Arm Up After the Holidays and Visit Us In Cadillac, MI or Plymouth, MI

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You have opened your presents and had your holiday dinners. You have stayed out too late drinking and lighting fireworks to bring in the new year.

The Gingerbread Cookies have fought back adding a few pounds; indigestion boils, and the boredom begins to set in after the week of excitement.

You need to fight back after the holidays by finding something to do, and we have the perfect solution to arm yourselves against those post holiday blues!

Your first line of defense is to come arm up with us at CadiCon in Cadillac, MI on January 7th of 2017.

CadioCon is a small community convention put on for the local residents. A smaller convention it none the less sounds very cozy and we are looking forward to attending. You can find more information about them on their Facebook page.

The following day on Janruary 8th, 2017 you can hop down with us to Plymouth, MI for a Comic Con!

You can find more information about their convention over here on their Facebook Event page:

We look forward to meeting you and as always, thank you for shopping at!

New Products, Lower Prices, and We Go On Tour!

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Don’t forget to properly arm your loved ones this season (and keep them inside and warm)!

As we approach the holidays this year, we are busy scheduling conventions, festivals, Comicon’s, and other cool venues that we will be attending in 2017. These will primarily take place in the Mid-West, such as Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and other area states.

If you are interested in keeping an eye on where we are going in 2017, we have added an Events Calendar to the website. We hope to see you!

Over the last few months, we have added several new products to the store.

Currently, this is a project we are not able to put a lot of time into, although we have a vast number of new products to add to our online catalog.

If you bear with us, though, you should start seeing an explosion of new items hitting our store, in January! Not only expansion of current product lines, but also entirely new product lines.

As does time with all things, so does it cause prices to change. All too often we find it goes up. NOT THIS TIME!

Well, that’s not entirely accurate. We did have some price increases on a few things. The majority of our Foam Latex items, though have dropped in price. This is a savings we received from the manufacturer that we are in turn passing onto you.

We DO still have some items in the store we need to apply these savings to still. Again, bear with us, and we hope to get that done in January as our schedule opens up. If not sooner!

Thank you for being a Caveloot customer!

Collectable Giveaway – 1981 Airplane! Topps Movie Poster


Hello, and welcome to our first Giveaway at!

We have decided to do a giveaway now and then, and this is the first of those. Products can significantly differ, but in this particular instance, we decided to start out with a collectible.

Entry Deadline is Midnight 12/1/2016.

Winner will be selected and announced sometime on 12/2/2016

To enter, please send an email to with the subject “Airplane! Poster”.

Include your real name and mailing address in the message body.

This contest is only available to those with a valid U.S.A. shipping address and who are legitimate residents of the United States of America.

One winner will be selected by random drawing to win a 1981 Ariplane! movie poster by Topps.

Please review our Terms and Conditions before entering:

By entering this contest, you agree to our Terms of Service.

Announcing Spelunkers Kit – A Quarterly Dice and Dice Accessories Subscription Box Service!


Examples of type of items that MIGHT be in a Spelunkers Kit.

If you have been over to the store in the last week, you will have noticed it has been raining dice! What is all of that about? We are going to tell you all about it with one of our new products! Spelunkers Kit. A Quarterly Dice and Dice Accessories Subscription Box Service!

Spelunkers Kit is a dice and accessory subscription box service that will bill on the first of every third month (April, July, Oct, Jan…). Boxes will ship by the end of the billing month. The first box will be done as a one-time purchase with a re-occurring subscription put in place at a later date. The first box will ship by 02/01/2017 with a one-time purchase option beginning 10/29/2016 and ending 01/01/2017.


Our F.A.Q. is here:

Please read the Terms of Service:

Bellow is a summary of the information found at those links.

Three Subscription Levels
$20.00 – Apprentice
$50.00 – Expert
$100.00 – Master

Every box regardless of subscription level will include a Custom Die!

3 Month Re-occurring shipped via USPS.

Currently: Single Purchase only, Subscription to come later.

Signup Deadline for the first box: 01/01/2017, boxes will ship by 02/01/2017

Spelunkers Kit is a dice and accessory subscription box service that will bill on the first of every third month (April, July, Oct, Jan…). Boxes will ship by the end of the billing month. The first box will be done as a one-time purchase with a re-occurring subscription put in place at a later date. The first box will ship by 02/01/2017 with a one-time purchase option beginning 10/29/2016 and ending 01/01/2017.

