Dragons Are Nesting In Our Caves and They Brought Friends!

Yes, it is one of those exciting times when we get to announce new products coming yet again to Caveloot.com!

You will definitely be able to find these guys traveling with us to conventions, but we wanted to make sure you could see some of the new friends that have joined our inventory.

Dragon’s Have Roosted at Caveloot.com

And we are happy to have them with us! A new addition to Caveloot.com we currently have just added a sampling of five dragons from a new product line we will be carrying.

Hand made and sculpted by artists in Wisconsin, we currently have a wholesale order being made to present to you in about a month.

Not limited to just Dragons! We have a selection of hand picked different mythological beasties being made to accompany a larger selection of dragons for your shopping pleasure!

In the meantime, these first five will be first come first serve to what home decides to adopt them first. Not what you are looking for? Worried our first order won’t quite be what you need? We are also able to take custom orders!

We hope you like these sculptures as much as we do and decide to add some to your family!