Reminder to all Guild Members and Potential Guild Members!

The forums are located here! Hello everyone, Two things of note to remind everyone of. The forums are located here! One, We are still here!!!  The webpage itself just does not see a lot of activity that can be seen by the public because… AND NOTE, THIS IS IMPORTANT: Our Guild Discussion forums are located at a different link, using PhpBB software. Why a guild webpage and separate forums?  Last time I checked there was no decent way to Embed PhpBB Forums (or any of the other decent forum packages), into a WordPress site.  The forum software is updated too often for it to be used for anything [ ... ]

General Updates at the Caverns Guild – A Shroud of The Avatar Think Tank!

Hello, Everyone! It has been a while since we have had a guild update on our page so I decided to put one out. It’s certainly not that we aren’t here. We are just a quiet and/or busy bunch of times! So just some quick highlights! First, I would like to welcome our new member Jynx! YAY!!! We Bid Ye Welcome Jynx, and thanks for giving us a shot! Jynx is known for many contributions to the SotA community and I personally feel very blessed Jynx joined us. Secondly, I wanted to congratulate four Caverns Guild members on earning ONBE awards! Vyrin and Womby [ ... ]

Congratulations (a bit late) to Guild Member Womby!

So this came across my radar a little while back, and I dropped it into a to-do foler.. which I have since been slowly chipping at. Not the first time he has won an RPOTA contest, just wanted to say congratulations to guild member Womby for doing it again! Congrats! Julius 1st Place Winner (@ShroudofAvatar $50 Add-On Credit) is Womby for "Incident at Skrekk!" — Elgarion (@RPOTAdatabase) August 9, 2016 Incident in Skrekk Story shared by Womby*Julius 2016 Winner!* Looking to acquire a Kobold home? Want to learn more about these homes whilst delving into a sinister, whimsical and charming storyline? Then check out this [ ... ]
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Announcing: The New Brittania Yellow Pages

While not all of our guild members in Shroud of the Avatar are highly active, some of them certainly are! Check out this latest project by members Vyrin and Womby! Womby and Vyrin are now accepting entries for the upcoming first issue of the Yellow Pages at their bookstores in Central Brittany and Aerie.The Yellow Pages is a business directory aimed at helping people find your business. There is no charge for including your business in the Yellow Pages, and copies of the Yellow Pages will be made available to everyone at the two bookstores for only 2g each. Submissions should be placed [ ... ]

Use the New Britannia Book Numer (NBBN) for your player-made books…

Going back to those books I was talking about earlier; a Bookstore is not the only project Vyrin and Womby have going. This one NEEDS YOUR HELP to succeed! If you are a book publisher that is. Ever see that ISBN number on the back of your book? Ever break one of those down to see how much information it tells you? How about scanning it or typing it for search purposes? It’s an incredibly useful tool as it essential replaces the card catalog days of old. Vyrin and Womby are making sure New Britannia has no less in the virtual world [ ... ]
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Grand Opening of Vyrin & Womby’s Bookstores – On Sale Now: The R32 Unreliable Travel Guide

Book lovers fear not! Vyrin and Womby’s bookstores are open for business! I had a chance to speak with both of these book enthusiasts the other day, being as I am in the same guild with them, and they said business is doing well. Not only do they sell books in the game but they also write limited edition books they sell as well! The R32 Unreliable Travel Guide is on sale now! Limited edition of 100 copies only! Not only is that a perfect example, but hit the link to go their posts, read more, and tell them Stile sent you! Like [ ... ]

The Pewilous Path to Wescue Pwincess Peach

The following was posted by Doctor Shroud on the Shroud of the Avatar Forums at: Welcome again to the Caverns we have much to discuss, So follow me and don’t worry about those objects floating above. If you’re looking for a challenge then you have come to the right place, Otherwise you can stand and watch right here at the base. A maze to the left and a maze to the right, which one will you choose? It shouldn’t take too long but I highly suggest bringing some booze. Along the way there will be scenes of those who didn’t finish, And if you fail then just like [ ... ]

Caverns Guild Announces Second PoT – We Have More Room To Grow, we Just Need YOU!

Hello, Everyone! I recently had announced that The Caverns Guild had upgraded the Player Owned Town of Neath, In Shroud of the Avatar, to a Village. That was the first of several things that were taking place needing some announcing to be done for. It is with a lot of excitement I get to announce the rest of this stuff! I am going to start with a few quick summaries, and then few a say additional words. I realize this is a bit on the large side as such posts go, but am hoping that with such cool announcements and the support [ ... ]

Town of Neath Upgraded to Village

I am happy to announce that the PoT Neath has been upgraded to a Village! Long Live Neath! Long Live Neath! Long Live Neath!   Huzah! Like this:Like Loading...

Nest with Neath in Shroud of the Avatar

Hello to our friends and neighbors and fellow residents of New Britannia! Our town of Neath is looking for a few POT owners interested in nesting their POT(s) in our town! Our town will be a beautiful Mountain Biome. We are excellently situated in the N Grunvald Region on the south coast of Spindrift Bay between PaxLair and Brittany. Nearby ferries provide quick access to the Brittany docks and Spindrift Island, and access to Kingsport and the Hidden Vale is available directly on the world map (or from the Brittany docks). We look forward to hearing from interested parties, and to establishing [ ... ]
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