Hello Everyone!  This is Lord Baldrith with a wonderful shout-out to Sir Stile Teckel for creating this wonderful website for me.

This is a winter themed holdfast located in northern Novia.  We currently are a small community thus far comprised of about 8 families.  The goal of our little town is to provide a comfy place to settle down and enjoy life.  We have many small ponds and lakes to fish from.  There are 5 named city streets to navigate thru the small town.  It is filled with pine trees and icy waters for ice fishing.

I hope you will enjoy visiting our little holdfast in 2015 once the Shroud of the Avatar opens up for full-time play!

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  1. Stile Teckel says:

    Thanks for the shout out and let me know what I can do to help! If you need different graphics, calendars, tools, etc.. Ill help out as you need.

    Ill also put a link to here on the Guild web page under the partners menu for you.

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