Reminder to all Guild Members and Potential Guild Members!

The forums are located here!

Hello everyone,

Two things of note to remind everyone of.

The forums are located here!

One, We are still here!!!  The webpage itself just does not see a lot of activity that can be seen by the public because… AND NOTE, THIS IS IMPORTANT:

Our Guild Discussion forums are located at a different link, using PhpBB software. Why a guild webpage and separate forums?  Last time I checked there was no decent way to Embed PhpBB Forums (or any of the other decent forum packages), into a WordPress site.  The forum software is updated too often for it to be used for anything more than forums, and so a website outside of the forums is needed.  While WordPress does offer forum type plugins/software, I find it very inadequate to a full blown forum software package. So we have both!

The forums are located here!

ALSO NOTE: When you go to the forums there is a general discussion section that the public can see.. and that’s ALL! There IS an ACTIVE guild member only forum section, but to see them you have to have access to them!

To get access to the forums, you will need to register an account, which I will then have to go in and manually verify. While this is a pain, it is the best anti-spam measures available.

If I don’t do this within a day, use the contact form on this website to drop me a note and I’ll get it taken care of for you.

Only Guild members are granted access to the guild forums OR prospective guild members that would like to have an opportunity to hang out in our forums. If your thinking about joining the guild and want guild forum access, just contact me!

The forums are located here!

The other thing I would mention

The reason the “website” does not see much use, is I don’t have the time to do a lot with it. If someone wants a feature or asks me to do something, I will most likely do it if someone is asking me to.. because someone is asking, so they are using or looking at it, and that makes me happy to do it.

Otherwise, for general care – we need someone to maintain some things on the website. Hopefully, we eventually recruit someone interested in doing at least one of the things the site needs loving attention given to it, for! Maybe you?

What are those things?

-Maintaining the guild roster page(s)
-maybe we put a calendar up and keeping that updated with guild events and info
-general updating of the content on the site as needed
-someone to publish posts (like this one), about the guild and guild member related projects. Recap’s of guild events
-Anything else your imagination can supply.. Ill help with software installation if needed!

It’s all very easy to do. Much like using a word processing program! Drop me a note if interested 🙂

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