January 11 2015

Contest details and guidelines for Chronicles of the Avatar!

Giveaway details for the Avatar Chronicles!

If you missed the announcement, A special edition of The Avatar Chronicles with four of our developers will be airing on: Saturday January 17th 2015, 11am Central Time.

Please go read this update for the full details on the airing of this great piece!

We are going to have a Giveaway to go along with this!

Start time: When Avatar Chronicles special edition begins airing live on Avatars Radio.

End Time: All submissions to be entered into the drawing must be submitted by midnight on 1/30/15 CST.

In order to be entered into the drawing you must answer five questions correctly. If you miss any questions your entry will not qualify for the drawing.

Email your answers to Stile@thecaverns.net or PM me on the forums. I WILL reply back to confirm receipt within 24 or so hours so please check with me if you do not hear back. If for some reason you are unable to contact me please contact Amber Raine.

Please act with virtue and only submit an entry once and do not use alternate emails or names to do so multiple times. Please include what name you would want to be announced by if you won, in the correspondence.

If you have a forum account please include the forum name as well. Thank you.

The five questions which much all be answered correctly are:
1. What is Mori Tura’s real name and who portrays him prior to his transformation?

2. Who portrays Red Badger and who has her way with him in this story?

3. Who does FireLotus mention is performing at her tavern that evening when she extends her invitation to Lord British?

4. What happens to Marius at the end of this story?

5. What does Lord DarkStarr offer Amber Raine near the end of this story?

On 1/31/15 at 11:00 AM CST, I will host a live Google hangout. I will post the links in the same forum all other information can be found at:

The hangout will last for approximately an hour, perhaps longer depending on attendance. The Third place winner will be drawn near the start of the hangout. The second place winner will be drawn about a half hour in. The first place winner will be drawn somewhere near the end.

You do NOT need to be present at the hangout to win. Winners will be contacted via the same method they entered the contest.

The majority of the hangout seats will be reserved for all participants in casting the Avatars Chronicles. This includes the composers, the voice actors, the narrators, the background staff, devs, and recruiters. If you helped us create it you have a seat.

We will leave some seats open for community members to jump in on. We will ask that each community member be limited to about 5 minutes in the hangout and then they will drop. We will keep 3-4 spots rotating like this to take questions from the community.

If we do not have new people coming in and we have empty slots then people are able to take a second round at that point, a third, and so forth. We will talk about the making of this production, the failures, the wins, the challenges, the out-takes, and more! With the contest results being the last piece of business well go out with a party!

The prizes are as follows:

First place: A foil version of the Magic the Gathering card, designed by Richard Garriott, Shield of the Avatar. Signed by Richard Garriott!

Second place:
A Shroud of the Avatar cos-play/toy reagent kit. This kit includes items to represent the reagents in Shroud of the avatar.

There is a small vial of garlic powder for Garlic, a small vial of 90% pure Sulfur (this is real, wear proper protection if burning), a small vial of ground mandrake root (this is real and as such is poisonous), a small vial of Ectoplasm (this is a fake material but you can dump it out and touch it, it will be a slimy black substance).

Additionally each kit comes with spider silk (represent by a fake product), A black pearl (represented by a fake product), and 3 Nightshade petals (represented by a fake product).

The entire kit comes in a small pouch.

(these will be available for sale in a store in the near future).

Third place:

Five dice and a dice bag!

These are custom made dice and include one each of the following (each die has the custom work on the 6 side):

Die which has the Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond name and website.

One with a logo for The New Britannia Theater Troupe

One with a logo for The Writers of the Round Table

One with a logo for Echoes from the Caverns

Finally, one with an ankh!

They will come in a small black drawstring dice pouch.

Winners will be contacted by the end of that weekend via the same means they submitted their entry (email or PM) and will need to respond back with their shipping information within one week so that all three shipments can be sent out together. I will confirm back to each winner when their package has shipped.

Please forgive me if I forget anything and toss out any questions you may have!


Ankh Quill

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