNT ABERON (fearful)

Why can’t I break free of this Root spell?!



Lord Shadowreign suddenly materializes in a cloud of thick black smoke next to the Ring of Fire! Only his glowing red eyes are visible under his black hooded cloak.


COUNT ABERON (pleading)

Master, help me!



Lord Shadowreign ignores Count Aberon’s pleas and turns towards Lord Baldrith.



 Count Aberon has murdered thousands of innocent people in his lifetime, including your beloved Lanthirthel. Use your newfound power to avenge them, Lord Baldrith! 


COUNT ABERON (shocked)

What?! No, master!!! 







Die, foul beast!



Lord Baldrith begins casting supercharged bolts of black lightning at the immobilized Count Aberon!


(Loop “Thunder Sound FX ” sound effect recorded by Grant Evans – 5X)


COUNT ABERON (screaming in pain)

Argh! It can’t end… like this!


(Insert “Explosion Ultra Bass“ sound effect recorded by Mark DiAngelo)



Count Aberon’s body suddenly explodes!  Bits of blood, gore, and metal going flying everywhere! Lord Baldrith has a wicked smile on his face…



That felt…SO… good!  



Yes…forsaking the virtues has made you strong!  Swear your loyalty to me and I will make you even more powerful by teaching you even more lost, forbidden Obsidian magic!



Lord Baldrith walks over to Lord Shadowreign and kneels before him.



Yes…my master…



You were Nystal Timelord’s finest pupil. Now his failure is complete and revenge is mine!   Your former master has been my prisoner for the past year since my demonic servant, Bob, abducted him from his home in the Time Tunnel and soon so shall Lord British, Lord DarkStarr, and the Obsidian Cabalists! I have need of their combined magical power for the next phase of my plan to conquer New Britannia!



Lord Shadowreign removes his hood to reveal – not a red-eyed demonic being as Lord Baldrith suspected, but an incredibly handsome, blond haired, blue-eyed half-elf!

A stunned Lord Baldrith suddenly regains his senses and gasps! The face staring back at him bears an uncanny resemblance to the love of his life…


LORD BALDRITH (whispers)

By the gods!   You’re…


(Lord Shadowreign lets out an EVIL laugh)



Everything suddenly fades to black…




(Insert music track # 34 – ”Whispers” by Amber Raine)



Gabriel Nightshadow’s second home in Rifts End.



(Insert “Forever” sound effect by carmsie)

(Insert “I See You” sound effect)



GABRIEL (screaming)




A bare-chested Gabriel suddenly sits up in his bed, drenched in sweat! Anya, who is clad in sexy, red lace lingerie, also sits up and puts a comforting hand on his shoulder.


ANYA (worried)

What’s the matter, my darling?  Did you have a nightmare?


GABRIEL (anxious)

Hurry, get dressed, Anya!  We must teleport back to Wizards Rest at once!


ANYA (confused)

I don’t understand…It is the middle of the night! Can’t this wait until morning?


GABRIEL (insistent)

No, it can’t!   I just had one of my prophetic dreams – first one I have had in over six months!  We must use the time tunnel to travel 100 years into the past and locate the ruins of Castle Gennar in the Wrymsands.  If we don’t intervene, Serafina will die at the hands of Count Aberon and your father will forsake the virtues and become Lord Shadowreign’s disciple!


ANYA (horrified)

Oh no!



It’s even worse than I feared! After all these years, I have finally learned Lord Shadowreign’s true identity!  He is your brother…Valen!


ANYA (shocked)

My twin brother is alive?! How can this be?


GABRIEL (worried) 

I don’t know… To make matters even worse, we’ve lost the element of surprise! Lord Shadowreign detected my presence in the dream realm.  He knows we are coming for him…


(Insert music track # 45 – “Dragon Warrior (Loopable)” by Marcus Dellicompagni – first 30 seconds only)


MAXIE (dramatic)

All will be revealed as the blood feud between the Nightshadow (nee Dane) and Dar families which began 400 years ago in “Hungry Eyes in the Darkness” reaches its epic conclusion in…




(Insert “Fire-breathing dragon” sound effect by CGEffex)




(Insert music track # 37 – “Arunja Fights the Emperor” by James Stratton-Crawley. Loop as needed.)