What all do you get?
-Every box comes with a full set of polyhedral dice, regardless of subscription level.**
-Every box comes with a custom die. Same die for every box (slight variations as is typical in manufactured dice).
-Every box will have items with a combined retail value higher than what you paid for the box.
-In addition to dice, you get dice related articles and accessories.
-As you advance in level, some of the dice may be more valuable materials and quality, in addition to more accessories or related items.**

Types of Items you may see come in a box:
Custom Die
Specialty Die and nonstandard Die
Loaded Die
Dice Games
Dice made of Different Materials
Dice Jewelry, Stickers, and who knows what all else!

Slowly add to your arsenal at the game table with an ever expanding collection that comes to your door!

Be adequately prepared with the tools you need to survive not only safely on your adventures, but with style!

*Items in Photo’s represent only an example of the type of products that will be in this subscription service. They are representations only, and those particular items are not guaranteed to be in a box.

**Dice Sets within any one subscription level will be the same type of sets but may vary from box to box in color or other slight variations. Set types from different levels may differ entirely from those in a lower or higher level.

For example, our largest priced box may contain a set of dice made from precious metals and boxes going out to those subscribers may get that set in varying colors from subscriber to subscriber.

That same shipping period a customer getting the lowest level box may get a polyhedral set made out of a resin that is a different color than someone else he knows but is of the same pattern, size, style, and materials.

Thank You GriffonCon 40 For Having Us and Thank You Attendees For Visiting With Us!


I recently had the honor to represent my company and products as a vendor at GriffonCon 40!

This was a very special occasion for me as the Griffoncon 40 was a gaming convention to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Griffon Bookstore. The Griffon Book Store not only carries books but also has been the center of the South Bend, IN gaming community (and distant surrounding areas) for just as long.

Historical gaming, tabletop, RPG, Card, Board, or Miniatures, whatever your poison you could not only find excellent product choices at the Griffon but also expertise with a smile from its caring owners Ken and Sara. For desert, they treated you like a family member instead of a customer.

I grew up spending as much time at the Griffon or adventuring in the worlds it sent home with me, as far back as some of my earliest memories in life, as I have done just about anything else. While I can’t say I have been going there for 40 years, it is quite close to it.

It was for this reason that when I heard this convention would be taking place, I increased business goals and timelines to sell at a booth based operation format 1-2 years sooner than planned. I can certainly say it was one of the best decisions I have made!

The convention was fantastic from the events to the people. Everyone seemed to be having fun, events were continual and varied, the location was near-epic, and the food was excellent (Thank you Skillet! You could have charged way more, you know you could have, and you didn’t. I feel I speak for the entire local gaming community and visitors, when I say, we appreciate that!).

This turned out to be very fortuitous for me. We set up at the convention because I felt it was a great honor, and something I would regret if I did not do. Recently I have been hit with a few life changes, and I will be signing up to do a large number of conventions, festivals, and other area (and surrounding) events in 2017. I am prepared for this when I need to do it, quickly, because of the decision to attend the Griffoncon.

So The Griffon once again, like it has been doing for most of my life, has reached out, tapped me on the shoulder, and helped me make a subtle change to who I am and how I live my life. Perhaps a bit more accidently this time than usual, but I will take it none the less!

If you were unable to attend GriffonCon 40, but ever find yourself with an opportunity be sure to stop by and visit the Griffon Bookstore. Also pop into their game room, which is the longest continual running game room in the United States of America!

Griffon 40th 2


Watch for to be coming to a convention near you! Have one you want us to attend that is within a 100 miles of the South Bend, IN area? Drop us a note using our contact form and we will see if we can get it in the schedule (please include a link to website(s) if you have).

Ankh Quill

New Shopping Reccomendations by Theme Added to The Caverns Store!


One of the things we added to the store a while ago where some package themes. These until now had been limited to a handful of Gypsy and Pirate related.

We have added some additional recommendations based on what someone may be looking for when shopping for a general theme. These can also just be used for generating ideas, or as base Garb selections to add onto. Additionally, some base garb templates have been created as well. These are not one-click packages but rather allow you to select just the ideas from the package that you want.

Want our help putting together something? Contact us with the contact form, and we will be glad to assist. We will not limit that assistance to just our store but when it makes sense will also supply recommendations from elsewhere. We will add your items from our store into a new package in our catalog and provide you with a custom discount code for your order, for assisting us in growing our offerings.

You have no commitment to buy but it is time-consuming so please only contact us if serious.

Come See Us at Griffon Con 40th!

