The Caverns Store Now Offering Custom Dice – Excellent Swag for Your Event or Group!

This by far is not the last custom service we plan on providing at The Caverns Store. In fact we have one or two other agreements for custom services being near finalization.

This one is one of our favorites though simply because it has served us well for a very long time. Custom dice!

CAverns Store First Edition - Photo 1

Are you the GM of a game group? Order about a 100 of these and give them to your players not only for them to use at the table but to spread around to some friends and family members. Everyone at the game store will be jealous!

Or buy them for the game store, online gaming guild, your LARP group, as hand-out at conventions, your events, or anything else you can think of. Pricing on custom die can reach .75 or less in sufficient quantity!

They even make great business cards like this one below which includes a website address on the text.

Caverns Dice

For the full scoop on everything (and probally more) than you wanted to know about custom dice, please visit the custom dice section of our website. Also do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

We look forward to hearing from you for your project needs!

Do you make a custom product? Are you looking for a store front to help market and represent your product? Do you feel it may be a fit for our product lines? Please do contact us. We are continually looking to expand our custom services and are open to being contacted by potential partners.

Men, Thrust out your chest proudly!

Another product line we have put some new pieces onto the clothes rack for is doubles, vests, Jerkins, and the like.

These are some nice looking pieces from our Sofi product line.

Need to modify something or have something completely different made then what we have on the showroom floor? Not an issue, contact us using our contact form on the site and we will quote it for you. Please keep in mind custom work does add additional cost even for the simplest project!

To see all of the new products visit our New product section. Thank you for not only being a potential customer but sharing our store with those you know!

If the sky is falling cover your dome!

Ok so you’re in a cave, it starts to rumble, and things are bouncing off your head. Even minor protection is better than none!

There’s no reason it can’t look good!

Lot’s of new hats added to The Caverns Store product line-up! Visit our new products section to see em all.

Like Monkey’s on your back!

You guessed it, we have added more cloaks to the stores catalog!

We have added both that of what you typically expect to see as well as that of the bit more complex.

Please keep in mind that when it comes to garb we are also able to offer custom services! We have something you want made differently, added to, or modified in any other way? Contact us for a quote and we will get back to you as quickly as possible!

As always you can view the full line of new options in the new products sections. We love you for your business and we will keep working hard to show you we mean that, by continuing to bring you more product choices!

P.S. You will notice that many of these examples are not only high quality materials but also machine washable! Something whomever does the laundry in your household will certainly appreciate.

Pants are hitting The Cave floors!

Our catalog continues to grow now adding a few more options to the store for you to wear below the waist.

These are one of the store Owner, Stile Teckel’s favorite choices due to the ability to theme them in your two color heraldry choies!

Whatever you are looking for if we do not have it, we completely understand you may need to shop elsewhere. If that happens though let us know so we can try to add it so we do not lose other orders! Try us again next time also!

Please drop into our new products section to see all of the new coverings for you legs. Meanwhile we will be working to bring more products to The Caverns for you!