Custom Dice

Custom-made, with no minimum qty, custom engraved by!
16mm – D6 and D20

Can customize/engrave any number of sides, up to all sides.

D20 can be done on white or on Ivory. Please note that D20 does not have a lot of “room” for custom engraving, on the face. The cost is $3.00 per die for engraved dice, it is an extra $1.00 per die to hand color fill the dice engravings for you. I use a wax fill method, using specific brand name products I have extensively tested. Otherwise, they are sold for $3.00 each and you can ink/hand-fill the engravings yourself.

D6 I offer:
-Round Corner Wood
-Square Corner (not rounded) Opaque:        Ivory, White, Black Green, Red, Yellow
-Square Corner (not rounded) Transparent:  Blue, Red, Green
-The cost is $2.00 per die without hand coloring or $3.00 per die with hand coloring.

For both dice types, engraving colors if wanted, are any standard colors (black, blue, green, red, white, yellow, orange, etc). I do not offer Metallic colors, neon, or glow-in-the-dark.

Color and Dice examples:

Lead time is typically a week or less for most common orders of 10 dice or fewer. However, there are a lot of variables in determining lead times, so it can change from order to order, and I will verify with you when we discuss your project.

Please note that I am not able to use copy-written artwork unless you have the right to use it.

Minimum order of 20 per design, more traditional dice.
16mm – D6 and D10

-D10 custom engraved on the 10 face (no other faces can be customized).
-D6 custom engraved on the one face, or the 6 face, but not both at the same time (It is one or the other, and cannot customize any other sides).

Color/style options:
Style/Color option depends on which face you want your custom image done on for the D6, either the one face or the 6 face.  Please note that while I try to keep the options current, an option can run out (not often) at any time and so I will need to verify the option(s) you are interested in, is still available.

Options for the 6 Face custom:

Options for the 1 face custom:

Options for D10 on the 10 face:


Image Proof:
Before you have to commit to the order, I would get you an image proof sent to you, showing you what the die should look like once completed, using the chosen artwork on the chosen die style.

Minimum qty and pricing:
The minimum qty is 20. Price breaks are per design, and cannot mix and match.

Quantity             D6 Pricing          D10 Pricing

20-49 dice:         $3.00ea              $3.50ea

49-99 dice:         $2.00ea              $2.50ea

100-199 dice:     $1.50ea              $2.00ea

200-499 dice:     $1.25ea              $1.75ea

500+ dice:          $0.90ea              $1.30ea

Lead time varies but is typically 2-3 months. I will give you a more precise lead time before you have to finalize your order.

Cannot use copywritten artwork or close deviations of such (unless you own it or have commercial rights to use it).

Let me know what type of image you want or send me a graphic you would like used and I will do a preliminary review of it to see if it will work for the project.  Also, let me know what face you would want to be engraved, and on which style choice/die type.

Once we have the art figured out, I will proceed to get an image proof made of the art in your chosen style (as well as verifying availability at that time, and lead time), for us to review before proceeding with an order.

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