At we have a few subscription Plans, for monthly (or Quarterly, for internal), product subscriptions. This is done primarily through our Patreon page, but due to the tier limitations Patreon has, we have added subscription options here. These can be done on their own or in combination with our tiers on Patreon if you are a Patron there.

Please visit our Patreon page to read more details on how our subscriptions work, even if you are signing up here.

Our subscriptions here, are done using the Paypal Subscription service. You can manage, look at, and EASILY cancel any of your subscriptions through Paypal by using this button!

If there is a subscription level on our Patreon, you would like us to add here, just let us know!



Desscriptions below!


Dice Looters is a Dice Subscription Box. There are MANY tiers for Dice Looters, and you can view them all on Patreon, which is the primary place to sign up. Take a quick peek there to get more information about Dice Looters also!

We are putting TWO of our favorite Subscription options, for Dice Looters, here.

$18.00 – Dice Set Focus
This level focuses on sending you a full Polyhedral, matching, dice set each month (or you get 3 months of packages, shipped to you each quarter if international). It may include a few extra items, such as extra dice, or dice related items. You also get a pair of custom dice each mailing.

$18.01 – Anything Goes
This level focuses on sending you Dice and dice related items, WITHOUT the focus being on a full set. You also get a pair of custom dice each mailing.



Dungeon Looters is a Monthly (or Quarterly for international), subscription box for Tabletop Gaming Accessories. This may include some dice now and then, but will have a larger focus. Meeples, miniatures, tokens, cards, peeples, GM screens, Fake Currency, Medals, Stickers, Maps, Props, and who knows what else!  Also comes with Adventure Post Cutouts.
Again visit our Patreon to read on this more: you can view on Patreon.



Cutouts is a mailed monthly (Bi-monthly for international), one sheet card-stock approximately 6″ x 11″ sheet of tokens and miniatures, which can be cutout and used for tabletop games. The miniatures are designed to have fold-able tabs. 

Adventure Post Cutouts

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