June 28 2017

The Tavern Respite 1 – by Elgarion – narrated by Asclepius

Hello everyone, this is Asclepius, with a great story from Elgarion, entitled

The Tavern Respite

Background music “Tavern Song” by Ome the Bard.

Chapter 1 – To Paxlair, to Bear Tavern

Elgarion De’Kahli opened the door to his recently acquired room at Bear Tavern. The accommodations looked promising as he cast the brightness of his candle into the dark and quaintly furnished chamber. He spared only moments to prepare for bed. Exhaustion from yet another day of travel plus the Welcome Brew, Balec’s monthly special, had both taken their toll on the middle-aged man, who’s whitened beard was still damp from ale. Laying his journal upon the nightstand beside the candle, Elgarion quickly changed to night clothes, washed his face in the basin, and dropped into the bed as if struck by an arrow.
The old sorceror groaned, face down into his pillow, the muffled words barely audible. “Too old” he complained.
Sighing to himself, he turned to his back, pulled the journal open, and looked over his notes from the evening spent in the main hall of this fine establishment.
A sketch accompanies the entries. Elgarion, quite the artist, depicted the main hall of Bear Tavern in vivid detail–the various patrons as well as the proprietor, Balec deCani. On the side of the sketch, Elgarion drew every crest or symbol he noticed, most with no notes beside them. One symbol was labelled as “Bear Tavern”.
“The one called Gabriel made mention of Outlanders from Earth. Also of the Avatars. We must speak more on this subject. Avatars… I have much to learn about their doings.”
“There is an anti-outlander movement, which seems to trouble many. The people in this establishment do not seem to burden themselves with these prejudices, yet I cannot be certain. I must learn more of the outlanders and of the reasons behind this negative sentiment towards them. It seems several of the patrons were knowledgeable of this movement. The outlanders themselves might harbor much information for my research.”
“Albeit I was only introduced to a few, Balec, Gabriel and Stryker, I took careful note of all names spoken while eavesdropping. Best I can tell, the following individuals were in attendance:
Balec deCani
Sir EternalKnight
Kazyn Phoenixfire
Aegon Targaryen
Stryker Sparhawk
Gabriel Nightshadow
Kazuto Kirigaya
Wind Silvermoon
Tari Silimsure
GoldenWing Okhan
Shallan Stormblessed
Robert Blackwood
Blake Blackstone.
These people were most welcoming, and I must continue to press them for information about these foreign lands.”
“A nobleman, called Winfield by other patrons, made mention of a Town Crier… in the morn, I will seek out the crier and learn all that he knows of this town and the nearby lands.”
“Murmurs of undead spread from table to table seconds after Gabriel broached the subject. I must learn more of these undead. Are necromancers about, or are these old incantations? Is travel too dangerous?Who can destroy these undead? How long have these brave people endured such hardships? I will take great caution in my travels henceforth. I fear I’ve been far to foolhardy in my wanderings. Fortune had been on my side, it would seem.”
“Balec, Stryker and Gabriel too an interest in the map I carry. They ask, how did I acquire it? How foolish I was to lie. I have lost these good people’s trust, i fear. But if they knew the truth? I wager I would lose much more. Perhaps they can show me the inaccuracies of my map, if they bear the knowledge. I MUST find it. The land is so different, reshaped by the Fall. The cities, towns, unfamiliar. Every village I pass, a mystery to me. There must be something that was unchanged. Once I have that… I will have a point of reference to begin my journey.”
“Again, Gabriel mentions something intriguing. Obsidians… unknown to me but seemingly very known to them. If I ask, it would appear odd I did not know of them. I must seek a library… brush up on my history. They’ll think me insane if ramble of my… situation.”
Elgarion yawned deeply and closed his journal. Setting it on the nightstand, he leaned towards the candle and returned the inn room to darkness. A few folk still remained downstairs, their laughter muffled through the floorboards. As his breath softened, his mind began to slip into dream. Even there, he walked the wilds in search of his home. From wooded trail to dried river bed he trekked. Mountainside to muck filled bogs. Even in sleep, rest would not come. His dream was his obsession. And his obsession was one of repentance and self-sacrifice. Elgarion would find his lost people. He would free them from the binding limbo which imprisons them. He would return them to their home, to Kahli.

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