June 22 2021

A Small Indiscretion – by the New Britannia Theater Troupe


(Insert music track # 1 – something orchestral)


The New Britannia Theatre Troupe presents




Director and Producer: Asclepius

Writer: Gabriel Nightshadow

Assistant Director of Public Relations: Alleine Dragonfyre

Sound Effects Supervisors: Gabriel Nightshadow and Asclepius

Technical Consultant: Stile Teckel






Asclepius as Randall Wolfe and the Narrator


Jarvi Mystara as Governor Vallas Tellen

Alleine DragonFyre as Astra Wolfe and Herself


Addy as Shannon Kiras and Melody Tareti


Lauremir Elenir as Molly and Amber


Gabriel Nightshadow as Geordie the Teddy Bear


Fionwyn Wyldemane as Mother





(Insert music track # 2 – something you would expect to hear at a “Beat of Novia” dance party)




Twenty years after Vallas Tellen became the Governor of Beran’s Reach…


(Insert “Party Crowd” sound effect – recorded by Daniel Simon)



This is DJ Alleine Dragonfyre, broadcasting to you live from the Bear Tavern in the metropolis of Beran’s Reach on Avatars Radio. Welcome to a special edition of “The Beat of Novia” as we celebrate the retirement of Governor Vallas Tellen!  Now everyone – get out on the dance floor!



Randy Wolfe and Melody Tareti dance the Samba in front of Alle.


MELODY (grateful)

Randy, thank you for convincing me to attend Vallas’ retirement party!  It has been SO long since I’ve been out. I have been keeping myself busy with work ever since Frederick passed away a year ago…


RANDY (reassuring)

Quite understandable, under the circumstances. I know how much you loved Frederick.  He was taken away from you far too soon…



Governor Vallas Tellen walks over to the couple.



Ah…Randy, my dear fellow, you really know how to throw a retirement party! Everyone seems to be having such a good time!



Thank you, Vallas! Just my way of giving back to the community!



Melody, you are looking quite lovely this evening!


MELODY (cheerful)

Why, thank you, Vallas!  You are looking rather dashing yourself…



You are too kind, Melody!  May I borrow Randy for a few minutes?



Certainly, I will give you two some time to talk! I will just head over to the bar and grab another mug of Fire Mountain ale!


VALLAS (serious)

Randy, now that I am retiring from office, I have given much thought to my replacement. Of the top three candidates for the job, I think you are the most qualified. I intend to recommend you to the Council tomorrow.



I don’t know what to say, Vallas…  I always assumed that either Lt. Governor Keldon or City Council member, Budner, would succeed you. I promise that if I am chosen by the people, I will serve to the best of my ability!



Both Keldon and Budner are good men, but I think you have much better skilled at administration and public relations!  Plus, I’ve never fully trusted either one of them since that incident at the Bears’ Fifth Anniversary party…

You certainly have come a long way from that scrawny, penniless young sailor who arrived here from Kingsport fifteen years ago!  Now your import and export business rivals that of the merchant prince, Stile Teckel…

I was disappointed to hear that your lovely wife, Astra, was unable to join us this evening…



Unfortunately, she is still away visiting her cousin, the legendary bowmancer, Jarikith Rivinson, over in Rifts End.  I still find it hard to believe that in three months, I am going to be a father…



I’m sure that you will be a fine father!  After all, you have had plenty of experience dealing with children through your volunteer work at Melody Tareti’s Orphanage for Lost Souls.

Have you two decided upon a name for your daughter yet?



We decided that we will name her Molly, in honor of her maternal grandmother.

Oh my…look at the time!  I must be off now. I have an early business meeting tomorrow with Asclepius, Director of the New Britannia Theatre Troupe, about financing their latest production, “Little, Lost Bear Cub”.  Phillip and the boys will clean up when the festivities are over…



Good night, Randy! Please stop by my office tomorrow afternoon and I will formally present you to the members of the City Council.



I will…




(Insert music track # 3 – starts off very romantic, but turns very dark and sinister halfway through)






Later that evening, on a cliff on the far side of the island…


A beautiful, raven haired, voluptuous (and very pregnant!) young barmaid known as Shannon Kiras anxiously waits for her lover, Randall Wolfe.



Randy steps out of the shadows. Shannon runs to him and they embrace and share a passionate kiss.


SHANNON (happy)

Randy, my beloved, I am so glad that you are finally here!  I have been waiting for nearly an hour! I don’t understand why we couldn’t simply meet at your home or at the Tavern…



Randy moves behind Shannon and rests his hands on her shoulders as they both look up at the blood-red shattered moon in the pitch-black night sky.


