We have custom garb!

Ever been on “insert website name here” and when you looked at a particular product you said, “Wow! That is awesome! I just wish I could get it a size larger…”   or maybe it was “To bad that doesn’t come in green!”. Often for me I look at things and go “Would be REALLY cool if I could add my heraldry to this.”.

Perhaps like me you sometimes play a videogame and go “Wow, that would make a sweet costume!”.  Maybe it is a character from a TV show, a movie, a comic book, a piece of art, a novel, or even just a visual concept that you have.

Whatever it is we now have the ability to provide services to help you with those sort of purchases. You will find we have added a new page to the website titled “Custom Garb”. Please drop by and take a look if you have or may ever have an interest in such a service. We are very interested in hearing from you!

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