Great news!  The little town is actually growing!  In order to have enough space for the people who keep flowing in, we need to expand a bit.  Plus adds the opportunity to get a bit more of a central square and an additional song!

For now, we are not doing a new layout.  There is talk of some in-game setting up of the lots and we want to wait for that to shape up a bit before making another ugly Paint map!  I’m excited to see what the town will look like once the snowy biome is in place.

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Hi Everyone!  Wizards Rest is starting to get full…That’s a good thing 🙂

Here is an updated map.  These maps are very temporary.  Once they introduce the snowy biome, we will be able to note on that template how our lots are placed.  For now we have these cheesy Paint versions I am doing.  I also hope to organize some better bridge and water fall locations.

I am trying to reserve a village or town sized lot to put a theater.  More to come on those details.

Also, here is a current list of which lots are taken and which lots are open:




















V14=Reserved for Stage**

V15=OPEN Reserved*

V16=OPEN Reserved*





*Reserving these lots for current land owners to add on to their current lots

**Reserving this lot for a stage.  Hoping to make a Town lot for a stage, but that may not work out

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This is the most current layout.  It is going to change once the templates are in tact.  Hopefully we can all have our lots in this format.

Wizards Rest Template UPDATED


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Here are 2 more map layouts from Kvow…Very awesome work!  These maps detail some of the environmental effects.  He has put a beautiful waterfall, and some great bridges on the roads…Love the snowcapped trees!

Thanks so much Kvow!

pPm0rFM RJixUFa

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Well, I found a decent map program online and made this more accurate map…The snow is a bit off, but the water and trees look much better.

I have included the updated pledge lots…including my new city lot and a spare city lot for expansion options for any of the residents.

Wizards Rest Hamlet Upgrade

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Here is another very sloppy map including 20 village lots, 6 town lots and 4 row lots for the new increased size of the Hamlet of Wizards Rest.  Obviously, hoping for better detail at a later time, but this is a general idea as to how the town houses will have attached yards (village lots/row lots) as an option.

Wizards Rest Layout Hamlet upgrade Nov 2014b


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Awesome news!  The little town is growing!  We are now a Hamlet!  I will work on a new layout this weekend and post it.

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Hello Everyone.  Thus far the Holdfast has gone thru a few changes.  The newest layout of lots, I have done very sloppily in Paint.  There are currently 3 Town Lots and 15 village lots planned.  Another plan is to have some practice of the New Britannia Theatre Troupe inside the city of Wizards Rest.  In honor of that possibility, I have added a new road called Troupe Blvd.

Here is the latest picture of the layout.  My lot has grown because of my additional village lots and pledges to my main Lord Marshall Pledge.  You will find my lot in the upper left.  The rest of the lots need to be chosen by the residents.  I have still laid them out with Town lots having a village back yard, and village lots scattered in various locations.

Of course this is all subject to change before launch.

Wizards Rest Paint Layout Nov 2014

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We have an awesome citizen of the city:  Avatar Acid!  He is creating excellent maps of our fine and magical town!  Full of pine trees, iced lakes, iced rivers and beautiful mountains.  We are fully hoping that we can make this city the best it can be for all residents and visitors alike.

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Hello Everyone!  This is Lord Baldrith with a wonderful shout-out to Sir Stile Teckel for creating this wonderful website for me.

This is a winter themed holdfast located in northern Novia.  We currently are a small community thus far comprised of about 8 families.  The goal of our little town is to provide a comfy place to settle down and enjoy life.  We have many small ponds and lakes to fish from.  There are 5 named city streets to navigate thru the small town.  It is filled with pine trees and icy waters for ice fishing.

I hope you will enjoy visiting our little holdfast in 2015 once the Shroud of the Avatar opens up for full-time play!

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