RANDY (whispering)

You know I can’t risk anyone seeing us together, especially since I am running for office! I must maintain my image as a pillar of the community!


SHANNON (anxious)

But what about after our daughter, Amber, is born…? You promised me that you would leave Astra and marry me…


RANDY (whispering)

I know I did…

You know I only married Astra for her late father’s three galleons, which allowed me to start my import and export business.  It was so easy to seduce her with my good looks and charming demeanor. She is SO thin and plain looking! She may be an excellent cook, but I hunger for the pleasures of the flesh!   I have really enjoyed our many nights of passion this past year, my beautiful Shannon, but, unfortunately, I can’t afford to have that nosy reporter from The Avatar Express, Fionwyn Wyldemane, finding out about our affair when I am so close to achieving my goal. As my ancestor, the great Obsidian General, Damian Trumbull, once said, “He who controls the media can sway public opinion in his favor.”

Now it is time to move on to greener pastures! It seems that the beautiful widow, Melody Tareti, inherited a large fortune from her dearly departed husband, Frederick, who died from food poisoning.  Bad fish, they say…

Ah well, my dear…all good things must come to an end!


SHANNON (shocked and upset)

What?! You are breaking up with me?!


RANDY (sinister, whispering)

You could say that…



Randy suddenly snaps Shannon’s neck in one quick motion! 


(Insert “Neck Breaking” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


Her lifeless body slumps to the ground, a look of astonishment frozen on her face.


                                                      (Insert ”Fall” sound effect.)


Randy rolls her corpse off the cliff and watches as it splashes into the water far below.


(Insert “Splash1” sound effect – recorded by Gene Le Fave)


He takes out his monogrammed silk handkerchief and wipes the sweat from his forehead. An evil grin crosses Randy’s face.


(Randy laughs evilly.)



(Insert music track # 4 – something that is scary as hell!)





Five years later…


(Insert “Thunderstorm” sound effect – recorded by Tim)


It is a dark and stormy night and Governor Wolfe is having trouble sleeping. His wife, Astra, has her back to him and is peacefully snoring.

Randy suddenly finds himself in a dark and desolate place, with the ground covered in fog.  He hears constant whispering but can’t make out the words. 


(Insert “Ghost Whispers” sound effect – recorded by Litruv)


The whispering grows louder and then disembodied hands suddenly appear and start pawing at him.


(Insert “Hell” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


RANDY (screaming)




Randy suddenly sits up in bed and looks around the room. He is drenched in sweat.

RANDY (relieved)

It was just a nightmare…just a nightmare…


SHANNON (scary, ghost voice)

No, it wasn’t!



Randy screams in horror as he sees, not his wife, Astra, lying there beside him in bed, but the gray, and decaying corpse of Shannon, wearing a tattered, red dress and covered in seaweed!  She reaches out to him with bony fingers…


SHANNON (scary, ghost voice)

I have come back for you, Randy!  Heh…heh… Don’t you want a hug and a kiss?


RANDY (screaming)

No! Get the hell away from me!



 Randy bolts from the bed and runs into the hallway.


(Insert “Creaking Door” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


The door to his daughter’s room suddenly creaks open, and he sees the gray, decaying corpse of a raven-haired, five-year old girl wearing a tattered, white sleeping gown. She is dripping wet.


(Insert “Spooky Water Drops” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


The little girl is clutching a worn-out, brown teddy bear in her left hand. The partially torn teddy bear is missing half of its stuffing and its right eye, and its mouth is curled in a snarl.


AMBER (spooky, childlike ghost voice)

Why did you kill me, daddy, before I was born?

Why didn’t you love me as much as Molly?



Randy starts sweating profusely as he slowly backs away.  He glances around for something he can use as a weapon, to no avail.


Shannon shambles out into the hallway and both she and her daughter slowly move towards Randy with outstretched arms, as does the now animated teddy bear!


(Insert “Zombie Attack Walk” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


SHANNON and AMBER (ghostly moaning)

So hungry!  We will feast on your tender flesh!



A frightened Randy turns and run towards the staircase, failing to notice the toy that his daughter, Molly, had left on the floor at the top of the stairs. He trips over it and goes tumbling down the staircase!


(Insert “Falling Down Wooden Stairs” sound effect – recorded by Benboncan)


(Insert “Leg Breaking” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


RANDY (moaning in pain)

Argh…I can’t get up!  I think I broke both of my legs!



Shannon and Amber encircle Randy while he is lying prone on the floor.


SHANNON and AMBER (moaning)

Meat! Meat!



