Sneak Peak behind the Scenes

You may have noticed that we have not added to the store catalog much in the last few days. We do soon to be back on that again shortly but thought in the meantime it would be fun to share a little bit about the kind of things that is taking place in the background when you are not hearing much from us.

Gryphon Vector Large

*This Gryphon is being used for a project that will be taking place at the end of the year. We will be sharing some sneak peeks and unveiling more as time continues.

We are always doing something here, deep inside the caves. If things seem quiet one place you can count on it being because we have the team hard at work elsewhere. Currently we have been working on several graphics for some different projects.

Torch enlarged canvas with extras - Cropped v6

*This started out as a logo more to inspire and create then anything. We may use this piece as a nice piece of stock art here and there but do not have specific plans for it.

Had just wrapped up another one when we decided it would be fun to share some of them with you.

Caveman, website, store name, and fancy sword frame

*For some store merchandise we may be having made. This logo may be way to detailed for the application though and may go into our graphics vault for some other use.

So the images you are seeing in this post are various pieces we have been putting together for assorted projects we are either working on or will be soon.

Caverns Store Ankh Signature

*For those times when we need to sign stuff.

Of course we ask that you only enjoy viewing these and do not download them, reuse them, post them elsewhere, or in any other way share or distribute our images without prior agreement.

Version 1

*Useful for a number of things

Thank you as always for being a customer of The Caverns Store!

The Caverns Store add’s a discussion forum

Sure we have a Face book, Twitter, and others. Not everyone like’s to use the standard social sites though.

Here at The Caverns Store we want to give our customers every tool to talk to us and with each other that we can. So we have decided to add some forums for you to use!

Please note they are obviously empty at the moment (other than a welcome message from the store owner), having just been created. Please feel free to post a hello, ask for suggestions for your upcoming event, give us a testimonial, or whatever else you would like to say to us and/or other customers!

Of course we will also continue to use and monitor all our other social platforms as well.

At The Caverns Store we want you to be able to communicate in the way that you are most comfortable with!

You will find a tab on out store page located at which will take you there any time you need. Alternatively you can hop directly there using this link:

We apologize for the need to register to post but it’s the only way to keep out the demons.

Caverns Store Ankh Signature

Boots, Shoes, and Children

As promised deep down in the caves with the torches lit, the tailors sewing hard, while we add their products to the store catalog.

We are adding additional Renaissance style clothing (AKA GARB) to the store catalog as quickly as possible down here in the caves. We have added an additional line of mens and womens, boots and shoes.

It is also important not to forget to make sure the wee folk fit in on your adventures and as such we have added a few more clothing selections for them as well.

We still have many more categories coming still with Sofi so please keep an eye open for further updates. As always thank you for shopping with The Caverns Store!

You can shop by brand but you will also find the new goodies in the new product section!

We will continue to post updates as we complete brand lines or product categories, as well as other projects. We do have another new service coming to The Caverns Store we are looking to announce as well! Hint, you will want your audio on for this one!

The Mad Hermit needs to hang some swords!

We just a bit ago had an inquiry from The Mad Hermit of The Mad Hermit Gaming. The Mad Hermit among many other things does Youtube Videos of video games and has had recognition by astronaut and video game designer, Richard “Lord British” Garriott.

The answer to that question Mad Hermit, is… Of course we do! Just happens to be one of the product lines we hadn’t put in the store yet.

Being that you and the store owner go back a bit though, the whip was cracked and there is now a wide array of options for hanging and displaying on the wall! Promptly and as quickly as possible I think is what was desired.

Additionally why you did not request them, just in case we made sure some options where put in for stand display as well. We also have some that will work both as a wall hung or on a flat surface if you are not a 100% sure about an application until you experiment.

Finally, I know you really did not express an interest in such but sword care is important! Also we do have a 20.00 minimum per order here at The Caverns due to the costs involved to generate an order and needing to at least break even. So we made sure there are some sword care products such as oil for your blade. As well as bags to transport them in.

Please visit the Weapons / Accessories category section of our store to view all the things we have to meet your needs. If we don’t have what you are looking for at a reasonable price please don’t hesitate to shop elsewhere but also let us know so we can try to improve for you and other customers in the future!

Here is a direct link to that section of the store for your shopping convenience.!/Accessories/c/16406068/offset=0&sort=addedTimeDesc

For those of you waiting on GARB product line’s do not worry! We are taking care of you as well. We have begun loading our new product line by Sofi. We do not have much in as of yet but will continue to work on this as a priority so you can shop for your spring event with us soon, knowing all our options are available for you.

At The Caverns Store when a customer has an inquiry, we feel it is our job to provide the torch which will guide them safely through the caves.

Torch enlarged canvas with extras - Cropped v6

Paul Chen Hanwei – The Armoury is loaded

The rest of the Paul Chen Hanwei collection we have available has been loaded to the store catalog, yay!

This has been a really exciting product line to add to the store. Just absolutely beautiful pieces, top of the line quality, and spanning a large number of weapon types.

Whatever your weapon needs are though please rest assured that the Paul Chen Hanwei product line, while one of our favorite to date in The Caverns Store is NOT our last.

In fact we have many hundreds of weapons and accessories to add to our catalog already, so while we are working on it if in the meantime you are looking for something specific please let us know!

For now though we have many customers preparing to do some clothes shopping. We are going to move over to the Sofis brand line and get that added to our catalog ASAP. So you will start seeing that go into that category and the new section right away.

