The Caverns Store add’s a discussion forum

Sure we have a Face book, Twitter, and others. Not everyone like’s to use the standard social sites though.

Here at The Caverns Store we want to give our customers every tool to talk to us and with each other that we can. So we have decided to add some forums for you to use!

Please note they are obviously empty at the moment (other than a welcome message from the store owner), having just been created. Please feel free to post a hello, ask for suggestions for your upcoming event, give us a testimonial, or whatever else you would like to say to us and/or other customers!

Of course we will also continue to use and monitor all our other social platforms as well.

At The Caverns Store we want you to be able to communicate in the way that you are most comfortable with!

You will find a tab on out store page located at which will take you there any time you need. Alternatively you can hop directly there using this link:

We apologize for the need to register to post but it’s the only way to keep out the demons.

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