New products added to the Caverns Store!


We have some great new products added to the store available in stock now. Including Fiberglass cores, Fiberglass core with foam blanks, and foam mats!


For those not wanting to make it themselves we have an array of new items from shields to tents.


Check out the new product section in the store and place your orders!

New products coming soon to The Caverns Store!

The Caverns Store has some new products coming soon! I will show you a few of them but to order or to browse the whole new listing please visit the store.

A peek at a few of our new items available soon.

First for those who are wanting to craft their own equipment (and by request from a current customer!) Larp materials! We will have fiberglass cores, fiberglass cores already in foam (or LARP sword blanks), and foam pads of varying thickness for weapon repair, additions, and possible shield or armor needs.

Many of my customers are aware that I (Stile Teckel), am an avid fan of a new video game coming out called Shroud of the Avatar, made by Lord British AKA Richard Garriott. A couple of items that are coming into the store that have my eye due to cos-play potential in relationship to this game!! Although certainly not limited to.

This first one is very similar to an item just now going into the game and that will be a limited time in game item you can earn for quests.

I find this one to look very similar to a symbol in game used by “The Oracle”!

Many more items are being added to the store though in a huge range of categories! Here are just a few of the upcoming products chosen at random. We hope you will visit and browse the full product line.

Collectibles added to The Caverns Store!

The Caverns Store has added a new product line!

When you are shopping just choose the Collectibles area. What we have added is single piece, used, collectibles. This could be anything related from Gaming to Geek. Glassware, posters, shirts, miniatures, dice, classic games, or anything else.

These are typically commission items and while currently there is not much in the store, more will be added over time and I am already aware of this being a large product offering. So be sure to keep checking back!

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