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“Right Cross” – Recorded by Mike Koenig

“Uppercut” – Recorded by Mike Koenig

“Dragon Roaring” – Recorded by Mike Koenig

“Horse Neigh” – Recorded by Mike Koenig

“Galloping Horse” – Recorded by Mike Koenig

“Wind” – Recorded by Mark DiAngelo

“News Intro” – Recorded by Maximilien

“Time Warp” – Recorded by Mike Koenig

“Time Travel” – Recorded by Mike Koenig

“Backwards Souls” – Recorded by Mike Koenig

“Crowd Boos and Heckles” – Recorded by Mike Koenig

“Sunny Day” – Recorded by Stephan

“Freaky Scene” – Recorded by Mike Koenig

“Helicopter Against Missile” – Recorded by Chester Barrett

“Bunker Buster Missile” – Recorded by Mike Koenig

“Mandatory Evacuation” – Recorded by Brandon

“Gun Battle” – Recorded by Ream Productions


The following sound effects can be found at:


“Fall” – Recorded by remaxim

“Ghost Breath” – Recorded by qubodup

“Magic Shield” – Recorded by spookymodem

“Teleport” – Recorded by OgreBane

“Weapon Blow” – Recorded by spookymodem

“I See You” – Recorded by Vinrax


The following sound effects can be found at:


“Sci-fi Rocket Launch 01” – by sandyrb

“Wooden Door Smash Open” by Eneasz –  A composite of three other FreeSound sounds:


“Dragon Land” by Cyberkineticfilms

“Crowd Panic” by belthazarus

 “Invisibility Spell” by Lucas Duff

“Energy Shield” by Eevan

“Squeaky Bed Action” by Breviceps

“Large Crowd Applause” by Bansemer

“Angry Snake Hiss Pass Long” by Csaszi

“Eerie Forest” by Greg Swinford

“Medieval Combat Loop” by Yap Audio Production

“Evil Incantation” by Incarnadine

“Fire Forest Inferno” by Dynamicell

“Shield Bash Impact” by Hybrid_V

“Knife Chop” by deleted_user_877451

“Shadowrun” by radian

“Energy Blast” by Kinoton

“Portal Continuous Rumble” by zimbot

                                            “US Soldier War Chant” by qubodup

                                            “All Teams Ready2” by Nidal8585

                                         “GO GO GO” sound effect by Nidal8585

“Fire-breathing dragon” by CGEffex

“Forever” by carmsie

“Evil is a master of disguise” by carmsie

“PB Payback v2” by carmsie

“10-11-15_Depths of Hell” by Argitoth

“Starship Rumble 1” by MiceHead

“Angry Mob Loop” by Benjamin Harvey Design

“Guillotine test 02” by Glaneur de sons







A basement apartment somewhere in Canada

The Present…


It is dawn on a sunny spring morning as an alarm clock radio comes to life and the strains of Rick Astley’s hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up” can be heard. Someone can be heard grumbling from under a pillow as a hand reaches out and knocks the radio off the end table and onto the floor.

A disheveled eighteen-year old, blonde-haired, red-eyed, pale-skinned teenage boy clad in a black muscle shirt and tight black leather pants slowly gets up.  He stares down at the alarm clock.


JOHNNY (yawning)

Oh darn…I overslept again!  I have to be at the warehouse for the start of my shift in an hour! Just enough time for a quick shower and change of clothes before the bus arrives…



Johnny hears a faint humming sound and glances over at the opposite corner of the room where his enchanted, black Gibson Les Paul guitar, a present from his REAL parents, Count Aberon and Lady Vastra, on his recent birthday, is propped up against his chair.  On the wall is a poster from “Ripper and the Slayers” first paid gig at the local hot spot, Stryker’s Bar.  He walks over and picks up his guitar and starts strumming. The guitar begins to glow as Johnny starts singing the new song he composed last night for his new girlfriend, Harmony.


(Insert music track # 35 by Amber Raine)






Suddenly, a lunar rift appears directly in front of Johnny!


JOHNNY (surprised)

Hey…what’s happening?!

Mom? Dad?



Johnny waits several minutes but no one emerges from the lunar rift.


JOHNNY (worried)

Something is wrong… Mom and Dad must be in trouble!



As if on cue, his enchanted gold ring, another birthday gift from his parents, suddenly begins glowing blood red!

Johnny puts on his sunglasses and grabs his guitar. 


(Insert music track # 42 – “Heavy Metal Riffs – Monolith” by Tri-Tachyon)



Looks like I am about to make my first trip to New Britannia!  Hang on, mom and dad!  Your son, Johnny “Ripper” Warlock, is on his way to save you!



Johnny steps through the lunar rift…


(Insert “Portal Continuous Rumble” sound effect by zimbot)



Oh my god, is this audio finally over?  I really need to pee…



Walt, dear, how many times have I told you not to drink so much Neon Milk when we are tuning in?



Shut up, Beatrice!  Just give me my cane!


(Insert music track # 40 – “Friends (Live)” by Steven Goldman, Dom John, and Edward Vitralis)

Echoes From the Caverns

Echoes From the Caverns