To understand Caveloot.com you must first understand the owner.

Caveloot.com is owned and operated by Eric “Stile Teckel” Higby. Stile is a 3rd generation hoard… collector and dealer of coins, stamps, postcards, occupied Japan, antiques, native American artifacts, gemstones and rocks, historical items, and other “old school” hobby collectibles. As well as a metal detectorist, treasure hunter, and hopeful SCUBA diver.

At the same time, he grew up an avid tabletop, console, arcade, and computer gamer. Starting with Dungeons and Dragons in the ’80s, he has played board games, card games, RPG, Historical Miniature reenactments, Clix, CCGs, and more. His first console was an Atari 2600 with Space Invaders and his first computer was an IBM PC model II playing Ultima III. His love of hoar… collecting carried over into this hobby as well.

Later in life, Stile has also taken up the treasure hunter and expert metal detectorist profession. Taking lessons from renowned Gary Drayton and assembling the best equipment, he is enjoying the love of searching for that which was lost, to add to his hoa… collections.

In 2016 he left his career to become an entrepreneur, in the industries he has enjoyed so much throughout his life. That is when…

The Caverns, LLC doing business as Caveloot.com was born!

Caveloot.com is currently offering the following products and services;
-We sometimes vend conventions or other pop-up locations.
-We sell Tabletop Gaming products with a heavy emphasis on dice. You can find these products on our online Etsy and eBay stores.
-We sell historical collectible items, such as coins, stamps, and postcards. These are found primarily on our eBay store.
-We do custom laser cutting and engraving, with a primary focus on tabletop gaming products, dice being the most common product we produce.
-Custom dice production services (as a retailer for other manufacturers).
-Offering metal detecting services and private lessons.

In the past we have, and are open to future consideration;
-Order fulfillment
-Game publishing
-Game development
-Professional video game RMT services and sales
-Kickstarter collaborations
-Commissions sales services
-House emptying services
-Subscription-based product fulfillment

The most important thing I could say about us and that will matter to some but not others. We are a family-owned business, not a large company. Our customers mean paying our rent and putting the food on the table and we understand that and try to show it with each and every order. We appreciate you.

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