New Shopping Reccomendations by Theme Added to The Caverns Store!


One of the things we added to the store a while ago where some package themes. These until now had been limited to a handful of Gypsy and Pirate related.

We have added some additional recommendations based on what someone may be looking for when shopping for a general theme. These can also just be used for generating ideas, or as base Garb selections to add onto. Additionally, some base garb templates have been created as well. These are not one-click packages but rather allow you to select just the ideas from the package that you want.

Want our help putting together something? Contact us with the contact form, and we will be glad to assist. We will not limit that assistance to just our store but when it makes sense will also supply recommendations from elsewhere. We will add your items from our store into a new package in our catalog and provide you with a custom discount code for your order, for assisting us in growing our offerings.

You have no commitment to buy but it is time-consuming so please only contact us if serious.

MLH Brand Temporarily Out of Stock, Back Soon

If you had you eye on any of our products made by MLH, we apologize, but the brand will be unavailable until June. The full product line will be re-enabled on our site in June and available for prompt shipment again!

With that said we also feel awful we haven’t shown you any new product brands or options of late. It is not that we have not obtained them for you and in fact quite the opposite! We have acquired agreement with several new manufacturers that we need to add to our catalogs.

The last few weeks and for a while longer we are preparing inventory, displays, and training for future conventions we will be running booths at. As soon as we get that project and some various minor projects off our to-do lists, we will be putting a significant focus into offering you more to choose from. In the meantime w will make some attempts to work at least a few in!

The Caverns Store add’s a discussion forum

Sure we have a Face book, Twitter, and others. Not everyone like’s to use the standard social sites though.

Here at The Caverns Store we want to give our customers every tool to talk to us and with each other that we can. So we have decided to add some forums for you to use!

Please note they are obviously empty at the moment (other than a welcome message from the store owner), having just been created. Please feel free to post a hello, ask for suggestions for your upcoming event, give us a testimonial, or whatever else you would like to say to us and/or other customers!

Of course we will also continue to use and monitor all our other social platforms as well.

At The Caverns Store we want you to be able to communicate in the way that you are most comfortable with!

You will find a tab on out store page located at which will take you there any time you need. Alternatively you can hop directly there using this link:

We apologize for the need to register to post but it’s the only way to keep out the demons.

Caverns Store Ankh Signature

A few going on’s at The Caverns Store

If you have been over at all the last few weeks you will have seen we have been adding some nice Samurai swords into the store.

We still have lot’s of weaponry to come but we will be taking a break from that product line for a little while. We currently have somewhat of a customer interest in some new services we are now able to offer, which is custom GARB / Clothing.

A new page will be going up on the site detailing the quoting process and order process from start to finish. There will also be some photos of some of the clothing made by these fine tailors so that you can see their work. A lot more as well! We will have a later announcement detailing everything once that is in place.

Additionally we will be adding some more clothing and footwear (including boots!) to the store soon. We will be working on that product line before going back to weaponry as it’s made by the same tailors who will be sewing custom orders. I am really excited by what this brand offers and can’t wait to share it with all of you!

A LOT is taking place with The Caverns Store right now so things may seem to be unrolling from us fairly slowly. The reality is we have multiple projects taking place on a continual basis right now. This will continue for a while before we are able to announce and share everything with you. Really excited about everything in the works and cannot wait to share it all with you!

We are going to go ahead and clear out the new products section at this time and will provide you updates as we work on things. Stay tuned for the best loot!

An easier way to find us!

I am happy to announce that we have a new URL that you can find us at. Please note that you do not need to update your bookmarks! The current address still works and we have no plans to change that at this time.

However for ease of remembering where we are at on the net and telling your friends about us, here you go!

We still do have other brands of products coming to the store soon and we apologize on the delays. Things have been rather hectic with the holiday season. We hope to change that for you soon!

Caverns Store now on Twitter

The Caverns store is now on Twitter as @CavernsLLC

The twitter page is located at:

Please follow us and help share us among those who follow you. We will continue to join additional social network platforms so that you can keep up with our news in whatever way is best for you.

If you have been keeping an eye on the new products section in our store you will have noticed that items from the Pirates Dressing line are being added continually. You will see more work on this over the next few days and our hope is to announce another brand before long as well!

Thank you for shopping with The Caverns!

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Black Friday Sale at The Caverns Store

To get in the spirit of the whole Black Friday sales The Caverns Store is offering a Black Friday sale between now and December 1st, 2015.

10% off sitewide on all orders over 20.00!

Please use promo code BFRIDAY2015

Stay home, shop online watch TV while you do it, and avoid the crowds with The Caverns Store!