April 27 2014

The Reflection of True Love by Time Lord-Narrated by Lord Baldrith

Here is another great poem by Time Lord.  A romantic poem!
Here is the text (I think the style is amazing as well)



Of True Love.

This is what I am.

This is what you are.

This is what we both are.

I am not a gift, I am a hope.

I am not a want, I am a wish.

I am not a desire, I am a prayer.

I am not a slave, I am a blessing.

I am not your eyes, I am your face.

I am not your arms, I am your helper.

I am not your toes, I keep them warm.

I am not your legs, I am your inspiration.

I am not your finger, I am what you touch.

I am not your heart, I am why it is beating.

I am not your feet, I am what they come to.

I am not your ear, I am what it wants to hear.

I am not your mind, I am what it is mindful of.

I am not your pillow, I am your comfort at night.

I am not your sleep, I am what your sleep waits for.

I am not your bed, I am the security that lay with you.

I am love.

I am truth.

I am yours.

You are mine.

Can I see you?

Can you see me?

When I come To you With L













It’s to be placed in a mirror because it should be reflected by both partners and when seen in the mirror, it’s an umbrella for shelter, a lamp to light the way and a bell that only 2 can ring