Announcing The Caverns Store at Griffcon 40, South Bend, Indiana

We are happy to announce that we will be debuting at our first convention in October of 2016. Specifically that of Griffon 40 which is taking place in South Bend, Indiana.

Griffcon 40 is a 2-day convention featuring games and gaming related events such as a judged fantasy/sci-fi costume competition and a painted miniature exhibition with prizes.
Play the classics or learn a new game.
Many games for beginners. Prized tournaments as well.
The dates coincide with the 40th birthday of
the Griffon Bookstore in South Bend, Indiana.

If you are interested in running a booth at Griffcon, you still have plenty of time to sign up!

There is also a Facebook Group for this located here:

A Personal note from Caverns Store Owner, Stile Teckel.

I am personally excited to be running our first booth at this convention. My introduction to gaming was as a child at the Griffon. I would have dinner at a local favorite restaurant every Thursday night with the owners, Ken and Sara (being a guest of my mom of course).

While growing up, the Griffon was my playground on those nights until I became old enough to join the games taking place. Growing up my babysitters, tutors, and even my first roommate (R.I.P. Tonk) where the people I gamed with at The Griffon.

I became an avid reader and their used book section became my favorite place to spend my money. My family for years had firm instructions that all my gifts should be gift certificates. I once purchased so many books at one time from them, I could not get home and had to call my grandfather for a ride.

How many books have I purchased from the Griffon? Let me share my library with you. Most of these came from them.

My game room filled with as many or more treasures that came from their shelves. When others bought footballs, I bought board games. When others bought Baseball cards, I bought RPG books and CCG’s.

Ken and Sara welcomed me into their store and as long as I respected them and it I was allowed to call it home. They and their friends and patrons treating me as family and helping to raise me. Teaching me to be myself, do what I love, and to not judge others. Teaching me that happiness in life is doing what you love. One of the earliest lessons I remember is hearing stories of Ken and Sara living on barely anything while they struggled to follow their dreams.

It is partly this upbringing that has allowed me to feel comfortable in taking the risks that I do in choosing to become a business owner myself, much later in my life.

I had not planned on launching the booth aspect of my company for at least another year, perhaps more.

When I realized I had the means to do so this year and debut at this convention, I realized it had to happen.

A sincere thank you to The Griffon; it’s owners, it’s staff, and all of its patrons from over the last 40 years. You have played a significant role in making me who I am, and I would wish to be no different.

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