Not limited to just clothing though, Sofis is an entire product line outfitting you from head to foot! We look forward to continually bringing you new products for your event and day to day outfit needs.

Thank you again for shopping with The Caverns Store!

Paul Chen Hanewi Continued

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well this fine and wonderful weekend.

As we recently indicated we are continuing to load more of the Paul Chen Hanwei line to the store.

So the backstory on this goes is that an associate of the Store owner is considering a sword purchase with certain criteria for their birthday that this brand may meet.

One of the things we try to do here at The Caverns Store is to prioritize based on customer needs. So if you ever have needs we can help you with, we will do all we can to bump that into first position on our work queue.

We also never want anyone to feel obligated to purchase from us as a result. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we want to hear about it! If we know a good place for you to order it, a competitor, we will even provide you that information if we cannot provide the product or something comparable for you quickly enough!

The Caverns Store will have a continually growing and expanding catalog often being tailored based on the request of the customers before the choices of the owner. Without the customers we do not have a business which means we want to carry the product you are wanting first to keep you coming back. If we can’t serve you this time all we ask is that you think of us next time until we become your one stop shop for all your Medieval make-overs.

At The Caverns Store, our customer truly matters to us and we will do our best to do everything within reason we can to show that. Every time!

We will continue to finish loading the Paul Chen Hanwei line today and will send out an announcement once that has been completed. Next we are moving back to clothing and you will see a fine line of offerings from Sofis being added to our store soon!

Bushido, Hanwei, and Ryumon

We took a break from clothing and moved back to weapons again for a bit. Due to customer inquiry we spent today loading the catalog with three brands. Bushiond, Ryumon, and Paul Chen Hanwei.

Personally we were excited by the opportunity to take a break and show some of the highest quality products we carry. Granted these are not going to be in everyone’s budget. If you are looking for weapons that are as much art as they are fully functional, then these are the products you want.

Some of the items are in the New Products section but shop by brand to be sure to see them all. That is all of the Bushido and Ryumon I have for the store at this time. There is a LOT more Hanwei to come which includes multiple sword types, axes, and more.

The Claymore is pretty cool! < Spoiler! Unfortunately we may not have the rest in the catalog until this weekend so bear with us!

For those waiting on clothes, we will be moving back to those as soon as we load the rest of the Hanwei. If all goes well you should see a lot of great GARB in the store shortly! Beyond what is already there that is!

We have custom garb!

Ever been on “insert website name here” and when you looked at a particular product you said, “Wow! That is awesome! I just wish I could get it a size larger…”   or maybe it was “To bad that doesn’t come in green!”. Often for me I look at things and go “Would be REALLY cool if I could add my heraldry to this.”.

Perhaps like me you sometimes play a videogame and go “Wow, that would make a sweet costume!”.  Maybe it is a character from a TV show, a movie, a comic book, a piece of art, a novel, or even just a visual concept that you have.

Whatever it is we now have the ability to provide services to help you with those sort of purchases. You will find we have added a new page to the website titled “Custom Garb”. Please drop by and take a look if you have or may ever have an interest in such a service. We are very interested in hearing from you!

A few going on’s at The Caverns Store

If you have been over at all the last few weeks you will have seen we have been adding some nice Samurai swords into the store.

We still have lot’s of weaponry to come but we will be taking a break from that product line for a little while. We currently have somewhat of a customer interest in some new services we are now able to offer, which is custom GARB / Clothing.

A new page will be going up on the site detailing the quoting process and order process from start to finish. There will also be some photos of some of the clothing made by these fine tailors so that you can see their work. A lot more as well! We will have a later announcement detailing everything once that is in place.

Additionally we will be adding some more clothing and footwear (including boots!) to the store soon. We will be working on that product line before going back to weaponry as it’s made by the same tailors who will be sewing custom orders. I am really excited by what this brand offers and can’t wait to share it with all of you!

A LOT is taking place with The Caverns Store right now so things may seem to be unrolling from us fairly slowly. The reality is we have multiple projects taking place on a continual basis right now. This will continue for a while before we are able to announce and share everything with you. Really excited about everything in the works and cannot wait to share it all with you!

We are going to go ahead and clear out the new products section at this time and will provide you updates as we work on things. Stay tuned for the best loot!

Cave Worms!!! Run! don’t blink!

Hello everyone, It has come to our attention that there was some issues with the shipping options in the store not letting someone choose their shipping location to complete a transaction.

I can tell you with complete honesty we are VERY sad about that. We WANT you to check out!

It is believed the bugs which crept into the Cave have been squashed. The IT support staff is off today with it being the holiday so the owner took a look at this and while he believes it is taken care of, cannot be certain simply due to the vast number of software configurations and browsers that exist in the world.

So PLEASE if anyone else still has this issue, contact us right away so we can do further investigation as well as report it to IT on resume of business. Please include what browser you are using and what operating system.

Additionally DO NOT let the support hold up your order if you are in a rush! Let us know which items you need and we will send you a Paypal invoice for the order manually so that we can get it placed for you in the interim.

Please rest assured that at The Caverns we are only using professionally coded shopping software that is used by over 900,000 business. We take security and THE ABILITY TO PLACE YOUR ORDER ACCURATELY AND QUICKLY, very SERIOUSLY!


Caverns Store Ankh Signature