September 13 2014

Some updates from Echoes of the Caverns!

Hey just a few updates fans!

First of, I hope youve been enjoying the guest feature on the weekly news casts. If you want to be one, please, please, contact me!!!

Next up, all you authors out there.. SEND US YOUR STUFF! It can be hard for me to catch everything and ask for permissions. If you come to us, it helps a LOT. While i typically keep up with the forums, I’m not perfect 🙂

The news casts… If you have news you want us to include, send it to us!!! Community project, guild event, anything. If it makes sense well include it on the news cast, the community calendars if applicable, and ill blog about it from the Caverns Community site as well!

On a down side note.. Lord Baldrith as you should know, was on vacation. Unfortunately hes returned to some life “crap”. We have told him, make us your last priority right now. Were missing you, my friendship and appreciation goes out to you, until you have the time to hop back on board.. at whatever pace and time allows with your new developments! He help founded this whole thing and he is top executive staff. There are times I’m to busy to do much with stuff.. and I expect him to be patient with me and wait until I have time – and I will do no less for him!! So for a little while, Asclepius might be handling things a little more solo.. Then again Lord Baldrith might be back with us at full force in a few days – so well play that by ear, with our full support!!

Speaking of which, I AM a bit behind on some things myself at this point in time, so be patient *winks*

Finally, in addition to all the cool pieces weve been putting out we are VERY near completing the BIG piece we’ve been working on and talking about for about 3 months. We are waiting on one person to get us some revised lines.. and for Baldrith to have the MANY MANY hours editing will take, and we will the be airing it.. There is also talk of a “special version” to be released later but.. shh.. im not going to tell you anything about that for now *winks*.

Take care!

The New Britannia Theater Troupe