Here is another very sloppy map including 20 village lots, 6 town lots and 4 row lots for the new increased size of the Hamlet of Wizards Rest.  Obviously, hoping for better detail at a later time, but this is a general idea as to how the town houses will have attached yards (village lots/row lots) as an option.

Wizards Rest Layout Hamlet upgrade Nov 2014b


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  1. Stile says:

    I believe i might have Campaign Cartographer 3.0 at my disposal shortly.. unfortunately not all the add on’s and such, just the core package. But I should still be able to make a fairly awesome map with that for you. Possibly even interactive..

    No promises on how soon, as im working tomorrow and at the same time somehow trying to take care of a friend having surgery this weekend, but ill look at it for you at some point!!

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