Metal Detecting

Lose your car keys, wedding ring, or can’t remember where your grandfather buried the jar full of gold coins? We can help with that!

It is virtually impossible to provide a set cost, as there are too many factors that can affect the price. Travel distance, what equipment is needed, the area to search, and types of terrain are all examples. Once we have all the details from you though, we will provide a quote. Just drop us a note using our contact form!

Location and Travel:
We are located in Mishawaka, IN, and any services in that general area will usually be included in the cost. For longer distances, we would typically need to add travel expenses and time to the cost of our services. I do travel to Michigan beaches to metal detect and so may be able to arrange to be in your area, in lower MI, at some point. I am willing to travel almost anywhere in the world to perform metal detecting services, as long as time and expenses are able to be met.

I’m willing to detect in almost any kind of terrain as long as I can do so safely. This does include water up to 5′ deep, depending on current and wave conditions.

Equipment and background:
-I metal detect using a Minelab CTX 3030 and have the equipment to detect in most weather conditions, land or water, year-round.
-I have taken private metal detecting lessons with professional treasure hunter Gary Drayton, in order to learn from the best so that I can in turn offer you professional-level services.

I am able to work for you nearly any day or time, 24×7, 365, with few exceptions!


You can also find us, and our direct phone number, at The Ring Finders

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