Caverns Store Now Carrying Count/Life Point Rings

We happily announce that we recently brought a new product line into stock. Counter Rings or also known as Life Counter Rings!

These things are Epic! Drop it on your finger and you can now count pretty much anything from 1-100. You can use them for card games such as Magic the Gathering. Board games, RPG’s, Miniature, you name it! Also great for LARP events in which you need to track life, spell points, or any number of things. Wear multiple rings of different colors to track various things at the same time!

To celebrate this new product line we are giving 15% off on all counter rings in The Caverns Store! To take advantage of this discount please use code “OJ9BW00ZRYYL”. This discount is good until the end of April 2016 and is only good towards the purchase of life counter rings.

Not as many in stock as you want? Need a size we currently do not show listed? Please contact us! We will use these special requests to also know what products to increase stock on or what other options to bring into the store. It will typically only take a few days for us to get what you need though!

These are not just limited to gaming! Think outside the dice box and you may find numerous usages for this rings. Just the other day I was tracking how many times I was asked a particular question at work.

As always we appreciate you shopping with The Caverns Store. Where we put control of your life at your fingertips!

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We All Roll Down Here

We are extremely excited to bring you one of our new product lines, Dice!

Whether you are looking for individual sets or large quantities to have on hand for your entire group, we can meet your needs.

We offer a wide array of style, color, and types.

We also brought on board a selection of accessories which should meet some of your more common needs.

This is only one of the many new products lines we have coming to the Caverns Store. Please follow us or subscribe to us to be kept in the loop!

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Lady’s Day At The Caverns

The ladies are important to us at The Caverns. That is why we want to make sure that while we not only carry a full product range for the men but also for the lasses.

To that end, we have added a new line of clothing and accessories for you women. This includes some jewelry, dresses, tops, and even an extensive array of hairpieces.

Another thing that we did for you is created some package themes where we have already put together packages of what you may want to order for an individual subject.

You can find them in the “Spotlight” section of our store.

Excitingly this means we are going to be moving onto our next project which will bring some new gaming lines into the shop as well as accessories.

So until we get some more work done to make the next announcement please remember that the items on this post are just a sampling of the new products added. Be sure to go to the stores new product section to see them all!

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New Hoard from Deep Below +~+ Now On Tumbler

Let’s knock this one out as it requires fewer words so it a better opening. We have created a Tumblr page for the store as a news feed. If you are a Tumblr user and want to keep up with our announcements you can subscribe to us there. Bear in mind it was just created so does not have old content. If all is working correctly, this post will automatically syndicate and be the first, and if not watch for it soon as we apparently have some critters in the machines.

We have also added several new products to our New Products area! These are new products from the Epic Armory line for the most part, although you will see a few from a new clothing brand we are adding under LIT.

In fact, that is what you will see us working on next, although it is painful for us!

Why painful you ask? Because we have so many great things to show you besides that and we want to show it all to you now! We try to load products in the order we set-up agreements with manufacturers. Alternatively, we sometimes pack smaller sized catalogs first to get that brand up quickly.

LIT not only meet both of those criteria we are also pressuring ourselves to get them on our store quickly for other reasons. Bottom line we like the company we like the product and we want to start sharing it with you soon, so it’s coming next!

After LIT, the larger project we have next is a large line of gaming supplies! This includes one of our favorite, dice. As well as all kinds of other nifty things including some geek and novelty items as well. A lot of fun whenever we get to add entirely new product lines to the store, although this will not be the last time!

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Coins! Come Buy Yer Metal So Ye Can Buy Ale! We Ave Coins!

We have a few things in the New product’s section since we last talked to you about them. We are still adding but we didn’t want to hold off to let you know about the cool currency we pulled from a Dragon hoard deep in the Caverns.

We have two styles with three options at this time. If these go well we may bump it up on the priority list to source additional options. I doubt we would find anything else at this kind of pricing, though!

We have also added some more Leather and clothing products to the new section. We have more clothing as well as other coolness yet to come! We promise to get another update out to you before long.

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Going Into the Dungeon? Don’t Forget the Latex!

Some new foam Weapons and Shields have been added to the store for you LARP’ers!

Please visit the New Products section of our store to see everything added.

This is just a drop in the ocean on a number of products we will be adding to the store in the upcoming weeks and months as we work on loading some of our new product lines and update some of our existing ones! A lot of things we are really excited and anxious to present to you before long.

So keep an eye this way and keep coming back. We will keep making announcements as unique areas are being worked on to grab your attention.

Peace and be safe in yer travels! By being properly armed with the right Foam, from The Caverns Store!

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Dice Added to The Store

Want to look epic at your next Yahtzee tournament? Need something special to roll your D&D stats? Just want something fun for the next game of Monopoly? Dice are one of the ways I personally like to add a personal touch to the games I play.

We have added some dice we have had made to the store if you are looking for something different. Some of these have been in the store before along with a new apperance.

As a side note, we have numerous new brands we are representing that we will be bringing to the store catalog soon. This covers a large array of items including but not limited to additional clothing lines, armor, weapons, and all kinds of accessories such as coins!

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The Caverns Store Now Offering Custom Dice – Excellent Swag for Your Event or Group!

This by far is not the last custom service we plan on providing at The Caverns Store. In fact we have one or two other agreements for custom services being near finalization.

This one is one of our favorites though simply because it has served us well for a very long time. Custom dice!

CAverns Store First Edition - Photo 1

Are you the GM of a game group? Order about a 100 of these and give them to your players not only for them to use at the table but to spread around to some friends and family members. Everyone at the game store will be jealous!

Or buy them for the game store, online gaming guild, your LARP group, as hand-out at conventions, your events, or anything else you can think of. Pricing on custom die can reach .75 or less in sufficient quantity!

They even make great business cards like this one below which includes a website address on the text.

Caverns Dice

For the full scoop on everything (and probally more) than you wanted to know about custom dice, please visit the custom dice section of our website. Also do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

We look forward to hearing from you for your project needs!

Do you make a custom product? Are you looking for a store front to help market and represent your product? Do you feel it may be a fit for our product lines? Please do contact us. We are continually looking to expand our custom services and are open to being contacted by potential partners.

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Men, Thrust out your chest proudly!

Another product line we have put some new pieces onto the clothes rack for is doubles, vests, Jerkins, and the like.

These are some nice looking pieces from our Sofi product line.

Need to modify something or have something completely different made then what we have on the showroom floor? Not an issue, contact us using our contact form on the site and we will quote it for you. Please keep in mind custom work does add additional cost even for the simplest project!

To see all of the new products visit our New product section. Thank you for not only being a potential customer but sharing our store with those you know!

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If the sky is falling cover your dome!

Ok so you’re in a cave, it starts to rumble, and things are bouncing off your head. Even minor protection is better than none!

There’s no reason it can’t look good!

Lot’s of new hats added to The Caverns Store product line-up! Visit our new products section to see em all.

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