We Now Have Plasti Dip For Your Custom LARP’ing Needs!

If you already make your own LARP equipment, you are likely aware that Plasti Dip is an important product! For those not familiar with Plasti Dip, it is a liquid paint that drys like rubber. You also have the ability to peel it off.

Like any product that involves paint, Plasti Dip can take some practice to use, as well as learning new techniques with experience. If you are interested in learning how to become a Plasti Dip user, I highly recommend the Facebook Group “Plastidip Artists”. With several thousand members of Plasti Dip enthusiasts, mostly (but not all) LARP creators and users, you will find a plethora of information.

Plasti Dip is an amazing product that can be used for much more then LARP as well. It is also extremely popular for coating the handles of tools, wheels on cars, and even entire vehicles! Offering a custom removable paint job which can be done for less cost and experience than traditional paint.

Not only does it come in multiple colors, including Metallics, Pearls, Chameleons, Neons, and more. It also comes in a number of ways to apply such as Aerosol, Quarts, and Gallons. A wide selection of tools and other equipment is also available.

At this time we have gotten the basic color line added to our catalog for you to take a look at. Please keep checking back as we will continue to add a wide array of other Plasti Dip products!

Dragon’s Have Roosted at Caveloot.com

And we are happy to have them with us! A new addition to Caveloot.com we currently have just added a sampling of five dragons from a new product line we will be carrying.

Hand made and sculpted by artists in Wisconsin, we currently have a wholesale order being made to present to you in about a month.

Not limited to just Dragons! We have a selection of hand picked different mythological beasties being made to accompany a larger selection of dragons for your shopping pleasure!

In the meantime, these first five will be first come first serve to what home decides to adopt them first. Not what you are looking for? Worried our first order won’t quite be what you need? We are also able to take custom orders!

We hope you like these sculptures as much as we do and decide to add some to your family!