January 7 2017

Echoes From the Caverns 01-06-17

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!:


  • The Making of the Canyon Siege Encounter
  • The Making of Brookside
  • Perennial Coast Improvements (cont)
  • Xenos Polish
  • The Making of Blood Bay
  • Pre-order Richard Garriott’s memoir Explore/Create to receive $20 off Shroud of the Avatar
  • MMOGames: Shroud Wins Best Crowdfunded Online Game of 2016
  • MMORPG: Shroud nominated for The Most Wanted MMO of 2017
  • New Shogun Bundles
  • Upcoming Events
  • Community Spotlight: Styx – Player Owned Town
  • Community Holiday Party at Portalarium!
  • Community Resources – Players Helping Players
  • Recommended Projects to Back

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