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This By Gary Dupuis art was purchased as stock art from: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/145931/Stock-Art-Elven-Blacksmith All uses are believed to be legitimate license.

The Caverns Store AKA Caveloot or caveloot.com is an LLC retail store selling products that the owners have a passion for.

The most important thing I could say about us and that will matter to some but not others. We are a family owned business, not a large company. Our customers mean paying our rent and putting the food on the table and we understand that and try to show it with each and every order. We appreciate you.

LARP Weaponry:
Epic Armoury’s weapon collection range from the historical style to high fantasy, and we always aim to stand out in a crowd. The technical construction of the foam weapons values safety above all. We use a round flexible glass fibre core, with a Kevlar tip protection. The foam is developed to absorb impact and it does not shred. Check out the styles, we love the colours. We Say… Play more and vary your choice of weapon.

Metal Armour:
Epic Armoury metal is designed with focus on comfort and functionality. Our Armor can be purchased as single parts or as complete sets, this way, you can customize your own full armour. Remember the gambeson to support your armour wear, and make it more comfortable.

Leather Crafts:
Epic armoury produces both leather armor plus a collection of matching bracers and greaves. Furthermore, we have a great selection of quivers, sword holders, daggers holders and throwing knife holders to keep your weaponry safe and within arms reach. The best quality leather is used in our assortment.

Medieval Clothing:
All characters need a good base to build on, and LARP is much more than battleground action. Epic Armoury cloting wants to offer multi usable pieces of clothes, constructed with focus on practical abilities and durability. The designs reach through different times and different styles. The keywords are good quality at an even better price.

Don’t forget to accessorize your character. Epic Armoury makes character accessories that adds that little extra touch of ambience for every gamer; the small things you need to complete your outfit. A scout is a better scout with a telescope and a thief is a better thief with our thieves tools. Bags and belts is a must for every role, and a pair of handcuffs, well, you never know when they can come in handy too.

Do you have items you want to sell through The Caverns Store? We are willing to consider drop ship programs in which we post the items, collect payment, supply you with shipping information and forward you the payment minus a pre-approved processing amount! Contact us and we will discuss it! customerservice@thecaverns.net

We are also willing to work with those who offer custom products. In return for a very modest commission we will help promote you and list display your products in our store. Please contact us to work out agreements.

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Need to ship to us other then USPS? Not a problem just contact us at: info@thecaverns.net

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