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CAverns Store First Edition - Photo 1

We have a lot of experience in having customized dice made, and this is a product we are certainly willing to provide. Customized dice do not require any print plates or patterns to be made, making it an inexpensive and fun item to hand out at your events or sell in your store! They also make great gifts for the members of the gaming communities, groups, and guilds you belong to.

When you buy customized dice from us our experience in what tends to come out well, what doesn’t, and even what customers prefer to purchase is also part of that transaction. We will give you as much or as little in the way of advice and suggestions that you want and we are able.

Typically they are done as a 16mm 6-sided die. This is the size people are most familiar with such as you would find in typical board games bought from a department store such as Monopoly. We can purchase them in a variety of color and style options. You are able to have art-work or writing done on the 6-side or 1-side.

Sample Dice pre-order 1

Pricing is based on quantity breaks, and the per die cost will go down the more you order. Generally, from the time your order is placed, it will be 2-6 weeks until delivery.
10-25 dice: $3.00ea
26-99 dice: $2.00ea
100-199 dice: $1.50ea
200-499 dice: $1.25ea
500-999 dice: $0.90ea
1000+: please ask for quotes
*Price does not include shipping
** Cannot mix and match different styles for price break, price break is per each customization.

We do give you an opportunity to choose your colors and styles. We also will provide a photo proof of the die before any commitment or financial transaction takes place. In our experience, the final product is typically nicer than the photo proof! Some of the images you see on this page where photo proofs as opposed to the final product.

Ankh Dice Image 2

We cannot do these in full color! Line art and text only. We can work with artwork you provide, or we can help you to provide the art that you want. Depending on the complexity of your art needs there could be additional charges if we have to contract out. We can offer basic work such as seen in the images on this page for no cost.

Customized dice in larger sizes, more than one side customized, other dice types, and other options are possible, but all these options incur extra costs. Some options such as dice other than 6-sided may have large minimum order quantity requirement.

16mm dice with either the 6 or the one side customized, do not have a minimum order quantity! There is a flat shipping fee based on the ship to the location you will be quoted for the order.

After a quote and proof have been provided if you indicate you wish to proceed we will send you an invoice. We will require full payment before we can go into production since the majority of the cost of this product is material based, not service based.

We look forward to hearing about your particular project needs! In the meantime, please enjoy the images on this page which are some of the past projects we have done.

Made for the Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Convention.

Even more Dice we have made!

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