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We have an awesome citizen of the city:  Avatar Acid!  He is creating excellent maps of our fine and magical town!  Full of pine trees, iced lakes, iced rivers and beautiful mountains.  We are fully hoping that we can make this city the best it can be for all residents and visitors alike.

Hello Everyone!  This is Lord Baldrith with a wonderful shout-out to Sir Stile Teckel for creating this wonderful website for me.

This is a winter themed holdfast located in northern Novia.  We currently are a small community thus far comprised of about 8 families.  The goal of our little town is to provide a comfy place to settle down and enjoy life.  We have many small ponds and lakes to fish from.  There are 5 named city streets to navigate thru the small town.  It is filled with pine trees and icy waters for ice fishing.

I hope you will enjoy visiting our little holdfast in 2015 once the Shroud of the Avatar opens up for full-time play!

I am creating this site for Lord Baldrith and then will be turning over full administration of it (except when he needs a hand) to Lord Baldrith!

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