Boots, Shoes, and Children

As promised deep down in the caves with the torches lit, the tailors sewing hard, while we add their products to the store catalog.

We are adding additional Renaissance style clothing (AKA GARB) to the store catalog as quickly as possible down here in the caves. We have added an additional line of mens and womens, boots and shoes.

It is also important not to forget to make sure the wee folk fit in on your adventures and as such we have added a few more clothing selections for them as well.

We still have many more categories coming still with Sofi so please keep an eye open for further updates. As always thank you for shopping with The Caverns Store!

You can shop by brand but you will also find the new goodies in the new product section!

We will continue to post updates as we complete brand lines or product categories, as well as other projects. We do have another new service coming to The Caverns Store we are looking to announce as well! Hint, you will want your audio on for this one!

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