Hello Everyone.  Thus far the Holdfast has gone thru a few changes.  The newest layout of lots, I have done very sloppily in Paint.  There are currently 3 Town Lots and 15 village lots planned.  Another plan is to have some practice of the New Britannia Theatre Troupe inside the city of Wizards Rest.  In honor of that possibility, I have added a new road called Troupe Blvd.

Here is the latest picture of the layout.  My lot has grown because of my additional village lots and pledges to my main Lord Marshall Pledge.  You will find my lot in the upper left.  The rest of the lots need to be chosen by the residents.  I have still laid them out with Town lots having a village back yard, and village lots scattered in various locations.

Of course this is all subject to change before launch.

Wizards Rest Paint Layout Nov 2014

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