Shannon and Amber start tearing away chunks of flesh from Randy’s exposed arms and legs and eagerly devour them.


(Insert “Flesh and Bone Tearing Away” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)



(starts screaming VERY loudly)



Mmm…tastes SO good…


(Insert “Blood Squirts” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)



The animated teddy bear leaps onto Randy’s face, claws out his right eye, and places it in his own eye socket, where it instantly becomes fully functional! The gleeful teddy bear proceeds to scalp Randy with his razor-sharp claws and starts pounding on his exposed skull!   


(Insert “Peeling Face Off” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


GEORDIE (eager)

Geordie wants brains! Geordie wants brains…NOW!


(Insert “Strange Angels” sound effect – recorded by martysonic)



Suddenly, a familiar, beautiful, red-haired young woman clad in white emerges from a cloud of smoke in front of Randy. Shannon, Amber, and Geordie immediately stop munching on Randy.


MOTHER (comforting)

My darling Randy…


RANDY (confused)

Mother? But you died long ago when I was but a wee child!



The smiling woman, who is bathed in a glowing yellow aura, nods.


RANDY (pleading)

Mother, please help me!



Mother glares at Shannon, Amber, and Geordie and they quickly back away from Randy. 



(breathes a sigh of relief)



Mother stretches out her right hand and a crimson glow envelops the area over Randy’s heart.


(Insert “Spooky Heart Beats” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)



Randy clutches his chest!


RANDY (crying out)

My heart!


MOTHER (hissing)

Evil is a master of disguise. It can be anywhere…and anyone.



Randy’s mother suddenly transforms into a big, red female demon and plunges her clawed hand into his chest, pulling out his beating heart!


MOTHER (hissing)

If you expect to wake up from this nightmare, think again. This isn’t a dream. This is hell and you’re here…FOREVER!  Your soul is…MINE!



The female demon proceeds to devour Randy’s beating heart!


(Insert “Blood Squirts” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)



(lets out a BLOODCURDLING scream.)



Randy dies with a horrified look frozen on his face…


(Insert “Eerie Horror Scene” sound effect – recorded by BlastWaveFx)



(Insert music track # 5 – something which starts out very bright and cheerful but becomes very haunting halfway through)


(Insert “Sunny Day” sound effect – recorded by Stephan)





A few days later…

The pallbearers lower the ornate, solid gold, jewel encrusted coffin containing Randall Wolfe’s body into the grave.


(Insert “Opening Casket” sound effect – recorded by Mike Koenig)


MOLLY (cries out)




Molly tries to throw herself on the descending coffin, but Astra manages to grab her in time and pulls her into a deep embrace.


ASTRA (breathing heavily)

I’ve got you, dear…


MOLLY (sobbing)

I miss my daddy!


ASTRA (comforting)

I know, dear, but rest assured that one day we will be reunited with your father again…


MOLLY (quietly sobbing)

I hope so…



Vallas Tellen walks over to give his condolences to Astra and Molly.


VALLAS (sighing)

Ah…such a tragic accident…

Astra, my deepest condolences to both you and Molly.


ASTRA (mournful)

Thank you, Vallas.  Randy really looked up to you. You were like the father he never had…


VALLAS (sad)

I know. If you ever need anything, do not hesitate to ask!  May the shadows of the night guide and protect you! 



After the others leave, Molly turns to her mom.


AMBER (spooky, child-like ghost voice)

Now will we have that happy life we dreamed of long ago, mommy?



Shannon smiles and hugs Amber.


SHANNON (spooky ghost voice)

Yes, my beloved Amber, now that our spirits have possessed Astra and Molly’s bodies and we have inherited a large fortune from your late father, the future looks bright…








(Insert music track #6 – another orchestral piece)



 All sound effects used in this production are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported



The following sound effects can be found at:



“Party Crowd” – recorded by Daniel Simon

“Neck Breaking”– recorded by Mike Koenig

“Thunderstorm” – recorded by Tim

“Hell” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Creaking Door” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Spooky Water Drops” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Zombie Attack Walk” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Leg Breaking” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Flesh and Bone Tearing Away” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Blood Squirts” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Peeling Face Off” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Spooky Heart Beats” – recorded by Mike Koenig

“Eerie Horror Scene” – recorded by BlastWaveFx

“Sunny Day” – recorded by Stephan

“Opening Casket” – recorded by Mike Koenig



The following sound effects can be found at:



“Splash 1” – recorded by Gene LeFave

“Ghost Whispers” – recorded by Litruv

“Falling Down Wooden Stairs” – recorded by Benboncam

“Strange Angels” – recorded by martysonic

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