Hoverboards Spotted in Grand Rapids by Caveloot.com

Hello Caveloot.com Customers! We just got back from Grand Rapids ComicCon, and as you may know we like to sometimes, when we can find the time or are sufficiently impressed, to spotlight a vendor we saw at a convention.

There were an AMAZING amount of fantastic vendors at this convention! One of the coolest ones though was sitting right next to us the entire event though, with some really cool Hoverboards!

How cool were they? They pretty much sold out of inventory on Saturday!

You can see them, kind of, to the left of our booth here.

Now obviously, these are not the real thing. I mean, you most likely would have heard about it by now. Regardless they are very cool cosplay props! I even ordered one myself, which I plan on hanging from the ceiling with a transparent line! Although it would look good on the wall as well.

Whatever you would do, or wherever you would put your hoverboard, these are pretty cool and they are priced well. They also do all the different models!

The company is called “Hover Matters” and you can find them here!

Hover Matters Hover Board kits are THE BEST on the market. Easy to paint and assemble.

They also don’t know we are giving them a spotlight, as that wouldn’t be a surprise, now would it? So if you order from them tell them you heard about them from Caveloot.com and drop them a link to our post or what not, so they actually hear about it!

Finally, not to miss an opportunity, to you know, sell our own products as well, here are some photos of us at the Convention!

We Have New Dice Inspired by the Ultima Video Games!

Hello everyone, this is Stile Teckel, the owner of Caveloot.com.

I am fairly excited to announce this new line of dice we just had come into stock! Recently I had been thinking it was time to do some new customized dice. I wanted to do a D10 as I have until now, only worked with D6’s.

This lead me into thinking about what would make the best choice for an image and it occurred to me the infinity symbol would be perfect! I apologize as these photos just do not do them justice. They have multiple metallic colors running through them such as purples and blues, that make these absoluteley beautifull when they are turning in your hand (or in your dice tray!) under a light.

Additionally, I needed to place a restock order on my Ankh dice. While not anywhere near being out of my last production run, I am getting low enough I wanted to have some more made up. The previous pattern was not available and so I went with something new this time. The few people that have seen these in person have described them as looking like etched glass. Again, not quite captured fully in photos.

I enjoy doing dice and they have done ok for us, so I decided I also just wanted to bring in an assortment of new ones. I then realized that two of the symbols I was ordering had also been used in the Ultima Video games, made by Richard Garriott.

This lead me to think about what other symbols Ultima may have borrowed from our culture as symbolism in the game. I quickly realized the obvious answer would be the virtues in the game.

Thus new dice are born! Using images I created myself or that are public domain, I used that inspiration to create a new selection of dice for your pleasure! These have some cool symbols which can have a lot of different meanings for different people.

So while inspired by the virtues of the Ultima’s, I certainly would not call them virtue dice.. unless that’s what they mean to you!

Here is a quick gallery of these new dice, and then below that options to add them individually or as a set (at a discount mind you!), to your shopping cart. Of course, you will also find them in the store! Although not in the new section (look under dice). The new section is a bit of a mess right now.. we are cleaning it up as quickly as possible!

Announcing The Caverns Store at Griffcon 40, South Bend, Indiana

We are happy to announce that we will be debuting at our first convention in October of 2016. Specifically that of Griffon 40 which is taking place in South Bend, Indiana.

Griffcon 40 is a 2-day convention featuring games and gaming related events such as a judged fantasy/sci-fi costume competition and a painted miniature exhibition with prizes.
Play the classics or learn a new game.
Many games for beginners. Prized tournaments as well.
The dates coincide with the 40th birthday of
the Griffon Bookstore in South Bend, Indiana.

If you are interested in running a booth at Griffcon, you still have plenty of time to sign up!

There is also a Facebook Group for this located here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Griffcon40/

A Personal note from Caverns Store Owner, Stile Teckel.

I am personally excited to be running our first booth at this convention. My introduction to gaming was as a child at the Griffon. I would have dinner at a local favorite restaurant every Thursday night with the owners, Ken and Sara (being a guest of my mom of course).

While growing up, the Griffon was my playground on those nights until I became old enough to join the games taking place. Growing up my babysitters, tutors, and even my first roommate (R.I.P. Tonk) where the people I gamed with at The Griffon.

I became an avid reader and their used book section became my favorite place to spend my money. My family for years had firm instructions that all my gifts should be gift certificates. I once purchased so many books at one time from them, I could not get home and had to call my grandfather for a ride.

How many books have I purchased from the Griffon? Let me share my library with you. Most of these came from them.

My game room filled with as many or more treasures that came from their shelves. When others bought footballs, I bought board games. When others bought Baseball cards, I bought RPG books and CCG’s.

Ken and Sara welcomed me into their store and as long as I respected them and it I was allowed to call it home. They and their friends and patrons treating me as family and helping to raise me. Teaching me to be myself, do what I love, and to not judge others. Teaching me that happiness in life is doing what you love. One of the earliest lessons I remember is hearing stories of Ken and Sara living on barely anything while they struggled to follow their dreams.

It is partly this upbringing that has allowed me to feel comfortable in taking the risks that I do in choosing to become a business owner myself, much later in my life.

I had not planned on launching the booth aspect of my company for at least another year, perhaps more.

When I realized I had the means to do so this year and debut at this convention, I realized it had to happen.

A sincere thank you to The Griffon; it’s owners, it’s staff, and all of its patrons from over the last 40 years. You have played a significant role in making me who I am, and I would wish to be no different.

Sneak Peak behind the Scenes

You may have noticed that we have not added to the store catalog much in the last few days. We do soon to be back on that again shortly but thought in the meantime it would be fun to share a little bit about the kind of things that is taking place in the background when you are not hearing much from us.

Gryphon Vector Large

*This Gryphon is being used for a project that will be taking place at the end of the year. We will be sharing some sneak peeks and unveiling more as time continues.

We are always doing something here, deep inside the caves. If things seem quiet one place you can count on it being because we have the team hard at work elsewhere. Currently we have been working on several graphics for some different projects.

Torch enlarged canvas with extras - Cropped v6

*This started out as a logo more to inspire and create then anything. We may use this piece as a nice piece of stock art here and there but do not have specific plans for it.

Had just wrapped up another one when we decided it would be fun to share some of them with you.

Caveman, website, store name, and fancy sword frame

*For some store merchandise we may be having made. This logo may be way to detailed for the application though and may go into our graphics vault for some other use.

So the images you are seeing in this post are various pieces we have been putting together for assorted projects we are either working on or will be soon.

Caverns Store Ankh Signature

*For those times when we need to sign stuff.

Of course we ask that you only enjoy viewing these and do not download them, reuse them, post them elsewhere, or in any other way share or distribute our images without prior agreement.

Version 1

*Useful for a number of things

Thank you as always for being a customer of The Caverns Store!