Sneak Peak behind the Scenes

You may have noticed that we have not added to the store catalog much in the last few days. We do soon to be back on that again shortly but thought in the meantime it would be fun to share a little bit about the kind of things that is taking place in the background when you are not hearing much from us.

Gryphon Vector Large

*This Gryphon is being used for a project that will be taking place at the end of the year. We will be sharing some sneak peeks and unveiling more as time continues.

We are always doing something here, deep inside the caves. If things seem quiet one place you can count on it being because we have the team hard at work elsewhere. Currently we have been working on several graphics for some different projects.

Torch enlarged canvas with extras - Cropped v6

*This started out as a logo more to inspire and create then anything. We may use this piece as a nice piece of stock art here and there but do not have specific plans for it.

Had just wrapped up another one when we decided it would be fun to share some of them with you.

Caveman, website, store name, and fancy sword frame

*For some store merchandise we may be having made. This logo may be way to detailed for the application though and may go into our graphics vault for some other use.

So the images you are seeing in this post are various pieces we have been putting together for assorted projects we are either working on or will be soon.

Caverns Store Ankh Signature

*For those times when we need to sign stuff.

Of course we ask that you only enjoy viewing these and do not download them, reuse them, post them elsewhere, or in any other way share or distribute our images without prior agreement.

Version 1

*Useful for a number of things

Thank you as always for being a customer of The Caverns Store!

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