Griffon 40th 2

Hello Everyone,

We are getting close to our appearance at GriffCon 4oth next week on 10/7/2016 and 10/8/2016, in South Bend, Indiana. Being hosted by The Griffon Bookstore in Downtown Southbend as a 40th Anniversary celebration!

For those not familiar with The Griffon Bookstore, they are a bit of a legend not Only in South Bend but in surrounding areas. Starting out 40 years ago primarily making the grade by selling textbooks to local college students, they also carried gaming product during an era that this was a bit risky. I know and have met gamers during my lifetime that drove hundreds of miles from their cities to visit The Griffon, as the “closest game store” to them.

Being that The Griffon has been my personal gaming store of choice for about 30 years, I am extremely excited to be running booths at their convention!

So if you want to visit The Caverns Store, Game for 48 hours, or come check out one of the pioneering stores selling gaming product, then this is one of the best opportunities you will ever have!

Event page for the Convention:

Griffon Bookstore Website:

Griffon Bookstore Facebook Page:

GriffonCon 40th on Facebook:

Ankh Quill

Protect Your Dome With Helmets From the Caverns!

One of our new product lines is an extensive catalog of armor. We decided to get things started at the top, with helmets!

Not just any helmets mind ye, but rather high-quality pieces often suitable for re-enactment (see each item’s individual description).

Additionally, many pieces are very detailed replicas, and we have a large selection of both era and country.

You can see what has been added in our new section, but please keep coming back! These will be added a few at a time on a weekly basis until we start on the next armor category. Thank you for choosing the Caverns Store for your head safety!

MLH Brand Temporarily Out of Stock, Back Soon

If you had you eye on any of our products made by MLH, we apologize, but the brand will be unavailable until June. The full product line will be re-enabled on our site in June and available for prompt shipment again!

With that said we also feel awful we haven’t shown you any new product brands or options of late. It is not that we have not obtained them for you and in fact quite the opposite! We have acquired agreement with several new manufacturers that we need to add to our catalogs.

The last few weeks and for a while longer we are preparing inventory, displays, and training for future conventions we will be running booths at. As soon as we get that project and some various minor projects off our to-do lists, we will be putting a significant focus into offering you more to choose from. In the meantime w will make some attempts to work at least a few in!

Announcing The Caverns Store at Griffcon 40, South Bend, Indiana

We are happy to announce that we will be debuting at our first convention in October of 2016. Specifically that of Griffon 40 which is taking place in South Bend, Indiana.

Griffcon 40 is a 2-day convention featuring games and gaming related events such as a judged fantasy/sci-fi costume competition and a painted miniature exhibition with prizes.
Play the classics or learn a new game.
Many games for beginners. Prized tournaments as well.
The dates coincide with the 40th birthday of
the Griffon Bookstore in South Bend, Indiana.

If you are interested in running a booth at Griffcon, you still have plenty of time to sign up!

There is also a Facebook Group for this located here:

A Personal note from Caverns Store Owner, Stile Teckel.

I am personally excited to be running our first booth at this convention. My introduction to gaming was as a child at the Griffon. I would have dinner at a local favorite restaurant every Thursday night with the owners, Ken and Sara (being a guest of my mom of course).

While growing up, the Griffon was my playground on those nights until I became old enough to join the games taking place. Growing up my babysitters, tutors, and even my first roommate (R.I.P. Tonk) where the people I gamed with at The Griffon.

I became an avid reader and their used book section became my favorite place to spend my money. My family for years had firm instructions that all my gifts should be gift certificates. I once purchased so many books at one time from them, I could not get home and had to call my grandfather for a ride.

How many books have I purchased from the Griffon? Let me share my library with you. Most of these came from them.

My game room filled with as many or more treasures that came from their shelves. When others bought footballs, I bought board games. When others bought Baseball cards, I bought RPG books and CCG’s.

Ken and Sara welcomed me into their store and as long as I respected them and it I was allowed to call it home. They and their friends and patrons treating me as family and helping to raise me. Teaching me to be myself, do what I love, and to not judge others. Teaching me that happiness in life is doing what you love. One of the earliest lessons I remember is hearing stories of Ken and Sara living on barely anything while they struggled to follow their dreams.

It is partly this upbringing that has allowed me to feel comfortable in taking the risks that I do in choosing to become a business owner myself, much later in my life.

I had not planned on launching the booth aspect of my company for at least another year, perhaps more.

When I realized I had the means to do so this year and debut at this convention, I realized it had to happen.

A sincere thank you to The Griffon; it’s owners, it’s staff, and all of its patrons from over the last 40 years. You have played a significant role in making me who I am, and I would wish to be no different.