“Shop Here” and Shroud of the Avatar gone, website construction underway.

Hello everyone!

You are not wrong, the “shop here” menu option from the website is gone, along with the option to buy items for Shroud of the Avatar.

This is a three part decision to…

-We are no longer selling virtual items for Shroud of the Avatar. We have NOT at this time fully returned all the inventory we have that belong to others on consignment, so if there was something in the store you where interested in, you are welcome to contact us about it still. 

-Not going to have the store we had on our caveloot.com site, selling products. Instead we ask that our customers buy from either our Etsy store or our eBay store. For our retail products, Etsy is our recommended choice. We do sell most of the same items on eBay though, as well as many types of vintage and antique collectibles.  The links are on our home page, and we may be adding some sort of Etsy embedded store front later, if that seems like a good decision after research.

-Additionally, with those changes, as well as outdated things never updated, the website is under some construction at this time. We need to re-word a few things, and get some other small tweaks taken care of. So please be patient with the mess while we get things fixed up!


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