Extra, Extra, Cache of Weapons dug up from the depths of The Caverns Store!

That’s what our newest product line you will start seeing in the new products section is… Weapons!

From low dollar replicas all the way to individual weapons that are handmade by renown smiths. A large number of brands will be added to the store soon! The display piece to the battle ready.

Swords, axes, survival gear, displays, throwing knives, Throwing Stars, and more will be added over the next few weeks.

Here are a few of the pieces we have added already but please keep watch for more to come.

New products available for your shopping excitement!

We are pleased to announced we have completed loading one of our new product lines! You will find that the new goodies in the new products section which includes some new shirt, doublet, socks, shoes, and hats.

We are working hard to continually add more products to our store so that we have what you need. Additional product lines will be coming very soon so stay tuned for more announcements! Here are just a few of the new items added to the store.

New products isle cleared and being prepped!

The new products section of The Caverns store has been wiped clean! Please keep an eye on things as we begin adding one of our new brands, MLH! All of the products that where in the new products section are still in the store, just please check their properly labeled and categorized isle to find them.

The upcoming line will include new Garb as well as some footwear options for all of you.

We will give you an update when the product line has been completely added to the store so that you know to come check it out!

Thank you as always and we hope your holidays are going well.

Want to help shape The Caverns Store?

Something I have decided to add to the store is a product group for packages. While there are currently packages in the store such as full armor outfit’s, this will be in other areas and of larger variety.

Perhaps you are buying a LARP bow. Chances are you are going to want some arrows, extra string, a guard, a quiver, and maybe a duplicate set for someone else. So in the package section (yet to be named) there may be a couple of packages like that already assembled so that you can order with a single click. Additionally I should be able to offer a little bit of a discount for such packages.

Here is where YOU get a chance to help shape the store. Are you shopping for an event or a new daily set-up? Do you have a package you are putting together for yourself that fits some sort of theme or that just makes a nice mix?

Send us a note on the contact page and include the item numbers! We will review it as quickly as possible and if it makes sense we will add it to the store!

An easier way to find us!

I am happy to announce that we have a new URL that you can find us at. Please note that you do not need to update your bookmarks! The current address still works and we have no plans to change that at this time.

However for ease of remembering where we are at on the net and telling your friends about us, here you go!


We still do have other brands of products coming to the store soon and we apologize on the delays. Things have been rather hectic with the holiday season. We hope to change that for you soon!